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Better to have an idea than belief...(from "Dogma")

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    Better to have an idea than belief...(from "Dogma")

    Some recent posts (uh-hem - Veridian, Tai-grip) are straight out of the friggin' early 90s (if you have a time machine, let me in on it). Know the difference when someone is burning you for fun or for real - get some real life friends to help you differentiate. Also if enough people point and laugh at you, have enough sense to check if your zipper is open and that your wang isn't hangin out - same goes for anyone else's post.

    Let religion have its beliefs (what a wonderful state they're all in) and let real MA have its tested IDEAS and its ability to progress and evolve while laying waste to the shite in MA.

    Seriously, if real fighting is Homosapien (snicker) man on the Evolutionary chart, then MMA and other proven combative arts is like Cro-Magnon man, while mystical, unproven, Bullshido MA is like friggin' Lucy (yeah eye gouges and groin shots work and are deadly, just like using a wet stick to get ants out of their hole works too)
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    thanks for noticing Ronson. Are you saying people online here cant be real friends. I though that was the point. But hey im the idiot.
    ps i think your zipper may be open


      No, Tai-grip, people here can be friends - what I meant by getting real friends (figure of speech and not a direct attack by any means) is that friends keep you in check if you say or do stupid shite or if you think your shite don't stink ('cause even roses smell like poo poo poo - Outkast) while at the same time they don't need any excuse to bust your balls anytime they want to. Ya know? Have a good week-end my man. Oh yeah, STFU:)



        Another MMA nutrider joins the fray.

        Welcome to Bullshido. Where's omega?


          Wow. Quotes from Outkast and Dogma. Pretty cool.

          Hey, here's another great quote, although it doesn't come from anybody as super cool at Outkast:

          "I hate quotations. Tell me what you know."
          --Ralph Waldo Emerson



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