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    Mind tricks

    More jedi garbage...

    A few years ago a local imax had the movie up on the Giant Screen and these types of people were out in front putting on a show ( getting in peoples way and almost flicking out an eye ).


    What's next Klingon-Fu

    What the crap, how is a shinai anything resembling a simulation of a lightsaber? The whole entire reason lightsabers are supposed to be difficult to wield is that they have no mass so it's easy to accidentally slice yourself open before you realize what you're doing.

    Swinging hollow plastic toy swords would probably be the best "simulation" of a lightsaber and its masslessness.
    Lone Wolf McQuade Final Fight:


      Every time I think I have seen it all...



        I am SO joining this group.
        Regardless, that doesn't change the fact that kickboxing is commonly known as fighting while grappling simply isn't. - Osiris


          Let us know how things turn out and if this group is for real....

          Don't mind trick me into playing hopskotch in the middle of traffic...



            " Members: 2"

            Fury's Edge


              Holy shit.

              Subject: Re: [Jedi_Fellowship] Some Simple Self-Defense Tactics

              most guys are on to the knee to groin move just
              because it is the 1st to pop in people's minds. So
              have some alternatives.

              Head butt- your skull is the hardest bone in your
              body. If you are being held you can use it to smash
              the person's nose which should be enough to get them
              to let go.

              Another one for being held-puff yourself up when they
              first grab you then exhale and make yourself real thin
              and slip away.

              Don't be afraid to go to the ground- there are many
              martial arts moves that involve you droping tot he
              ground and flinging your opponent in the air or into
              the ground. If you're controlling your fall you can
              stay safe while pulling your opponent head first into
              the ground.

              Fingers in eyes works wonders- nyuk nyuk nyuk

              grabing & ripping earlobes does too.

              clavicle-aka the collar bone - is a very fragile bone
              that is an extremely important anchor for all the
              muscels inthe chest. A well placed fist can shatter
              it. If you also knock the person down then will have
              a very difficult time getting up.

              Metatarsals- foot bones- equally fragile and painful
              to break. Crush their foot by stomping straight down
              on top of the arch. they will have a very difficult
              time walking much less running.

              dirt, spit, or other debris in eyes is another classic

              get any book on wrist or hand locks to learn about all
              the wonderful ways you can break someone's arm or
              hand. Or just make them believe it's goign to ge
              tbroken. Arm locks are a wonderful tool for subduing

              Also learnign which pressure points you can press will
              cause pain is a good thing. Armpits, are good. pont
              between the shoulder blades is a great one fer getting
              a person to their knees. best way to find the points
              is get a book and a practice partner. If you cant
              find a book just start imporvising- lok to most areas
              where there are joints or muscel groups coming
              together. FInd where the "holes" are. They should be
              very painful. if you play with htat enough times your
              fingers should automatically go towards those spots
              Spontaneous invisabillity and combat defense

              As we all probaly know Akido uses the principles of the eight winds
              or points of the compas for movement and attack, if you can consider
              most movements in Akido as attacks?

              Would it be possible to combine this with a diffusion of energy into
              the background enviroment to not only drop out of the field of vision
              but also from a chi perception point of veiw as well?

              Having come from a hard core traditional background Karate Ifound it
              hard to believe that this principle of movment could be effective but
              after the fourth or fith time my learned opponent who had studied
              Akido for many years had put me on my a$$ if began to grasp the

              Imagine how efective it would be to not only move frome th field of
              veiw but also "wink out" at the same time or alternately.

              I thnk I'll give this a go and see if I am cappable and if I am see
              how good it works.

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                Is this from that web group???

                Oh crap...these people are going to find me and use the force for posting on Bullshido...


                  It's like someone took everything I hate about martial arts and combined it with everything I hate about Star Wars and stuffed it all inside a bunch of pasty white guys with pony tails.


                    IS this group moderated or do you just press the button and you are in...



                      You can just jump right in, if you have a Yahoo account.


                        I just joined...this should be entertaining.


                          OMG DARTH MAUL

                          I just wanted to know if any one else had taken on students I myself
                          for a time was fortunate enough to have saturday mornings open and
                          have had the honor of training five students totaly in sword play
                          techniques one of them fashioned his own double bladed shinai each of
                          my students loved the idea of jedi style combat and asked if I would
                          teach them


                            GREAT FLAMING JESUS

                            Subject: Re: Spontaneous invisabillity and combat defense

                            I strongly recomend Dim Mak. U are strking the bodys chi meridians,
                            which can deabilitate almost anyone. I say almost because a strong
                            Dim Mak or Quigong practitioner would be able to counter it. Also,
                            the defensive nature of these arts folds nicely into the Jedi path.


                              I wanna be a sith when I grow up.



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