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European Jujutsu Jiujitsu Union and BJJ "dan"s

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    Originally posted by Necroyunus View Post
    I am so sorry for the late feedback, I couldn't get online for some time.

    I saw this when it was shared on facebook and a local forum for martial arts.

    Here is a list of some teachers and representatives etc. and we can see his name as a "6th dan" but not really specified

    There were some comments on the forum like:
    "How odd, this guy is a very famous person on JKD. It is unbelievable that he would do something like this"

    Also heard he does gumdo (don't know what this is) and "shoot boxing" (which are again not seen on his profile)

    Anyways, I shared this with you guys to learn if this organization does anything like this normally or not. And maybe some of you guys know him in person.
    Because if this thing goes viral later on internet, we better know who should we blame.

    Gumdo is Korean kendo.

    Do you have a link to the FB page or forum this was shared on?
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    Didn't anyone ever tell him a fat man could never be a ninja
    -Gene, GODHAND

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      John C. Enger is listed as the 3rd Vice President. Below is a list of certificates from research into Enger's SMAU circle jerk organization.

      Shinja Martial Arts University

      Note: President
      John C. Enger
      Javier Galan Vaquez (European Jujitsu Union) (10th Dan Certificate of Grade) 2009
      Javier Galan Vaquez (Kaizen Ryu Aiki-Jitsu Kai) (10th Dan Certificate of Grade) 2010
      Javier Galan Vaquez (European Jujitsu Union) (Gratitude Certificate USA Delegate) 2010
      Javier Galan Vaquez (European Jujitsu Union) (Certificate of Honor) 2010
      Javier Galan Vaquez (European Jujitsu Union) (Certificate of Appointment as Vice President) 2010
      Javier Galan Vaquez (European Jujitsu Union) (Certificate of Gratitude) 2011
      Relevant BS threads of Enger's circle jerk -

      Now, these have to do with Enger, but I've started scratching the surface of people ranked by Javier Galan Vaquez. Not saying any of these guys aren't capable martial artists, but there's a lot of rank trading/resume padding along with affiliated rank by video. Sad really as some of the people involved go way back with solid lineage.


        Originally posted by Gezere View Post
        Gumdo is Korean kendo.

        Do you have a link to the FB page or forum this was shared on?
        For facebook page, it is forbidden in the country that I live in at the moment but it was not really a group page or something, a person shared it. I don't know if you can still see it and my vpn is only on ipad, don't even know how i can send it to you.
        However I just saw another message saying that this is his "japanese jiu jitsu" certificate. However that "brasilian" is still there...dunno...

        I can send you the forum link though. But it's not in English.


          I've got several JJJ certs and diplomas, and ive never seen that the names on there would be filled in vertically.
          Also Alan Thronton rang an alarmbell, if im not mistaken he is some douche from the UK with a 10th dan in whatever, I've seen a video of this guy, secret knowledge for his insiders and what not, it was just really weird.
          He even wore a samurai outfit at one ocasion.

          There isnt really one big JJJ federation, maybe there are some in name, but in practicality its usually national federations that crossmeet usually in France, once a year.


            Anybody still in touch with "Uncle Skippy"?


              seems legit.


                The number of stamps on the document remind of what passports used to look like before they were electronically scanned.....



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