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Video on standup fighting contest.

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    Video on standup fighting contest.

    Hello all.

    I would like to hear what you have to say about this clip I found about a tournament that is held here in Sweden. It is called Master cup, and as far as I know does not involve any grappling.

    Just out of the top of your head, whats the first word that comes to your mind when you see this? Well except that the maker of the clip has played a little too much fighting games...

    Ist not Masters cup! Masters cup is invitational only! This was All style open! And its no grappling. Only stand up game iwht clickers points. Kinda nice if you're Tae Kwon Do or Kung FU man... I doubt Karate or anyone else has a chance...

    And personally... If its called All style, why no grappling? SUX! Shouldnt be allowed to be called All style...


      The clip is pretty cool, with the fighting game effects and stuff... Favorite part is where they have the voiceover of the guy going

      "Kumite? What is kumite?"

      from Bloodsport.

      As for the competition, it looks good for show, actually did remind me of Bloodsport, but it seems to be rendered harmless by rules--didn't see any punches to the head, no knees & elbows even from the MT guy (who fought like a TKD guy). A plus is that they allowed throws.

      Gayest part had to be when that one guy started chain punching the other guy, and then the other guy started doing it back to him... Real obvious that it had no effect.

      Also, the way they fought, just gloves + whatever you wanted to wear was different- can't say good or bad, kind of like Jason's Backyard MMA (except for the douchebag in KF top/hakama/tabi), but they do an actual martial art other than Dux-ryu Ninjitsu.

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        I think it looks interesting, definitely a lot more entertaining than the UFC and stuff like that judging by those clips- did it seem like there were a fewguys getting their ass kicked there who didnt know what they were doing?


          Ah yes, hehe.
          All style open. Sorry.
          I was ordering tickets for Master cup on the phone while I wrote the post.

          Obviously I can't do two things at the same time.
          *rolls eyes*



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