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Watch Out SCARS, you have met your match!

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    Watch Out SCARS, you have met your match!

    Guess what I have found after browsing through a BlackBelt magazine?


    This secretive killing art was exclusively used by the Spetsnaz, KGB assassins, Russian elite military units, just to name a few (cough ,cough, SCARS..). It's a system developed by an ex Spetsnaz and a veteran of the Afghanistan war boasting multiple combat missions deep behind enemy line - unlike Jerry Peterson who wasn't even a SEAL, this guy is the real deal! Not only did he train Spetsnaz but he was actually one of them!! Even the SEALS "admit" (I wonder when did they have such an interview with these terrified SEALS..) they don't want to face those trained in this secret Russian deadly art.

    This art is so deadly and secretive that the US government spent mega-millions of dollars trying to steal its secrets during the Cold War! This fighting system features:

    - No need to memorize or practice the techniques

    - Techniques that NO ONE can defend against (the handful US commbat experts can't find a way to beat it!)

    - There are no stances, which means you can never be unprepared or taken by surprise.

    - Simplest techniques that you can master it in the shortest time humanly possible! - there's no other system that will make you become a super soldier material in a shorter peroid of time on the planet!! You see, the Russian scientists have discovered the short-cut learning processs that you can quickly "download" skills directly into your nervous system thereby making the techniques become part of you not what you memorized! (Now I know why it's not that hard to fathom that the Soviet had a program to train psychic spies..)

    - Whether you are a fat couch-potatoe piece of shit, a wimpy skinny shrimp, or a small women, you CAN LEARN this system effortlessly. No need to be in shape, no need to have fast reflexes or any previous martial arts experience!

    - It's not based on strength or conditioning, yet it's so superior that in a real fight, you will be equivalent of having a fully loaded revolver at your disposal against an unarmed attacker - simply no contest!!

    - Will eliminate all element of fear, preparing you physically, psychologically and PSYCHICALLY!! (I kid you not, the system claims to train your psychic capability, somehow..)

    - The system practically trains your body to "think", its skills go right into your nervous system and operates automatically the moment you in danger!

    Some of the techniques you will be exposed to when you train in this elite combat system:

    - a punch that doesn't require you to form a fist but yet will inflict more damage than a hit from a hammer!

    - a natural whip technique that will take out even attackers who have twice as fast reflexes - they will not be able to defend against such brain-numbling blow!

    - utilizing your gut to deflect attacks, yes you heard me, even you fat asses with big beer bellies can use this secret Russian technique to deadly effects!!

    - A one-strike fight-ender that you can use even when you are exhausted, drained of energy and even wounded! Any tired spastic wounded retard will be able to kill an attacker with one blow!!

    - Secret target areas that when struk by a simple tap can turn your attackers numb and useless! (Dim Mak anyone?)

    - How to spit at someone and totally knock them out of balance, falling on their asses!

    - Now this is my favourite of all the techniques they boasted on the ad: the deadly "Russian Bitch Slap" that multiplies itself - ideal for taking out multiple attackers!! (dun ask me what the guy meant by "multiplies itself", I don't have a clue....)

    Watch out SCARS and Jerry Peterson, for Vladimir Vasiliev has landed with his ultra secret Russian fighting system available for civilians viewing for the first time!

    Regardless of the utlra-hype Vladimir Vasiliev is the real deal and Systema is nothing like SCARS.


      Well I guess at least they don't claim to be 100% scientifically proven or charge a zillion amount of bucks for their courses and instructional tapes.


        THAT's FUNNY LOL LOL LOL!!good one!


          GREAT FIND!!! stances...So i guess you just lie on the ground and wait to get your ass kicked. Oh wait, you would be in danger so your mad skillz will automaticly kick in. Yep, your brain just turns off and you turn into a killing machine, unstoppable, throwing out deadly techniques that you never had to practice or memorize, spitting loogies powerful enough to knock someone out, throwing punches without making a fist, and bitch slappin' all opposition. I think the bitch slap is my favortie technique, but I've already seen it in Pimpin'Ryu Jistu. I don't care if this guy is the greatest fighter in the world, this guy is a absolute fraud because of absolute BS he claims.


            It sounds pretty comercialised but if Rouge is familiar with Vladimir V. and that he's a true combat expert than maybe it's good.


              Just because you are a combat expert, does not mean your system will work. Tank could throw down with the best of them, but I wouldn't want to depend on his style.
              And that's when I figured out that tears couldn't make somebody who was dead alive again. There's another thing to learn about tears, they can't make somebody who doesn't love you any more love you again. It's the same with prayers. I wonder how much of their lives people waste crying and praying to God. If you ask me, the devil makes more sense than God does. I can at least see why people would want him around. It's good to have somebody to blame for the bad stuff they do. Maybe God's there because people get scared of all the bad stuff they do. They figure that God and the Devil are always playing this game of tug-of-war game with them. And they never know which side they're gonna wind up on. I guess that tug-of-war idea explains how sometimes, even when people try to do something good, it still turns out bad.


                That's very true, greese, but having actual fighting experience certinly helps in creating a fighting system. I've got a book form copy on the KGB's hand to hand combat system, and methods of kidnapping and stuff. It's pretty interesting.

                Speaking of russian fighting systems what does everyone think of that ROSS (I'm pretty sure that's what it's called) stuff? I've seen quite a few ads in Black Belt and other MA mags. Or is that the same thing that Vladimir teaches? Some techniques that I've seen look pretty over the top.


                  You can find out about Vladimir and his combat art at:


                  Download and watch the VDO clips, some corny background music plus that Russian Bitch Slap is a killer.


                    Thanks j-zen. I looked at the promo clip. It didn't impress me really. The picture was a little blury but I didn't like what I saw.


                      I've been to a Systema seminar once. The techniques seem to be largely jujitsu, but the training method is radically different. The guys who were running it were cool and happy to accept input from other styles.
                      The guy who writes their copy probably has never been on a course.

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                        I seen the "Systema." It's kinda interesting. Although I believe it's completely defensive in nature. There's too much emphasis on knowing how to get hit. There is no form whatsoever, they look like fighting noodles. Their training methodology is fine though, they work with variables and try to learn how to control them.

                        Over all, they work with controlling variables, but they're defensive and cannot develop kinetic energy with their attacks.


                        Edited by - truthhurts21 on November 12 2002 10:25:58


                          What does having carried an AK-47 into combat prove about unarmed skills?


                            Truthhurts: I've agreed with what you've said for the most part, but saying that someone cannot develop kinetic energy through a strike is simply false, or a completely general rule that applies even to scars and kfss.

                            As you know, kinetic energy is energy of movement, and can be calculated using the equation


                            You just said either 1) That their strikes do not involve motion, or 2) They do not involve the mass of an object(fist for example). Neither one makes sense.

                            If you are tying to say that their strikes don't have as much kinetic energy as they could have (If they put more of their body weight into the strike, correct alignment, etc), then you should say that.

                            If on the other hand, you are pointing out that one cannot create kinetic energy, but rather one can only convert other forms of energy(potential, rotational,etc) into kinetic energy, then it really has no bearing on this topic, since everyone lives by the same laws of science(A scars practitioner[or anyone else] cannot create energy).


                              I wonder where all the PSYCHIC training material went to? Many of the russian soldiers I met and talked to used to say systems like these used to have have PSYCHIC overtones.(Maybe to make up for the lack of CHI!! :) )

                              The problem whith these formless arts (no stances, no techniques to memorize, etc) it that it varies form place to place. I have seen JKD clubs passing themselves of as SYSTEMA. I like structure in my arts.

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