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7th dan visits the U.S.

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    7th dan visits the U.S.

    Sensei K O'Connor 7th dan karate jitsu, 7th dan karate do, 6th dan jujitsu, 1st dan aikido,(director of Bushi Karate Jitsu Association, will be visiting the states from August 9th to the 22nd, to Run Seminars and visit clubs around PA.
    Mr O'Connor has been practicing MA's since 1968. He will be visiting many of his sensei friends from the USA. Ed naumowicz (jujitsu), Bob Cook (Goju Ryu), Denny Keech (jujitsu and grappling), Brad Hilderbrant (Koei Kan ), Grand Master Nenow (10th dan), Tom Hudako (TKD) and many more come together to stage the ultimate MMA Seminar
    Other U.K instructors are Dawn O'Connor (5th dan karate jitsu, 2nd dan aikido) and Mark Gerrard (4th dan karate, jujitsu and Iaido).

    learn the principals of the devistating "soft punch", and apply to the elbow and kicks.
    understand the principals of aikido joining with the opponent.
    practice ki/chi applications, wrist locks,arm locks, throws.
    kicking; including roundhouse, reverse roundhouse and jumping back spinning roundhouse kicks.
    groundwork, sword work, jo staff..........

    I'm gonna be there, who else wants to learn
    sensei oconnor teaches in UK,France,Kuwait,Romaniaand U.S. free of charge.
    BKJA USA will charge a small seminar fee
    contact the Mutt (Ed) who just got outta hospital guys.
    some of you visited his campground a few month ago

    LOL! MMA?! Are they seriously advertising themselves as MMA?

    Rudy Reyes > Bear Grylls


      OOOh OOhh! I want to go and learn jumping spinning back roundhouse kicks!

      That will make me even more STR33T LE4TH4L (puts on "war face") AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
      Deluxe247 tells it like it is:

      you ninja fags just got owned in a bad way. this thread should go to the classics and mega thread forum due to the sheer size of taebo_master and gajusceaser's penis. (with which they just smacked across these ninja's faces)

      This Classic Thread - ber=14


        he's going to teach MMA using Chi? I love the world sometimes.


          shouldn't this be in trollshido?



            MMA is a sport, not a martial art. "Mixing" serveral 'martial arts' doesn't equal MMA.


              I wonder how many of those guys are members of The World Sokeship Association or something like it. What a Mcdojothon.


                And besides, 7th Dan? Pshaww...

                We've got dozens upon dozens of 10th Dans over here already.


                  NONE of our members are in the world sokeship,which is basically "a pat each other on the back club".
                  we do have friends in that group like grandmaster Nenow however.
                  I am amazed at how knowlegable you all are at something you have never seen or done.
                  Don't talk the talk, come to the seminar and walk the walk.
                  I'm not even gonna go into the 10th dan situation in America debate, as so many of my American sensei friends are even embarrassed by it. Even I was offered the opportunity to buy one by the American Jujitsu federation, or Association or whatever for $450.00.
                  I have offered the opportunity for you to see and learn some good martial arts, take the piss if you want. but dont claim to be mma's if your so closed minded and sarcastic.
                  64% of instructors who tried to join the BKJA last year were turned down. we aint interested in money, we aint interested in bullshit and bought grades, we aint interested in cyberstudents.
                  when you stop thinking you know it all, you'll be ready to learn more
                  When your ready for Instructors who teach, and are respected all around the world including the States, and not JUST the States, we'll be there.
                  soory if i'm sounding as cocky as you guys but hey, I opened a hand in friendship and YOU spat in it.
                  your mind is like a parachute, no good if it does'nt open


                    I mentioned that Ed a regular visitor to the site. And who had a throw down with some of you guys was recently out of hospital, and hoped you may have offered a get well,
                    but hey sarcasm and ego's came first. NO PROBLEM!
                    just a note. everyone who has come to the seminars in the U.S over the last three years have ALL said they've had a great time, seen new stuff and asked to join the Association.
           ENOUGH SAID


                      You have to understand that MMA is a sport, it's not an art. And for the very reasons you stated, Dan rankings mean almost nothing to most of us here.

                      It's the success of the students in full contact events that is the arbiter of whether or not an instructor is good. Do any of the instructors involved have students actually competing in MMA events? Can you provide their fight records?

                      learn the principals of the devistating "soft punch", and apply to the elbow and kicks.
                      understand the principals of aikido joining with the opponent.
                      practice ki/chi applications, wrist locks,arm locks, throws.
                      kicking; including roundhouse, reverse roundhouse and jumping back spinning roundhouse kicks.
                      groundwork, sword work, jo staff..........
                      Almost none of this is MMA. If you were greated with sarcasm the likely cause of this is your misrepresentation of this seminar as the "ultimate MMA Seminar". Teaching 'qi', 'jumping spinning back roundhouse kicks' and 'sword work' have nothing to do with MMA. Your initial post could be taken as intentionally misleading if not downright dishonest.

                      Again, mixing a bunch of styles is not MMA.

                      This event is a martial arts seminar, with some MMA training involved. Why you didn't just state it as so leads people to wonder about your intentions. You should know better than to expect this, of all martial arts websites, not to call BS when we see it.

                      Now, I've seen that link before somewhere, recently. I don't remember where I came across it. Too much time spent browsing MA related sites I guess.


                        And one more thing, what is this?

                        Jason Hill 1st dan Kickboxing

                        Kickboxing is a sport. It does not have belt rankings, just Champion and Contender. It would be like having a black belt in Wrestling. Such a listing calls into question the legitimacy of the organization.


                          dear sir, we are running a seminar mixing martial arts. showing how you can use karate, jujitsu, aikido and ground fighting and mix them into a practical defence. you may block and parry (like karate), counter stike, atemi, throw (like jujitsu, or judo, or aikido), and take to the ground and restrain, lock uo or hold (judo, gracie jujitsu, jujitsu, aikido. hapkido). also how to use and defend against weapons for real, as in army combat training.
                          THAT is mixing martial arts, is it not?
                          Projecting ki in a punch, or to redirect an opponent is someting no one in the states, from comments made from Americans on our seminars over the last three yeaqrs have seen, have seen before.A soft ki punch is practice against opponents holding pads and passes straight through. this has amazed many at seminars in the passed.
                          we try to cover as many arts as possible. to show that at a certain level, they are basically all the same. But we had a speciall request from Mr Hudako from NJ (TKD) to improve his kicking techniques this year, as he find he still leans back a little, encouraging energy to be negative rather than positive, when kicking.
                          The sword was to offer something new to the members, and develope a feeling, not felt in any other art, but which could bring possitive results to fighters, when the weapon is put down.
                          mixed martial arts in Europe is mixing of martial arts, for practical application and to improve the understanding and methods of one potential opponent surely?


                            "Mixing martial arts" is not "Mixed Martial Arts". It would be the same as kicking a tennis ball with your foot, and then calling it "Football".

                            I've seen hundreds if not thousands of martial arts websites, and this is the first instance I've seen of anyone refering to a bunch of different arts coming together as "MMA" as opposed to the sport which is also known as Vale Tudo, NHB, Pankration (in some respects), Shootfighting, etc.

                            And if you can prove the existence of 'Qi', then you could be a million dollars richer today.


                              re jason hill. in the uk there are rankings and gradings in kick boxing.
                              one cannot achieve a teaching status, simply on fights alone. The best fighter in the world may be the worst teacher, on the fact that as a natural, he may fail to appreciate the problems of those that struggle with a technique. It is becoming necessary in England especially to take a NVQ(National vocational qualification) coaching award before you can teach anything. This requires levels of knowledge and coaching ability including sports psychology, sports injuries, powers of belief, motivational skills, which all fall into a syllabus or rank system. Just to be able to get up and kick ass aint enough to teach. in fact here it has nothing to do with teaching at all.
                              we are anything but fake sir. We do more to bring up the standards in martial arts than you could possibly imagine. We are the 1st association to bring in a child protection policy, and register ALL our instructors on the CPP register.
                              I hope you will convey this to your members, who perhaps should have visited our site before making sarcastic pre-judgements.



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