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    There has been some debate about D.W. of BFP (something) ...Martial art on some other forum.
    I will give you the link to the forum.

    I have some serious speculations and suspcion that D.W. is ripping off guys by making up forms, techniques etc. I would like to post up some video clips in the future (providing I can get my CD Disc repaired :mad: ) Keep in mind I do beleive he knows kung fu but what he is selling to guys may have been altered, diluted, techniques omitted etc. But customers arnt aware of of these modifications (my speculations).

    In the chi vapor clip. I ask after wasahing his hand in Ajax cleanser.

    1. Why doesnt he scrub the tips of his finger tips?

    2. It appears that there is something (some dark substance) beneath his finger nails.

    3. When he "produce the vapours" why is that he needs to rub the TIPS of his FINGER NAILS?
    Look at this clip below.

    On the iron palm clips my suspcion includes:

    1. Why is the cocconut held so upright. Could it be that the cocconut was "pre-broken" and then clued back? (To make it break easier)

    2. In some of the other clips. Why is the cocconut WET in appearence?
    My suspicion is that the cocconut is wet to hide cracks that was previously made befor the demo. (of the alledge "iron plam")

    Link to clips.
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    Is D.W. really "Lee Ying Kit" of Vancouver?

    "'White Something-or-other'????


    A short time ago, a couple of students referred me to a cable program broadcast out of a western city in Canada. Apparently, these misguided individuals in the program were making claims about my style that had no basis in fact.

    According to their "white something-or-other" history, their ancestor killed Pak Mei. They went further with their story to include the statement that Pak Mei was a traitor. Who was Pak Mei you may ask? He is the source of our Gung Fu and that is sufficient! He was also a taoist priest that died of old age.

    We decided to do some research on this group with our contacts in the west. Years ago, students of this group were asked to bring their teacher to a tournament at the University of British Columbia. The purpose of this was to verify their claims. There was no sign of them after that. In the magazines, they had claimed to be a cousin style of Pak Mei and when that was disproved, they became reasonably quiet.

    Now, however, with their recent claim to "ride on the back" of our style, we have no choice but to speak out. Mr. Woo, a well known teacher in Vancouver's Chinatown, remembers a student by the name of Lee Ying Kit who was a student at his club for three or four months. Lee Ying Kit is remembered as one who left because it was too hard!!! Lee Ying Kit resurfaced under another name, south of the border, claiming to be the "grandmaster of White Something-or-other".

    Has it never occurred to students of this person that he cannot produce a classmate, junior or senior of this style, much less a teacher? What about another club anywhere in the world not originating from this person? Be very careful of people claiming to come from a monk with no one learning in between for a couple of hundred years and some great knowledge dropped in the hands of someone today. ......"
    Ghost of Charles Dickens


      Suspicious breaks. I would like to see some forms for the hell of it.
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        When he washes his fingers he does not scrub his thumb, which is the other finger he uses to make the 'smoke'

        I have used some compounds that you put on your fingers and when you rub them together it makes smoke like that. I have never tried it with my fingers wet though.

        You can buy the stuff at an good Magic shop.


          maybe this is leftover smoke from all the bbq he's eaten?
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            Obviously a shyster, but at this point I have trouble caring about anyone this obvious. If you get taken in by this you deserve your fate.

            PS That idiot needs to cut his fingernails. GROSS!
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              Anyone want to go to

              and tell it to them! Apparently I might be locked out of thier forum anytime soon.
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              Ghost of Charles Dickens


                THIS IS FUNNY!From
                [...if you spread the lies that you lived with me for 12 years trading sexual favors with me because I am Gay and after you trade the favore you never got what you wanted and then you add Vincent's name on the slander and say both you and Vincent were trading sexual favores with me for informations. You spread that rummor and then add Vincent to it so everyone think the three of us are Gay. ....]

                "Grandmaster/Doo Wai

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                Posted on 14 Jun 2004 at 09:05.16 AM


                Originally posted by Unregistered
                Jim Lacy,

                You are a worthless SOB. I like many here could have been a good friend to you and you betrayed our friendship. I attempted to remain neutral and and let you do your thing but you have now gone too far. The people here on this board are your enemies for life and I will make it my personal mission in life to screw you over just like you done myself and others. You know who I am so go to hell!

                A (former) friend

                There is no friendship with Jim Lacy, if you become his friend he will take you as a victum. He will lie to you, he will promise you that he will never betray you. He will do anything to get your trust and once he got what he wanted he will use you, slander you, and use what he stoled and manipulated from you and try to distroy you. Yes, he once said Tim Bryan is a old son of a bitch that is so stupid that he allowed him to manipulate him to do anything he wanted and Tim was a spie for him and that he had send Tim prove that I taught him and that I am dishonest and my Kung fu is made up because I am old and crazy and delousional and forgot my system and what he stoled was the real bfp and anything after that is fake stuff I made up to make money off people and that I will never teach real bfp because I am delousional and look at my Kung fu now and the kung fu he stoled etc. etc. There is no stay neutral with that S.O.B. if you trust him you are doom to his scam and manipulation. He sold those stolen videos and when people are not satisfy he blames it on me and take people's money and then blame it on me. He will get your trust then he will tell you to say things on video one way or another saying no one will see it except him, that is is just for him, and then he use the video to con people and say see I got him on video saying this cost this much etc. and then blame it on me and since he got the video there is nothing you can do. Yes Jim the truth is coming out and I don't care if you spread the lies that you lived with me for 12 years trading sexual favors with me because I am Gay and after you trade the favore you never got what you wanted and then you add Vincent's name on the slander and say both you and Vincent were trading sexual favores with me for informations. You spread that rummor and then add Vincent to it so everyone think the three of us are Gay. Then people wonder why I get upset at you. No Jim it doesn't matter you will never bring me down, you said if you go down you will drag me and bfp's reputation down and now you are doing the same old Bs you were doing years ago. I even heard a rummor that Tim Bryan was gay , but you stupid fool Tim is married with a son. Yes I am glad people are realizing that all along I was telling the truth about you. You will brag about how you post calling Vincent a Cult and made it look like me and Vincent camp fell for it and you got him to slander me. Well, that huge slander from Vincent did not bring me down either. Now Jim the internet war is on and your friends/ students that you betrayed will come out and speak out against you and reveal your evilness."
                Ghost of Charles Dickens


                  I am responding to the slander and doubt about Grandmaster Doo Wai and BFP.

                  This thread that was started has conveniently pasted some threads from other forums and made it look as though this is nothing other than a silly little squabble between GMDW and Jim Lacy. It goes much farther than that....Jim and his ilk have been trying to destroy GM Doo Wai and BFP for years and every time GM Doo Wai has taken them head on. But as usual, they hide behind computers and spread lies. The GM is above this nonsense but he has to defend himself because it is getting nasty and very personal.

                  I have seen the Chi Materialization footage they are refferring to and I have also been lucky enough to see a few other demonstrations of GM Doo Wai's amazing abilities. Like the old saying goes " When you are on top everyone is shooting for you". Jim and his kind in the past have always considered that part of GM Doo Wai's ability to be fake and trickery. People like Jim and his kind do not have the capacity in their being to achieve the abilities GM Doo Wai has accomplished, so they ridicule and try to cast doubt.

                  The Grandmaster is a gentleman in his own right. He is authentic and compassionate. But I gotta tell ya, all these people come here and HIDE behind cartoon characters and fake names and make claims to things that are just plain out and out lies. Jim Lacy is the fraud. Why don't you guy's ask Jim to post a form on his site( with Jim Lacy doing the form) and then have GMDW do the same form and you be the judge and see who is real or fake.

                  Every form on Jim's site is done by some of his students. Every form on the Whitetiger site is done by the Grandmaster himself. Every time Jim called GMDW out to a challenge, The Grandmaster accepted. What did Jim do....Run and call the police and hide like the fake and fraud he is.


                    that still doesn't explain why he has to rub his fingers to make chi. does chi only work when sexually stimulated?


                      That is silly. Watch me rub my fingers and my stage magician smoke powder...errr chi will smoke.

                      If anyone buys into that bunk then I got some real estate to sell.


                        Agreed. Has no one ever seen liquid smoke before? It looks like that and is hard as fucking shit to wash off your hands.
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                          I watched the first coconut break video on there.

                          Total bullshit.

                          1.) You may notice that he is very careful about keeping the coconut oriented in a specific direction.

                          2.) Coconuts don't fucking break like that! Jesus, a 12-year-old could've made a more realistic looking fake break.

                          "blahblahblah, but I don't think I'm going to train tonight."
                          "Well if that were true, then I'd really REALLY want to come train!"


                            Hi Freddie, How are you ? I'm back to read more of your slanders


                              This is better, sorry people I am new at this but I think this is a better way to post so I can put a smilie face on it.
                              How's Canada Freddie ? Is it warming up or is it still cold ? I don't blame you, if I was sitting there cold and lonely I'd go on the internet and mess with a few people too. Have Fun " Punk " Ha ha ha.



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