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    I put it in IE, I get to the page, and click on one of the images. It get's a "Now on air" written on it, and nothing happens? :confused:


      Hit play.


        That he is, Whiteshark! It's suprising to see how many Bujinkan people seem to never progress beyond this kind of sabaki.

        Tai otoshi and other sutemi are great takedowns. He actually uses something like it later on in the video against a kick--this is all Shinden Fudo ryu, which is a school of jujutsu. I can't quite picture in my head how it would prevent the arm from being broken in the situation you mentioned, but maybe I'm thinking about it wrong; I'll try to take a look at it this week.

        I would like to draw attention to some of the positioning and especially what he does with the legs/feet in making the standup-grappling actually work. In many examples on the video, he removes options like tai otoshi by checking the knee or foot of his uke.


          Hehehe TANI Otoshi not TAI Otoshi. There is a pretty big difference for one letter.


   but lots of nipple twistage.

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              I was wondering about the nipple thing myself...the ninja nerple?


                Hehehe TANI Otoshi not TAI Otoshi. There is a pretty big difference for one letter.
                D'oh! I meant tani otoshi... heh, I remember typing both by accident, knowing I meant tani otoshi, and changed the wrong one. :D

                Though he shows a tai otoshi as well, albiet by a grip on the pectoral muscle rather than the gi (one of the few techs from Shinden Fudo ryu I've practiced *shudders and gingerly massages side of chest*). That's one way to do tech in a no-gi environment :)

                EDIT: I'm a little suprised at how often they show the nipple thing too. At least they show it in context of other stuff.... I dunno, I'm assuming it was edited by the TV station, I can hardly say there's an emphasis on titty-twisters in our training...
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                  Most Excellent.

                  His blending and obstruction techniques are top notch. A very high level of skill indeed.




                    he seems very profiecient in using leverage.


                      Zeddy, you might need to adjust you security settings in IE. ActiveX controls have to be enabled. I opened it without them on and got the same result as you.


                        Now or never.


                          IMO it beats systema and concievably would work on unskilled fighters well.
                          that ramon dekker vid rocked ass....he is/was a good fighter. i always likked his front kicks. He takes alot of advantage of the space they create. good at tripping with those low rounds too.

                          He was punching him like the collective karmic debt he'd accrued was coming to collections, mostly on his face.


                            Originally posted by WhiteShark
                            Interesting, that actually was a lot better than I expected. Hatsumi certainly is on a different level than some of his American followers.

                            Also the first standing armlock with the arms twisted together is what prompted me to start this thread:
                            Most of the ninja guys suck, but the guys that train at the Japanese dojos, and a few of the Americans are extremely good.

                            But most of the Americans don't train like they do, which is hardcore, on hardwood floors, or just tatami, etc.

                            If you saw any of the Hatsumi videos when he was younger people on here wouldn't be dissing his style.


                              isnt that kelso's dad from that 70s show.


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