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    My previous training halls

    Feel free to put down some of your old schools as well.

    I studied TKD here about 10 years ago (brown belt).

    I practiced aikido here for about 1 year. Pretty good aikido school. (6th kyu white belt)

    Most of my real training was actually informal, hence no training hall.

    A long, long time ago, when I was 14 or 15, I used to train with these guys:

    They aren't bad as far as mainstream karate schools (like, not nearly as bad as the schools in Mike Descadeo's (sp?) horror stories) go, but I would not be telling an untruth if I admitted that in 2 years of attendance at their NYC headquarters I had learned literally nothing about fighting and had instead picked up all kinds of strange misconceptions which I later had to un-learn. Their "self defense" kata were taught in such a way that although now I think I can see the theory behind them from what I remember, had someone actually attacked me I would have done something dumb.

    There were some other places and institutions that were formal and good, but either they don't have web sites or I cannot remember the URLs of those web sites because unlike Seido they never really bothered to maintain those sites very well.

    In 1976, Nakamura respectfully withdrew from Kyokushin Karate. The same year, he established the World Seido Karate Organization, which reflected his own beliefs about the true meaning of karate. Nakamura created Seido--which means "sincere way" in Japanese--to develop complete individuals, ones committed to improving themselves and their communities. With the principles of love, respect, and obedience as the foundation of Seido Karate, Nakamura ensured that his students would develop spiritually and morally, as well as physically.
    Now this is all they say about Nakamura's split from Kyokushin. Like 6 years ago there used to be a story about how Nakamura split from Kyokushin because he felt Kyokushin didn't have good quality control in the US. The story further continued that someone at Kyokushin in Japan got mad at him and sent a hitman after him, who shot him in a parking lot.

    I guess they removed that for fear of libel suits or something.

    There also used to be a story about how Nakamura beat up a muay thai guy in the 70s who was called Green Tiger, and if I remember correctly they had some yellowing newspaper article scanned in about it. That was also a good story. How did it go? I think the gist of it Nakamura's coach kept telling him to kick the muay thai guy in the gut, but every time he did that the muay thai guy thai kicked his leg and dumped him on his ass. So then Nakamura punched him in the face. Or something like that.

    Yeah, so, anyway, the site used to be a lot less polished but also filled with a lot of stories like that. Probably removed for image control.
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      I'd like to point out that although I respect the people that run these schools, I didn't learn squat about real fighting at either of these schools.


        Yeah I heard about that too. Pity. Ever since Mas Oyama dies there have been splinter groups, breaking away from mainstream Kyokushin to do their own thing.From what I've seen their all quite similar though. All depends on the instructor and the dojo.
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