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UFC is a joke, says Kung fu

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    UFC is a joke, says Kung fu (warning, posts are kinda backwards. Oldest post are at the bottom while newest at the top. So the first topic is at the bottom of page 3)

    Some guy (who happens to post with minimal intelligence) asked a valid question without bashing enyone. he just asked "why don't we see kung fu competing in full contact events like vale tudo, pancration, ufc, etc..." and basically gets the old "NHB obviously isn't as good for t3h str33t and only good for t3h r1ng."

    Heres the twist... people are calling NHB events like UFC a JOKE.

    I'm not saying go over there and spam... but take a read at the ignorance in EVERY OTHER POST and it serves to remind us all why we come to bullshido
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    Old story. Don't give a shit anymore


      yep. ignorant martial arts (aka BULLSHIDO) is old news. I guess we shouldn't care anymore and just let this site settle into the dust.


        Fuck, who cares?

        Let them think that way. All the more easier for me to beat the shit out of them while they try the D3adly eye poke on me.


          Uh guys, we're supposed to be educating them


            Read those pages, there's no educating them.


              By educate, you mean pwn, right?


                I dont think I should call what I do kung fu anymore, from this day foward I am a practitioner of... shabadubadabadub.


                  Fuck, wont' let me post, and I doubt the admin is gonna let me with email address subfighter at gmail dot com.



                    Damn ignorant Kung Fu fighters. Everyone should just come to bullshido for "reeducation" aka brainwashing to the right side.


                      Dude... dont invite them here. They are too deadly for the ring. Rules only hold them back. If anyone tried to attack them with their rule based mindset and ring based style we would be instantly owned by their death touches.


                        Martial Arts don't really have to be proven in UFC,Pride, and all those NHB stuff and it's because usually people in the NHB circuit usually cross train and don't stick with their main style their doing and I say NHB isn't a joke...It's real with just MMA gloves and no padding which makes it full contact.


                          Style (at the most basic level) = Set of techniques and methods.

                          UFC, pride, K-1, KOTC, etc.... these events may not represent single styles regularly.. .but they do represent techniques that do work and dont work. Methods that do work and dont work. If your style contains all the methods and techniques that don't work full contact... then you're screwed. If your style has all the things that couldn't be used at full contact and thusly is never trained alive then you're screwed.

                          NHB serves to weed out what works and what doesn't. Its a good indicator of that. The one thing we've learned most definatly is that if CAN'T do it in an alive setting with at least medium contact, then you probably can't do it at all. Basically, if you do ear slaps and eye gouges all day against the air and pretty much nothing else... you're probably going to get some anal cavity loving when you try that in real life. if you can take hits, and apply said technique while getting hit, then the technique is sound.

                          The fact is, if its "too deadly for the ring" its too lame for fighting.


                            Slap boxing owns UFC.


                              In the past, I have chuckled to myself and shaken my head in amusement at some of the NHB/UFC/BJJ-nutriding that goes on. Not all of it, just the fanatical "all TMA is crap" stuff.

                              Then I followed that link, and found my internal monolgue dangerously close to riding those very same nuts.

                              I particularly liked the wonderfully theoretical argument from "TKD-Student" on how UFC fighters could "just apply pressure" when on the ground to make people submit faster than the "10-15 minutes" he proclaims it takes. With fantastic martial insight "a frying mantis" informs us that TKD-Student is correct in his judgement, only that UFC fighters can't do this because "their technique is pathetic".

                              Sweet Jesus, TMA-nutriders exist and they anger me even more than the NHB-flavour ones.

                              (Note : I was already, painfully, aware of the strange beast that is the Chi/Ki fanatic, but that is too specialised and insanely wank to be classed as general TMA-nutriding)



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