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Can we ever stop Bullshido?

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    Can we ever stop Bullshido?

    Hello to everyone. I'm a long time reader, first time poster. Let me begin by saying what a great service I think this site is doing for martial arts everywhere, and that it is always a pleasure to browse the site.

    That said, I think there might be a fundamental flaw in the mission statement of That is, to stop the spread of fradulent martial arts styles and instructors.

    Hear me out.

    I've only been practicing martial arts for four years, but in that brief time I've noticed a disturbing trend. Namely, people who want to be deceived about the martial arts. It seems to me that there will always be people who do not want to know from real fighting, but do want to pretend to be samurai for a few hours a week, believe that they are deadly, etc. The laws of supply and demand tell us that these people will always be able to find willing purveyors of Bullshido to satisfy their wants. It then follows that McDojos will always have clientele. My question is how can we ever stop this process if people actually want their delusions?

    Commence flaming...


    No one here wants to deny anyone the right to live in a fluffy, happy ninja cloud.

    We exist as the distributors of bitter reality for those who have a taste for such things.

    EDIT: Ok, some of us want to degrade, exploit, embarrass and otherwise infuriate said purveyors of bullshido.

    It's a rough world.
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        No you'll never stop it, you can just slow the spread. James Randi has been a well-known skeptic for years and has exposed many frauds, scams, hoaxes, and flim-flams. Despite his decades of work does it really stop this stuff from coming up? Not really. He has good wins every now and then and education helps, but even educated people succumb to these fantasies. It comes down to how much the person wants to believe. If they want to believe in the fraud they'll take anything as truth. The more charismatic the leader the worse the effect actually is. One magician/former-skeptic gave up on the whole thing a while back. He described trying to rid people of silly beliefs is like nailing jelly to a wall.

        The best I hope for is have lurkers find places like this after they start asking questions themselves. They'll see the posts, ask more questions, and hopefully get pulled out of the mess they're in and take up something more realistic. Also remember that some people just like what they're doing and know it may not work well but don't care. You can't do much about that except wish them well and prevent them from getting new suckers into the mix.


          There will always be people wishing they were in their fantasy world of ninjas, samurai and talking donkeys, heck I wish that I was a talking donkey to sometimes, but it doesn't mean we're going to cut them slack for being bullshido, no matter how d34dly they get...


            Just because something is impossible, doesn't mean it is isn't worth trying. I don't expect to weed out fraud in martial arts, but every little bit helps.

            I feel very different about "bullshido" and "mcdojo". I want to get rid of the fraud, misconceptions, myths, and bullshit. If someone choses to train in a mcdojo, knowing full well what they are doing it is their choice and I don't have a problem with it at all.


              personally i do have a problem with it.. not that id go get into their face and assult them but i wouldnt be friends with such a person.. if your training mcDojo and u know it and happy with it that to me is stupidity


                What's wrong with having different goals in life? I don't take martial arts to become the best possible fighter I can be. If that was my goal I'd be somewhere else, doing something else. I chose to do what I do because I find it fun, enjoyable, and it improves the quality of my life. I know what I'm buying and I get what I pay for. What's wrong with that?


                  Honestly, I don't think we alone can stop Bullshido. However, we're taking a first step and getting the word out there. If we influence enough people, we might be the first step on a road to stopping it.

                  If nothing else though, we're out there, and if anyone is serious about martial arts and avoiding Bullshido, we're here to give them guidance and keep informed the people who WANT to be informed.
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                    Why stop bullshido? Let them live in the deluded world they beleive in and have reassurance that for every guy you know can kick your ass there are 100 who think they can but can't. Most bullshidoka will find out sooner or later. Those who still can't figure it out deserve to be woken up the hard way.


                      nah it can't be stopped.We can still try though...:rolleyes:


                        Shaft........are you.........Matt?

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                          Can you imagine how boring it would be, if all the illegitimate styles were elminated?
                          There would be no cocky fat mystical sensei to mock. I think the world would be a truly empty place if we were able to completely destroy the magical bullshido.


                            (Asia gets on his soapbox)

                            We may not completely stop Bullshido in our life time but we will inspire others to carry on the fight. We didn't start the fire. It was always burning since the world was turning. We didn't start the fire. No we didn't light it but we try to fight it. We didn't start the fire but when we are gone they will still fight on and on and on and on and on.*

                            *None of this inspirational speech was plagerized from Billy Joel. Ok ok maybe a lil bit.
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