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So. Anyone have a nervous breakdown yet?

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  • Mork
    No, but I discovered the meaning of life once. Now for the first time I am willing to share my methods of madness so you too can go insane! Just read the following fun facts and think about them...I mean actually THINK. Most people never grasp the fundamentals of thinking (philosophy) but when you do, you will be well on your way to becoming as crazy as that bum who always sits outside mcdonalds.
    Fun Facts:
    1) One day you are going to die! :p
    2) Time is infinite, therefore any given period of time is an infinitecimal, therefore anything that occurs inside a given period of time is totally pointless! :p

    These are just to get you started. Think about these things for a mere 30 minutes per night when you're desperately clawing for some sleep, and within no time you will be experiencing deep enlightenment that will give you unbridled confidence to do things you were always afraid to cross roads without looking for traffic, or make stupid unfunny off-topic posts that nobody cares about...

    Disclaimer: if you are religious then you probably don't care about the fact that there is no afterlife, so you're safe.

    Sorry for your time.

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  • Greg
    started a topic So. Anyone have a nervous breakdown yet?

    So. Anyone have a nervous breakdown yet?

    The new 2-way intra-web can do that to people.


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