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    Advice - Please

    hi, i'm stuck for what to do with myself. I wouldn't mind hearing some advice, helps me mull it over and decide. Thanks for any help here is the conundrum:

    I have to choose what martial arts to study basically, with a few complications. I'm at uni and currently do the uni taekwondo. I have mates at taekwondo and i like the sociable side. It's also very cheap, 10 pence a lesson... It give me a good workout, lots of semi contact sparring and a social side. The club is full of great people!

    The problem is that i have no confidence in the martial art, the instructor and semi contact sparring. I feel its not meeting my needs as a martial artist. Now i have some choices to make. I've made up my mind on one thing, i wan t to at least do muay thai.

    I have other martial art options too. I can do kyukushin karate, full contact kickboxing or muay thai. In fact, in this area they do loads of different martial arts : wing chun, tai chi, jiu jitsu, aikido, boxing, shoot fighting, no holds barred fighting, old style wrestling, taekwondo, shotokan karate, goju ryu karate, kyukushin karate, judo, kick boxing. The kick boxing guy, says hes good, he runs a full time, fully equiped gym. He reckons hes taken ppl to k1. I havn't check him out yet...

    I have the following options:
    1. Keep with taekwondo, and do muay thai. Two lessons of each leaving two days for the gym...
    2. dump taekwondo and start kyokushin and muay thai. 3 lessons of kyokushin and 2 lessons of muay thai. Leaving one for the gym.
    3. Kickboxing and muay thai. 4 kickboxing lessons and 2 muay thai.
    4. 2 muay thai and 4 gym sessons.

    I'm not too bothered about the gym, i'll go if i have spare days... The reason i find it hard to choose is that i have ties to taekwondo and feel bad about leaving, i already left once before and came back. I'll feel like a quiter and i'll miss out on the social side. On the other hand, i think its worthless in terms of martial skill and only supplies a good workout. While i'm fannying about with taekwondo, i could be training seriously and making real improvments....

    My goals are: to be the best fighter i can be, to raise my confidence through the roof and to be able to easily defend myself. I'm 6ft btw and about 13stone7....if it makes a difference...I think for me, most of the battle is mental. I need somthing challenging and from somthing i respect and admire.

    Thanks for any replies

    Muay Thai and kickboxing are probably what you want. Does the Muay Thai guy do ground too? Muay Thai or kickboxing, plus some BJJ or Judo or pankration would be a great combo for you.

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      Where you go would seem to depend on what you want. If you feel that way about the instructor and the class you certainly shouldn't stay.

      If you want to be a good fighter, from what people here have said, you'd probably want to take the mt and some form of wrestling. Then you could go to the nhb place. If you want to learn to defend yourself you probably have more options.

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        What are your goals as a martial artist? Do you want to become the biggest MMA fighter in the history of mankind? Do think you may want to fight MMA someday, but aren't sure yet? Do you just want to learn enough to be able to defend yourself? Do you want to be in better shape? Do you do Martial Arts for fun and relaxation sp??

        Answer these questions honestly and you will arrive at the best thing for you to do. Also, if the people in TKD truly are your friends, they will be your friends no matter what you decide to do.



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