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I have decided on BJJ

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    I have decided on BJJ

    Well, I went back to that Judo class the other night to view it, and, I ultimately decided it is not for me. Sure it looks interesting, but there are several reasons I have decided to try the BJJ school (Not the $200 a month one).

    1.) Sport Judo. The Sport Judo is taught on Tuesday and Thursday. The Muay Thai and No Gi Judo is Monday and Wednesday. I can not attend the No Gi classes because I have Wing Chun on those nights (and WILL NOT quit). Monthly price, $85. If I attend just the Tuesday and Thursday class? Monthly price, $85. No room for a deal since I will only make it those nights.

    2.) Injuries. Remember, I have the back thing. I spoke to him about it, and he told me to listen to my body, which is pretty simple. He then told me about how one guy had surgery done on his lower back after having his vertbrae damaged doing Judo. And several other guys had there knee reconstructed after damages doing Judo. Now, I understand injuries occur, but when he sat here and told me how guys had there knee caps blown out because the training partner was an incompetent fool, it quickly made me think twice.

    3.) Teacher to student ratio. The Judo class had much more students because it was more known. The BJJ class is a little more difficult to find, thus, student to teacher ratio is better.

    4.) BJJ No Gi night. Every Thursday is No Gi night at the BJJ class. Thus, I train to fight in a kimono, and on Thursday with normal clothes.

    5.) The BJJ class has people competing in competition more. Not what I joined for, but it is a good sign when you walk into the school and it shows they have people competing, and trophies to prove it (unless the trophies are fake :p)

    The down sides...

    1.) Price to time. The BJJ class is every Tuesday/Thursday from 8:00 to 9:00 (though sometimes they go to 9:30). The Judo class is Tuesday/Thursday 7:00 to 9:00 (and sometimes go to 9:30). So you get more time out of the Judo class for the buck. Both classes are $85.

    Crap, I gotta get to my business management class. I'll add more later. Last note, unless the teacher is a complete fake, and we know what happens to fake BJJ, I'll most likely be sticking with it. I've tried BJJ before for a few times, so I know what it is like.

    Good choice.
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      From what you've shared, the advantages seem to be worth it. Best wishes on your training!


        I've been thinking about taking up BJJ too. I've been taking karate now for almost a year now, but I'd like to supplement my training. I'm thinking about either joining a kickboxing gym in Machida, which is a 2-hour train ride from where I live, or about joining this BJJ dojo in Meidaimae, which is only 1 1/2 train ride away. The problem is that I want to start competing in kickboxing. I know that learning grappling is important, but I'm not as interested in competing in BJJ. Anyway, I've got to make a decision pretty soon.


          Good choice. The only reason I'm wrestling right now is because I can't currently afford BJJ. If you can, go for it!



            Alright, here is a continuation to downsides.

            2.) Judo teaches BJJ. The instructor who teaches Judo ALSO knows BJJ. He teaches them *together*. However, I don't know if you have to be a certain rank before he begins showing more BJJ stuff or not. I know he begins to teach Aikido when you have been in his Judo for around 3 years. I've been to the class 3 times, however, I sat in class 2 times (the other time I glanced in there to see if he was there and he wasn't that day). Each time I visited, they were doing Judo and no extensive groundfighting. Thus, what good is Judo if all you learn is to throw people? Sure throwing someone on there back on the street will hurt, but if the person you throw has basic concepts of how to properly fall, he or she might not be hurt by it.

            Alright, can't really think of any downsides of the BJJ over Judo other then that. After participating tomorrow evening, I'll have a much more clear impression as to what his advantages and disadvantages are. I am not really joining BJJ to compete. I do not have enough time between being a full time student and working close to 40 hours per week to loose a day (I'm a waiter, and competitions are usually on Saturday, which is a big day to make $$$) so I can go compete. Maybe if I stick with it, and 2 or 3 years down the line when I am finished with school will I go and compete.


              BJJ is the only choice


                If he knows judo and BJJ he inevitably shows them together. You can't NOT teach your bjj newaza skills during judo newaza because they're so intertwined.

                When you say no gi judo, is he doing no gi standup too? That'd be pretty cool.

                Anyway, yeah, if you are very injury prone judo MAY NOT be your best choice. I dislocated my OTHER shoulder yesterday in a fluke. Not badly, I'll be back to normal training by next week I think, but it does make me a little weary...
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                  :::: slaps forehead ::::

                  I can't believe how ignorant you guys are. There are probably a dozen grapplers that are looking at this thread and saying to themselves "idiots". And you J-lau should be ashamed of yourself. I'm going to tell Asia on you guys.


                    That's right.

                    Everyone knows that Turkish wrestling is best!




                        Quit Wing Chun, it's probably useless


                          Not to pee in your cornflakes (or whatever people eat for breakfast these days) but guard work is going to be murder on your back. If BJJ was picked over Judo for that reason I'd suggest you need to reevaluate your choice.

                          If, however, BJJ was picked in conjunction with a larger number of pros than cons then congratulations.


                          PS - Maybe you could wear your Wing Chun uniform to a BJJ class to see how well that goes over.

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                            Just a point if I may. All full contact martial arts have their risk of injury. Judo, karate,kickboxing,wrestling,BJJ, all of them take their toll on the knees and joints. That is just a fact of life.

                            BJJ is not easy on the body either. Try getting picked up and slammed when you have someone in your guard. BUT it will be easier than Judo since your not getting thrown all the time.
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                              Sokaku, you revived a two-year-old thread for no reason, and now you've attracted Hannibal.

                              Fuck you, man. NOT COOL!
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