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    Peedee's Latest Article

    Go check out Peedee Shaolin's latest article on the front page.

    Post your comments here.

    PD needs a spell checker for starters.

    The article like his previous one completely lacked any professionalism, it was barely an article it was just PD talking out of his ass. If this site is to be taken seriously by anyone in the martial arts or considering taking them, PD's shitty articles will have to be scrapped or at least rewritten to match the quality of Choke's article.

    Finally, what the fuck does it have to do with McDojos? There's no frauds being exposed. Maybe he's just trying to plug retards so he can get into the UFC and be attacked by midgets?


      Wow, Migo don't hold back...

      <img src=icon_smile_blackeye.gif border=0 align=middle> Sam



        The article like his previous one completely lacked any professionalism
        Technically, writing ANY article that'll increase the site's popularity IS professionalism, as long as the price isn't too high.

        Even if it means pulling stuff out of your ass. Especially if your ass appears to be way smarter than the heads that write for BB magazine.

        I'm fine with articles that aren't always about McDojos; hell, discussing magazines here ISN'T about McDojos, along with quite a bunch of other things discussed on this forum, yet ppl do it and it's fine.
        And if we give a go to any story about what's wrong and what should be different in M(M)A world then I don't see a prob with write ups like that one, either.


          Dammit, I WISH I could reply here. Everytime Ive tried it wont let me, or Id tell you gys the REAL reason that Migo is on me! You think Ive forgotten about that, dont you boy? I still know where that humiliating thread I did about you a while ago is. HAHAHAHA!!! If this works I may even REPOST that thread here for EVERYONE to see!! MuuAHAHAHA!!! ;)


            Once again PD displays a complete lack of intelligence and english grammar.

            Go back to your play pen, when you graduate from kindergarten let us know.



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