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    Martial Arts SPAM you get

    I get these weird emails from time to time from the place I currently do BJJ.

    I'm still trying to decide if the teacher is making a joke or if this was an automated process which was not proof-read...

    I've bolded the parts which I found most funny trying to picture the tough guys at BJJ saying it:

    Dear Jon ,

    Did you know that joining a martial arts school needs courage! A lot of our students are intimidated when joining at first but then they end up to be the most confident students in our school. At first everything is so new to you but then you realize that training in martial arts makes a better person.

    We hope you are benefiting from our program as we promised you would, and are eager to get your next rank. We are definitely excited to get you there. Nothing for us is more enjoyable then seeing a student progressing and advancing them in ranks.

    I am not sure if you already know about some of the special classes that we offer in our school like; Buddy Day or Share The Art day where we encourage our students to bring in some one who could also benefit from martial arts to the school. If you are interested in inviting some friends to try our classes please do not hesitate to ask us for free passes.

    In closing I sincerely hope that you are continuing to enjoy your classes and would like to leave you with the following message! I hope you enjoy it!

    "Joy seems to me a step beyond happiness - happiness is a sort of atmosphere you can live in sometimes when you're lucky. Joy is a light that fills you with hope, faith and love." -- Adela Rogers St. Johns

    Universal Martial Arts
    Vancouver, BC
    There is no "BUDDY DAY" OR "SHARE THE ART DAY" ... If someone shows up with a gi they can roll with us to see what the instruction is like. "Share the art day"... Hahahah....

    Thoughts?!! Do you get any interesting martial arts spam ?
    Now or never.

    I get ruthlessly spammed by Ron Baliki, trying to get me to by his $1000 set of JKD dvds that teach the deadly secrets. Havn't bought 'em yet - i must not be "ready".
    "You know what I like about you, William? You like guns AND meditation."



      Can I just show up with my gi on a Tuesday and roll?
      Monkey Ninjas! Attack!


        Yes! If you want to pre-register call John or Dave at 604.684.0991 but honestly -- they don't answer the phone too frequently!!!1

        Arriving a few minutes early, explaining to John K. that you have experience and would like to roll with the group to see what instruction is like there ... this would be welcomed.

        I was planning to come to next Tuesday's class too. Usually I'm more of a Mon / Wed / Friday guy though.
        Now or never.


          I'll be there. I'm training for a tourney.
          Monkey Ninjas! Attack!


            oh man lols. this is just lols. share the art day, making innocent people tap since 1872


              Damn. I won't be here.
              "Prison is for rapists, thieves and murderers. If you lock someone up for smoking a plant that makes them happy, you're the fucking criminal." - Joe Rogan

              El Guapo says dance!



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