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Trading tapes (everyone please read)

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    Trading tapes (everyone please read)

    About three months ago or maybe longer, I connected with a forum member through the classifieds and agreed to trade instructional tapes with him.

    We sent each other lots of emails giving each other a complete list of tapes that we had to offer and which ones we wanted.

    I composed three tapes for him with Mario Sperry instructionals, NHB documentaries and BJJ instructionals. Anyways to make a long story short he too was going to send me three tapes with instructional material. I sent the tapes by mail which cost me 30 dollars. That was three months ago. I have not heard a word from him since.

    He has not answered any of my email which I have sent him many and my tapes have never made it. I also do not see him on the forum anymore.

    Just a word of warning to everyone.

    I will also give him the benefit of the doubt I will not name his handle because maybe this is all a big mistake and he is facing circumstances that are out of his control. If this is the case I understand, but why not an email to tell me what is going on. I think I have been screwed. This is my last resort to get some response from him.

    But in the long run it is falling back on him. I know have an excellent local source where I am getting some great instructional material. Namely the new Renzo Gracie tapes and everything else that I want. If he would of lived up to his side I would have had no problem making him copies of my new library.

    and i hope that you are aware that you are in breach of international copyrightlaws?

    not that i think anyone really cares, but admitting to it in an open forum, might not be the most clever of ideas.


      sigh...that's not the point Then that must mean this web site endorses it through the classified section.

      But I know what your saying


        We don't endorse anything that violates copyright laws. Our Video/DVD section of the classifieds is for people looking to sell/trade tapes they've purchased.

        However, we cannot monitor everything being traded either, and do not seek to do so.


          Spineflow, I TOLD you I was sorry! j/k :^)



            I hear ya, and yes the tapes I was trading I have purchased


              hey spineflow,

              i have some great instructionals, and a pretty decent list, e-mail me at [email protected]


                Whose the guy that ripped you off Spineflow? Give us a warning so that everyone knows whose the asshole is. Names?

                Ghost of Charles Dickens



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