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    Originally posted by Box Blast K.O.
    John Kavanagh is a wicked fighter, and Karl Tanswell at SBG Manchester is a a great coach. Although I'm not an SBG member, the majority of my trainning is done with group of SBG blue belts and I can tell you that they generally have very high standards.
    John Kav trains one of the guys that's in my weight catagory for the Irish MMA league. I've heard they do wonders up there, but we will see in a few weeks..


      Originally posted by Left-Hook
      I was checking out the hard knox boxing gym, but I can't find anything on the internet for ground work. IT PISSES ME OFF! but thanks for letting me know I will have to check that out. in fact I'm going to write that down, that is the name of the gym "Ryan Kelly's JKD" right?
      I believe it is. He teaches both a PAC class for U of O for free and then he has a school which you pay for. The training is much better directly at the school, so be sure to try that out.
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        The only BJJ I could find in eugene is the U of O BJJ, but in all honesty I don't want to train MA at a college because they tend to water it down.


          Hey isnt there two post about SBG?
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            Never personally trained at a SBG. Matt Thornton has been cordial and helpful whenever I have emailed him.

            However, my PFS instructor wanted to evolve and he got many of the SBG tapes. He has incorporated the material, and more importantly, the training methodology and concepts! It has totally changed the class. Right now, we're working on the clinch. I suggest you train with SBG. Or, if you live out in the boonies like I do ( I think they filmed "Deliverance" near here), then get the tapes and train the concepts--the most important being "Aliveness".

            But back to it, we had one guy who left the PFS club a year ago due to work. Life changed and he came back a month ago. He remarked that it was like being in a totally new and different class/curriculum. All that just by watching tape and incorporating concepts....
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              does anyone here train at an sbg in massachusetts?



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