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    Street Smarts

    You would be surprise the amount of people that dont have common sense. Or is lacking in street smarts.
    These are some things I learn growong up ina rough neighbourhood.

    Some things I dont and do.
    -Is whip closely around a corner. I knew someone who got mugg by a crack dealer at knife point for doing just that.

    -(In my neighbourhood) Getting into an elevator by yourself with some other guy or several guys who are buddies. This is when you get jumped or someoen pulls a knife on you.

    -Dont flash your money/wallet around. Ive seen this happen too may times.

    -I dont take the same route everyday (or at the same time every day). Your just setting yourself up for an ambush from your neighbourhood thugs.

    -After a verbal confrontation with someone dont turn around and walk away with out continously looking. THIS IS REALLY DUMB! I've seen this happen time and time again. You gotta be dumb as rocks. You see some guy arguing with some other guy and then he turns his back and walks away. Guess what happens? He gets bop from behind. You would think this is common sense but by persoanl experience of seeing it happen so often makes me think otherwise.

    -Dont let anyone ever walk behind you very close (or be too close to you if you can help it). Have a wall behind you or walk at a quick pace and see if that person follows. One of my niece got stab on a train. She lived though. She let someone walk into her "zone" (you know the concensus space around you- it varies from culture to culture) and some girl didnt like her for whatever reason and stabs my niece with a knife. Thats why you should never let someone walk behind you too close or you may be set up for a hold up or killed for whatever reason.

    -Try not to get into a fight with someone that knows where you work/hang out or with some in your neighbourhood. I know this sounds like common sense but you would be surprise how often this occurs. In my neighbourhood people are often shot because of revenge killings. So its generally not a good ideal to have altercations too close to home. Because one day out of the blue some guy will will walk behind you and wack you behind the head with a bullet. It happen this guy that hang out at the community centre across my apartment. He was killed execution style. The guy blew a hole in his head.

    -Dont hang around low lifes. Dont hang around the wrong areas of town. Half your problems can be prevented. Often people get killed for being at the wrong place at the wrong time or associate with the wrong type of people. I see it all the time in my neighbourhood. You keep seeing the same people that keep on hanging around with the same types of low lifes; they either get thier ass killed or get rob or get the shit beaten out of them etc. Its common sense but they sure dont have them.

    -This is an old trick. If you are a driver and some bumps your car in remote location. DONT just simply get out of your car. As soon as you get out of your car and investigate guess what? The people who bumped into you pulls a gun out and robs you.

    *(Theres hundreds of more I could post but I'm tired and just want to give it a rest for now.)
    Ghost of Charles Dickens

    So anyone with thier own street smart advice/suggestions/experiences they want to share. Please comment.
    Ghost of Charles Dickens


      1)Dont live in Freddy's area.
      2)Only pick fights with macdojoist.

      Originally posted by Stickx
      It must suck for legit practitioners of tai chi like Cullion to see their art get all watered down into exercise for seniors.
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        Keep your mouth shut unless it is really worth fighting over. It's great to be a stand up guy, but do it selectively.


          If things do not appear right, and you get that creepy feeling up the back of you're neck that's nature's way of telling you the situation is going to shit before you can articulate the reasons why. Unless you have a very good reason to continue to be there, [policeman, protecting someone else, bouncer, etc ] now is a good time to leave.

          If someone comes up to you to talk who you have never seen before and you instantly sense that you distrust him, and that he is up to no good. Give him nothing work with, and do not comply with any of his requests. He may be probing to see how submissive you are, (its a victim interview, you want to fail it) "Hey, have a match?" (In voice in clipped curt tone) "No" "But you have a cigarette" You, growling "I'm not going to argue SIR, I don't have one".


            Avoid poor people.


              When drinking: STFU!!!! Keep you out of alot of trouble.


                be at peace with yourself and make the most of every minute you have cause when shit is meant to happen to you it will. Use common sense but dont stress about issue beyond your control. Dont be the kind of person who wants to prove what they have to themselves cause sure as shit stuff will happen and you might not like it. Be polite all the time avoid making negative comments about anyone or anything ... Love life and your peeps.


                  Never stop walking when someone asks you something in the street. Answer the question but don't stop. Once someone suspicious spotted you is better to walk in the middle of the street so that everybody sees you and you have more escape options.


                    Be confident. Muggers, like any other predator, can smell fear.
                    "Onward we stagger, and if the tanks come, may God help the tanks." - Col. William O. Darby


                      It's even worse if you fart when scared


                        Sounds good. Just be a polite, well mannered person and mind your own business. I don't associate with anyone who drinks heavily, does drugs or commits crime. Nor do I go to certain suburbs in Sydney which are crime spots.

                        If you follow that path then you will most likely be allright. Try to avid making eye contact. Its important not to let paraniod emotions overcome you. Although sometimes they are right.

                        The best way is to have a purpose. For instance I go to that building to go to training. I go into that building to go to work. I go to the shops to purchase commodities needed.But when your business is done DON'T just hang around for the fun of it. Get in the car and go home.
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                          Follow your instincts. Some somebody makes you feel uncomfortable (In all ways, of course) get away.

                          Try not to make eye contact with people, or else if you have a bad day, you look at somebody with a glare, they might take it personally. And take you down.


                            And what if you were on the receiving end of some bad gratuitous glaring?


                              Motorcycles safety courses have an an acronym that is used: SIPDE. It stands for Scan, Identify, Predict, Decide, Execute.

                              The same applies to walking the streets. Most of the time you can avoid a situation far in advance of it actually happening. but this only works if you are paying attention, identifying the threads, predicting their possible behavior and forming a plan around it.

                              I spent a lot of time in a very rough neighborhood during one of the worst economic times in the last 50 years. Crime was rampant. I would watch, through my back (only) window, police chase people through the alley at least once a week. Stabbings and shootings were common. I had to walk through the worst part of town at 1 am every weeknight. I avoided most problems because of some of the excellent advice that has already been given.

                              If you avoid situations where you can be surprised (don't hug walls, don't walk blindly around corners, have at least two ways out of any place you're at) then the most likely encounter will be a drug dealer, a junkie, or a mugger. Most of the time they are friendly and they want you to stop and talk to them. Just don't. Try not to be rude while doing it. I usually made like I was on mission to be somewhere and didn't have time to stop. It's as simple as that.



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