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Are you a closed-minded n00b harasser?

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    Are you a closed-minded n00b harasser?

    With the recent influx of noobs, I've also noticed an increase in the complaints that this board is closed-minded and harasses new posters. I find these complaints interesting because:

    1) When I first began posting, I was never told to STFU, or otherwise insulted as a result of my low post count.

    2) This board has caused me to change my opinions on a number of issues. Most notably, I used to think TMA's were useless, but now I see they can be quite effective if trained properly.

    Extrapolating from my own experiences, I have developed the following theory:

    If you're getting flamed, it's not because of your post count, it's because of the dumbass shit you're posting.

    But I need more evidence, hence this poll. When you first began posting, how many of you felt picked on because of your low post count (NOT because of dumb stuff you said)? Additionally, how many of you have changed some of your opinions as a result of something you're read here?

    Note that you can pick more than one choice in the poll.
    I felt welcome. Any flames were because I was an idiot.
    People made fun of me just for being a n00b!
    Bullshido has opened my mind to new ideas.
    I already knew everything when I got here.
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    Matt Thornton explains "aliveness":

    West Wind Karate / West Wind Bok Fu / West Wind Kung Fu thread
    West Wind Karate / West Wind Bok Fu / West Wind Kung Fu archive thread
    (experiment to see if I can boost the thread's Google rank)

    I always felt that I was welcomed. When I was flamed (and I was) It was only because I was an idiot. I guess the people who are complaining are having a hard time taking the news that they can be idiots. :)
    I have niether the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, and then questions the manor of which I provide it.
    -A few good men

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      I felt welcome most of the time:cool: .


        I knew enough to not look like a complete asshole.
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          Re: Are you a closed-minded n00b harasser?

          Originally posted by bunyip

          If you're getting flamed, it's not because of your post count, it's because of the dumbass shit you're posting.
          Bunyip is on the money here.
          I'd say 99% of the times I see people being flamed for being a n00b is when this occurs.
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            i think i got a STFU for calling Asia German, but I'm not sure


              yeah, i haven't been attacked yet. low post count here.

              i have definitely learned some things here and am looking forward to attending a throwdown at some point.
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                Originally posted by Stold3
                I knew enough to not look like a complete asshole.
                LOL! You are too funny!

                I'm just lucky that I did Kyokushin. Instant credit at bullshido!
                "Preparing mentally, the most important thing is, if you aren't doing it for the love of it, then don't do it." - Benny Urquidez


                  Hell I even do WC and didn't get flamed bad, I think it has to do with your attitude.


                    I got flamed by Brand for humping a pit bull.

                    Does that count?
                    Originally posted by Sifu Rudy Abel
                    "Just what makes a pure grappler think he can survive with an experienced striker. Especially if that striker isn't following any particular rule set and is well aware of what the grapplers strategies are".


                      Also significant is the ability to write at a post-3rd-grade level. Half the flames I've seen since I came here have been a result of ridiculous lapses in spelling and basic grammar. Hard for people to take you seriously when your posts indicate a tenuous grasp of the rules of English.
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                        So far so good

                        From a hall-of-famer you judged me fairly and so far i haven't been flamed because my post was an observation rather than a newb mistake of posting a revoltionizing post like TMA vs MMA effectiveness...

                        But I'm patient, I'm sure the burning will commence soon:)


                          I have been treated fairly. Perhaps this is because I had no mental deficiencies that kept me from exploring the "search" function and I had the wisdom, foresight and genius to read the "MUST READ" threads before posting.

                          I think a big thing is reading the forums a bit before posting. I think people come on and complain after reading one or two posts and get a limited view of the dialogue on here.

                          So, STFU n00bs!!! Oh wait... never mind, I'm one.
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                            STFU Ronson....

                            Having got that out of the way I would have to agree that bullshido has opened my eyes to some new ideas and different perspectives. I was never flamed when it wasn't warranted (oh no double negative). I guess I should say if I was flamed it was warranted (and yet no one gives a shit about double positives). But I will admit that even though I am a new poster compared to some I have enthusiastically hazed the new guys with flames. I did get the occaisonal dismissiveness from some posters because I was new, but I knew that in a few months I would get to adopt the same smug attitude.

                            It's not really a big deal, it never bothered me.


                              no one ever told me STFU, and this site played a major role in helping me change directions in the MA



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