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    Originally posted by John A Butz
    Furtry, as a solid believer in aikido and many of the more esoteric concepts out there, I wish people would stop talking about it in high-falutin' fancy talk, and instead invite folks to come train with them and feel the stuff. No amount of talking about "it" can make someone understand it, they have to expirence. Additionly, all the time people spend talking about it is time they could be training it. I know what I would rather do.

    Also, the aiki- based arts and their relatives, like systema, seem to think they have a monopoly on fluid, effective, almost mystical "power", which is patantly false. I have seen jujutsu guys who have more aiki- then my aikido. I have been wrecked by the amazingly relaxed power of an expirenced wrestler, my every attempt to fight him easily smothered and redirected to my eventual incapacitation. Whatever word you use to describe "it" or whatever you believe "it" to be, talk less, train more, and be humble.

    end of rant.
    John Systema does not have a monopoly on fluid movement.
    At its highest level every physical movement is fluid.
    The "it" part is so miniscule that "it" is only done by one person that I'm aware of. The rest of it is physical real world down and dirty, we call it short work, application of fighting/conflict resolution ;).

    I invite you all to check all the clips on my site. Except for one clip, which has been discussed here often, where it is explained to be a training drill all the clips show practical work. Notice my style differs from every other instructor out there due to our backgrounds and our individual strengths.


      Furtry, I was not really directing that at you or systema, but rather at whoever wrote the phsyco-babble that was quoted from aikido journal and those who like to use such overly-flowery and complex language to try to explain stuff. It's the addition of mysticism into things that really burns my bacon. If the "it" in your system is getting the guy to fall down when he tries to hurt you, great, say that, train that, and be able to do that(note-I am not referencing a specific system, but rather using a generic example- could be aikido, systema, judo, whatever) and talk less about the mystical ways you get your man to fall down. If it works, it will speak for itself, and the babbling of a bunch of skeptics on a message board wont matter :) The mysticism and psycho-babble reads like a big rationalization/excuse to cover up inherent insecurity, or sounds like a bad marketing ploy.

      Now, I have read James Williams and Ken Good on other message boards over the last few years, and they are no bullshit kinda guys. If they find value in the Systema, that gives it credibility to me. Heck, I want to see it and do it sometime, as many of the principles seem similar to aikido. But I still think that the videos, language, and general marketing should not be pointed to as a benchmark for effectiveness. Go train with folks, and they will know what you have got, and then there will be no questions.



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