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    Why are you here?

    Inspired by Repulsive Monkeys thread :

    Why do you post here at bullshido? What are your likes/dislikes about these forums and the members? What is your level of experience in relation to what this site is about? (martial arts)
    What are your motivations for coming to this site and what do you hope to achieve by being here? Finally, what form would you like to see take? This question goes for Vets, noobs and lurkers as well.
    I have niether the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, and then questions the manor of which I provide it.
    -A few good men

    As the internet turns - omega

    I left a McDojo due to realizations achieved through this site, and now successfully combine my base art of Karate with BJJ, Judo and K-1 style kickboxing.
    I hope to give back to the site the knowledge I gain through training, and also to spread the anti-bullshit movement to all who are curious about the martial arts. In fact, on Something Awful me and a few other guys try to community-moderate the MA threads and keep the ninjas and nutriders at bay. It's amazing what you can do with reason.
    Originally posted by The Wastrel
    I think the forum's traditionally light-handed approach to moderation has become untenable.


      I found this site through a post at Sherdog and lurked for some time before becoming an active poster. I had already left TMA's after getting absolutely destroyed by a MMA fighter who was a good 9" shorter than me and weighed about 80 pounds less than me...he did it in the most friendly manner I might add!

      I trained for a while...then didn't really train for quite some time and after a poor showing at the Florida Throwdown was inspired again and am training 4 days a week.

      As far as the forums themselves...I've been a mod on several other forums for several years...on every forum you see shouts of "admin abuse", etc, etc. I think at times there is borderline and possible crossing the line by some of the admins here in their actions...but overall I consider it a very well run forum.

      One must also take into account that the very nature of this site and those actively involved in it are basically attempting to convince zillions of people that they are wrong in their thinking. If there is one thing that I have learned in life, when you talk about religion, politics, or now TMA vs MMA :) that you are rarely going to change someone's mind by bludgeoning them over the head...rare exception is a Throwdown where the point is to bludgeon them into submisson :)

      I think at times certain members of the community or the majority of the community cop too much of an elitist attitude...however I think a great deal of this comes from the frustration of seeing so much BS out there and despite trying, being unable to change the Bullshido to some great extent.

      All and all, personally I'm very pleased to be a part of Bullshido and have enjoyed the friendships I have made in person and online through. I don't think there ever will be some utopian forum anywhere in the world and if there ever is, it won't be about subject matter as volatile as ours. All and all I'd give Bullshido an A- as there are small things I'd personally change, but I'm just happy to be here.

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        I like the laugh track that plays whenever I walk in the room.
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        3) Kacey is coming with me now. I have stolen her from the other Christian Weston Chandler.

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          Came throug the Boztepe Cheung clip, stayed for the humor and to know there are more intelligent MAists that exist.


            Mostly for the sex and drugs.


              people have brains... I hate BS martial arts.

              *shrug* its interesting.
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                I actually heard of this site, back when it was, in an AOL chat room.

                Why do you post here at bullshido? What are your likes/dislikes about these forums and the members?

                My likes are that people come on this board not to talk about the mystic of the martial arts and how it helped them over come their fear of the dark and not getting hugged by daddy, but to make fun those wussies and the schools that cater to their crap and help point people in the right direction of a traditional or non-traditional school.

                My dislikes are trolls and I really hate the threads that are titled "(name of style) FAQ" that really don't do anything for the style, are filled with " but in my school", all that does it just feed the trolls' arguements.

                What is your level of experience in relation to what this site is about? (martial arts)

                I studied and taught at one of the bigger chains of studios in the states. I spent about 5 years with them believing in all the BS they fed people, espicially the equating of 'sales' and how good of a martial artist they are. I've seen people get bumped up to blackbelt that didn't deserve it just to fill an empty spot in one of their schools. Of course, they lied out their ass about the history of the system, 1/2 was political, the other 1/2 was for sales. What's funny is that I've talked to former students that were so hardcore about the schools, but once they get out if the 'circle' they turn around and say "what the hell was I thinking".

                Finally, what form would you like to see take? This question goes for Vets, noobs and lurkers as well.

                Staying within the realm of not getting sued, I think is making the most of what can be.
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                  Came here to learn about things i don't know shit about. Try not post about things I don't know shit about. Try not to laugh to hard at people who don't know shit.
                  "Its not important to be strong, its just important not to be weak."


                    i just like to talk martial arts, well more like listen to people who know more than i do. and most of my friends aren't as into martial arts as i am. and there are a lot of people with more experience than i have, and i wanna learn.


                      Found it through other MA boards.

                      Grew up watching Kung Fu movies, loved them because they were funny and they did cool stuff. Found a Kung Fu school 30 minutes from me, went in and talked to the guy. Credential were awesome, didnt try to feed me any mystical bullshit, and pretty much convinced me to join, so I did. Been at it for almost 6 months now, enjoy forums, enjoy training, and hope to start hitting the KF tournament scenes. The ones where they dont feed you mystical bullshit, anyway.


                        martial arts messageboards are funny. that's why i'm here.




                            The details of my presence on this board are quite inconsequential...


                              Originally posted by Lights Out
                              You're my favourite new member. :coolthulu:
                              Tough is not how you act, tough is how you train.



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