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Point Sparring is the easiest thing in the world

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    Point Sparring is the easiest thing in the world

    lately I've been really working hard on my full contact sparring. I've been grappling and striking hard core letely. Today I had the easiest lapse in my training ever.

    I had to point spar.

    Usually in class, point sparring is optional, but today (to prepare because SOME students are indeed attending a point sparring competition) everyone had to point spar. there were divisions set up by rank (I ended up with 2 people with a year more experiance than me) and each got a section of the floor.

    I mopped the floor with'em.

    I dont know why, but this had to be the easiest thing in the world. They kept trying to play some cat and mouse game. Everytime I made steop foreward, they jumped back like I was trying to stab'em with a knife or something. Finally I just got annoyed and rushed them. They had no defenses.

    Anyone who has a hard time point sparring is a loser, thats all I can say. Now I FULLY understand how truly pointless it is.

    Yes. It was sad


      I feel sad for you.

      Look at my sad face.:(
      Monkey Ninjas! Attack!


        Point sparring is for clowns, so do it only when you consider joining a circus~~~:D
        "People think that judo is only unarmed combat - but you are never unarmed when you can hit someone with a planet. "
        - Uncyclopedia entry on Judo


          Do they at least let you guys do some continuous sparring for example by still using the same rules of sparring to just go at it for around 2-3 mins?


            It's not the easiest thing in the world when you're mostly blind.

            Don't fucking get me started on point sparring, oh wait I already have!

            One fucking tap of a back fist and the action is stopped! That's it, some lanky 6'5" idiot who wouldn't know an ankle-lock from an arm-bar can win a "fight" against me by tapping me on the fucking forehead with the back of his fucking hand! Never mind the fact that the strike I fire off as a counter (kick to the gut, inner thigh, forearm to the ribs, upper cut) does vastly more damage, but as it came AFTER his point (it's a counter, of course it fucking comes after) I have some idiot judge with more experience breaking boards than actually fighting tell me to watch my damned control. I've had several chances to spar with people who've beaten me at point fighting tournies and I've trounced everyone of them with ease, getting that flitting kick to my stomach or feathery jab to my temple is absolutly not going to do anything close to ending a damn fight.

            It's a game of tag, a game heavily dependant upon hand eye coordination and reflexes, granted these are both aspects of any fight and something that I must learn to cope with on account of my natural dissadvantage (oh I've coped, you better fucking believe it), but when some jackass refers to it as fighting and its a fight I can almost never win it just pisses me the fuck off. I despise point sparring so much its almost enough to make me turn a friendly TKD/Karate tourny into a mess of tangled limbs as I guilotine and hammer lock every lanky bastard in sight!

            I am so very happy that my TKD school doesn't force us to spar on the point system, its good and continuous and we do as we damn well please. Honestly I find the best uses for some of the kicks most people label as too flashy or dangerous in counters and combinations that most TKD folks don't do on account of cursed point sparring.


            Just in case i wasn't clear enough the first time.

            Anywho, I'm calm again. Much better now.


              I never wasted my time training like this. I don't know why anybody does. I bet it wrecks you for LIFE.


                Gay and stupid yes!
                Pointless No (no pun intended)

                Point sparring for begginners allows the build up of speed and maintaining of control. What I fucking hate are these stupid techniques that come from them ie the tapping of the forehead, and the down strikes from obnoxious angles, or a backfist to the top of somebody's head.

                At one point (again no pun intended), the techniques had to shake the body and be clean traditional techniques thrown with balance and such. Now it's evolved into a ridiculous game of tag. I think it's great to build up the reflexes but besides that, it's like living in Texas; you think you're good but the real world knows your an ass.


                  Funny, I tend to lose at point sparring a lot.. I just can't see taking someone seriously that is just going to tap me where I am trying to rip his head off. So my Thai Kick that floors the guy typically loses to the little love tap backfist that I eat a split second before my thai Kick bruises a rib or two. Go figure?


                    My anger to point sparring is that my cancerstick smoking ass is chasing some dude down for a decent strike and it literally feels like a game of tag only that the aggressor is doing all the running.


                      we sometimes do light sparring (not point sparring because its not a competition, you dont play tag on the streets) and while its good for beginners learning things like not to block low kicks with their hands, it loses its value after a certain amount of experience. and a lot of people dont take it seriously, they pull out flimsy shit that plain old doesnt work. my favourite is the old "double punch" that people develop from playing heihachi in tekken too much, which I like to counter with "do that again and I'll show you why it doesnt work"


                        Ok but think of it this way. Some fool keps on tapping you on the forehead and you lose the fight? Why? Why did he tap you on the forehead? What if that was a punch in the face? How come you don't learn and stop losing that way? Now if you win doing rediculous things like what - why? Are you taking advantage of the game or the judges? Are you being honest? Is your opponent making the same mistakes?

                        Get out what you put in. If your training is a joke your learning is a joke.


                          I like some of the goofy stances that guys that do lots of point sparring take. I had one guy nearly turn his back to me entirely. To his credit, he did abandon that strategy after I kicked him in his kidney.


                            The small number of tournaments I've been to took points away for making "excessive contact". So a kick the floors a guy will be a penalty.


                              A remember a peer of mine execute a clean ridgehand right smack on his opponents temple wich made him drop like a sack of potatoes and he actually had a warning of all things. Keep in mind he targeted the area wich is protected by his opponents headgear so by common sense and good execution it was a good score but the refs only saw someone who is out of control.

                              Needless to say my peer lost cause his opponent was a bleeder like you see in many tournaments you look at somebody weird and they gush out blood out their nose like a mofo.



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