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Loong Choo Kung Fu?

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    Loong Choo Kung Fu?

    Hello peoples, im looking for some advice on a martial art in my local area.

    I saw a flyer advertised for a martial art by the name of Loong Choo Kung Fu as well as some others and am in the process of sussing them out and checking out the lessons to find somewhere to train that is right for me.

    Anyway, the reason i post is that try as hard as i might, when i google Loong Choo Kung Fu the only links i get back are to the site of the local club. I read the sites homepage and i found that it states... " was rumored that our Society was once upon a time very exclusive, and restricted to the Royalty, Nobility and the higher ranks of the Imperial Palace Guards. This could be presumedly true as the style is very obscure and the name is virtually unknown throughout the world of Chinese Martial Arts, with the exception of very few old Masters, many of whom had only heard of it through indirect reference"... while i accept that not every style is a Karate or a Judo but can it be so obscure that theres not even ONE other internet listing or dojo around?

    When i called the instructor looking to arrange a visit he was very open and friendly and didnt seem to con me in any way - when i mentioned i did Karate as a kid he even suggested some local Karate schools around for me to check out. It doesnt seem to me that this is a "Mcdojo" or anything and i cant say anything for sure until ive checked it out (mid next week) but does anyone here know anything at all about this particual style of Kung Fu or can offer me some advice?
    The website is pretty good at describing some aspects of the art but it isnt extremly comprehensive and i would really like to find out some more information.

    BTW the website is:

    If you are able to help me with this, many thanks in advance :)

    go and see for yourself

    but a school that is open to all that was supposedly only for chinese royalty hmmmm thats not going to be true but every class needs students go see if you like it its all good


      sounds hokey to me. I've been around in MA for almost 15 years and I've NEVER heard of this style. However, I agree with tai-gip in that you should take a look for yourself and decide.
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          Previously I've done some judo, karate and white dragon kung fu. I've recently moved to Hobart and started studying Loong Choo about 6 months ago.

          It's a really good art. There's some traditional stuff, with a healthy amount of practical moves and a contact-class for seniors. (That's anyone who's earned their first belt.) It's a soft-hard style, so you're taught to dodge, deflect and then strike back.

          Our instructors all deserve the title. It's definitely no McDojo!

          If you want to learn something in Hobart, I've also seen classes in TKD, Aikido, a couple of brands of Karate, Iaido and Viet Vo Dao.


            one of the five principle schools is wu-tang...........

            lol the clan knows the fu


              I stand by the comment I made more than 3 years ago.


                I know I'm about 4 years late on replying to this forum.
                I use to train under Johnny Koay - the Soo Hoo (Senior Instructor) for Loong Choo Kung Fu.
                Perhaps not much initial sparring; but an excellent instructor (I doubt there are few better exponents of martials arts, in Tasmania, than Johnny).
                The Loong Choo style is as noted Soft/Hard (some more info below)
                The basic's and variants of other Kung Fu styles are also taught - with the Dojo encouraging students to also learn another form, of martial arts, as well.



                The dragon stylist relies on a variety of fighting techniques that can be employed for a wide range of needs. The style uses techniques that can cripple or kill an opponent if the need arises or it can be used simply to control a minor street fighting situation. Like most southern style kung fu, it has limited kicks and jumps and consisted mainly of fist, palm and clawing techniques. Power generated from the waist using soft hard jin.


                The Dragon Kung Fu practitioner typically attacks with winding low yang; that is, powerful and quick movements. For example, when striking with the fist, more power can be exerted when the movement originates from the feet, is guided by the waist, flows through the body, and exits through the fist.


                  Loong Choo Kung Fu society is a style I trained in back in at the University of Tasmania, Hobart in the early 1990's under the great Soo Hoo (Master) Johnny Koay. It symbolizes the Dragon and the Pearl and is a very unique style of soft and hard with many hand techniques only taught to Royalty, Nobility and Imperial Guards back in the early Chinese history. You start off as a student with 4 quadrants to attain then Grand Master which is held by Johnny Koay here in Tasmania. Not only is Johnny a great instructor but he also a great man who always goes out of his way to say G'day.


                    Originally posted by andyoda View Post
                    It symbolizes the Dragon and the Pearl and is a very unique style of soft and hard with many hand techniques only taught to Royalty, Nobility and Imperial Guards back in the early Chinese history.
                    Which dynasty/historical period? This is significant if such a claim is being made.
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