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what punching bag to buy

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    what punching bag to buy

    I'm thinking about buying one of those punching bags that have the water filled bases because they're cheap and you don't have to mess with buying a stand for it. Or what do you all think about the ones that have the fake torso on them? I would think those would be good because you at least know what you're hitting. The reason I'm asking is because I never see these type of training bags in boxing gyms. Is there something bad about them for training?

    Yeah .

    They suck .

    They break reallky easily , and arent worth the $


      Well, I have one of the origional wavemaster right now that has close to 400 pounds of sand in the bottom of it ....... I can still knock it over. I like the extra large one though they are alot harder to knock over. Either way you get what you pay for.

      As far as those BOB's go my old teacher had one in his basement that was full of sand. one time I knoced it over and when it hit the floor the pole that is stuck up the bobs butt bent and you couldn't ever really move it again because the pole was really weak. That is the same thing that happened to the wave master at my house.

      but if you don't have the room to get a hanging one (like i don't) then go ahead and get one punching something is better than punching nothing.


        I saw a pretty tall one at the sports store and I'm guessing it'll be real hard to knock over. Besides, I'm not looking to knock the crap out of the thing, just to get some good punching and kicking training.


          At my shcool we started that cardio kickboxing tae bo bullshit to generate extra revenue and now that its done we have like 40 of those things. I have to say they suck balls!!!! I break about 1 every other week and I am slowly getting rid of them!!!!!


            Search for Wavemaster. Basically, the opinion seems to be that all of them suck except for the XXL. I got my XXL for $185 shipped off Ebay.
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