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Carrying a Gun as "Self Defense"

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    Carrying a Gun as "Self Defense"


    If a guy tries to punch you - are you going to blow a hole in his chest and go to Jail?

    If someone is starting shit with you or one of your 'mates are you suppoed to draw down on them, ready to fire if the situatuion escalates?

    What if someone see's you gun and doesn't even take a chance and just blows you away before you can draw.

    What happens when you firearm malfuntions, or you are out of ammo, or there are people around?

    I just don't understand how people think that carrying a gun (even in the most experienced hands) is an alternative to learning unarmed combat.

    I have the same thoughts for learning knife fighting (without knowing how to fight without one). "Your going to slit the guy's throat beacuse he pushed you!?"

    There are very precise laws regarding when it's appropriate or not to brandish and/or use a handgun. I suggest you read them.


      I know most of the laws, I am refering to those people who think that carrying a permitted gun will save them from harm (physically and legaly).


        Are you saying it doesn't happen? Your point is like the shadows...unseen.


        Read the archives.


          If you follow the laws (referenced by Keinhaar) then you can save yourself legally.

          As for the second issue, read "The Bias Against Guns" by John Lott. The author makes a credible case that guns can and do save people from harm on a regular basis.


            If someone is starting shit with you or one of your 'mates are you suppoed to draw down on them, ready to fire if the situatuion escalates?
            Speaking for Florida, you are obligated to flee. Concealed carry=/=Police.

            Also, Speaking as someone who's NEVER been in a street fight, I can also say that having seldom fucked around with cock-measuring "mates" probably went a long way towards that.

            Purpose: Save your physical well-being when all else fails.

            Not the purpose: Win fights, save face, preserve honor, get a refund without a receipt, etc.
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              For the record - I am pro - gun, and I shoot regularly.

              Could someone please provide a brief synapse of what the gun law says when someone is kicking your ass (and they are unarmed).

              Can you use your weapon at all? I was under the impression that if you shoot someone that is not armed, you are in deep shit, even if the person was kicking your ass.


                As I understand it, it's quite subjective. A little old lady verse Omega...yeah, she's probably justified.

                Me putting a bead on a 5 year old's arguable, but I'm probably not justified.


                  I am all for the saying

                  "Judged by twelve, or buried by six?"

                  Everytime I ask myself I always pic the former, but not all confontations are life threatening (my life anyway). If someone has little or no h2h combat experience/training, they are left to shooting the person and having to face many legal problems.


                    At least in Florida, the laws are essentially stacked against gun owners such that carrying a gun regularly will probably do nothing to save you in a violent encounter. For example:

                    The places where you'd want to be carrying a concealed weapon are probably going to be considered "places of nuisance" by the police and as such, you will be going to jail for carrying. Places of nuisance are vaguely defined ("Whoever shall erect, establish, continue, or maintain, own or lease any building, booth, tent or place which tends to annoy the community or injure the health of the community, or become manifestly injurious to the morals or manners of the people as described in s. 823.01, or shall be frequented by the class of persons mentioned in 1s. 856.02, or any house or place of prostitution, assignation, lewdness or place or building where games of chance are engaged in violation of law or any place where any law of the state is violated, shall be deemed guilty of maintaining a nuisance, and the building, erection, place, tent or booth and the furniture, fixtures and contents are declared a nuisance. All such places or persons shall be abated or enjoined as provided in ss. 60.05 and 60.06.") and it is most likely up to the arresting officer to make the determination.

                    In addition, you are not legally allowed to carry inside "any portion of an establishment licensed to dispense alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises, which portion of the establishment is primarily devoted to such purpose." Well fuck, even the burger joints on South Beach have liquor liscences. Does that mean that if I accidentally cross some invisible line in the restauraunt I could wind up in jail? Apparently it does.

                    Bottom line is, if you want to have a gun for home defence, more power to you. But at least where I live, it's not such a good idea to carry on your person.


                      What? How could someone argue against allowing firearms in a place where you're going to get smashed?


                        Sure it is. Just don't go to those "bad" places. Carrying in the car, at work, running errands etc. In such cases you are absoloutely minding your own damn business, and should the SHTF, you have one more OPTION available to you.


                          That's still bullshit. It's those same commie bastards that won't let us get shitfaced and have target practice at Hooters that won't let us celebrate Cinco de Mayo by shooting our guns in the air.


                            What are you talking about?


                              Haha. Misread that. My bad.



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