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Mega Fraud Richard Hackworth is on a CRUSADE to save Martial Arts FROM FRAUDS!!!

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    Mega Fraud Richard Hackworth is on a CRUSADE to save Martial Arts FROM FRAUDS!!!

    Mega Fraud Richard Hackworth is on a Crusade to save the martial arts industry from frauds by outing frauds and building a community of TRADITIONAL MARTIAL ARTISTS like himself and his circle of Facebook fakes and frauds and nut-huggers who obviously know a fraud when they see them...cuz they own mirrors and get lots of practice every morning when they brush their teeth.

    It's quite amusing when frauds like Hackworth start pointing fingers at other frauds.

    QUESTION...and maybe this would be a better thread...FLORIDA seems to be ground zero for martial arts frauds in the US...why is that? Is there something in the water? What is it about being a southerner (and a Floridian in particular, and don't even get me going on Southern Christian martial arts frauds from Florida) that drives a person to fake their martial arts background?

    Am I crazy or what? Maybe I'm just seeing things...

    Some links to Richard in action as he goes about his crusade...


    Missing post :


      We have a plethora of Fake Frauds here in Gatorland.

      Ashida Kim being the most notorius piece of sheep rancid anus in the bunch that I know of. He would sell you rank in Egyptian Rat Fuckery for $150.00

      We know he would.

      It is not the water. It is the con who wants to keep the con going so as to capitalize on the con. a true long game.



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