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First fake BJJ BB claim in Slovakia (by a Systema guy)

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    First fake BJJ BB claim in Slovakia (by a Systema guy)

    I'll make a more extensive English write up soon - this is just to let you know about a guy who obviously thought claiming a black belt in BJJ in a country where there is none yet would go unnoticed...

    Guys at a Slovak MA forum (, the thread is to be found here: pointed out to blogs and videos of this Systema guy (Vlastimil Mazal) in Bratislava, who had the following claims/notes online:

    ...No ja cvicim bojove umenia 18 rokov, mam niekolko ciernych opaskov (vratane napr. BJJ, co na Slovensku zasa tolko ludi nema:-)...
    "Well I train in martial arts for 18 years, have several black belts (including for example in BJJ, which not many folks in Slovakia have..."

    "Note: The author trains martial arts since his puberty. At the moment he is an "instructor trainee" in Systema. In the past he has obtained black belts in Modern combat, where he was also instructing for a time, and in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He is holding technical degrees in Wing chun and Kobudo. Trains exlusively Systema now."

    He claims it's basicaly typos or somebody else claiming something in his name. But the things appeared online on his blogs and his video account on Youtube.

    A taste of his ground provess can be seen here, entitled "ground control" (Mr. Mazal is the guy in camouflage colour):

    I wrote him an e-mail asking him to come to and answer the questions, he replied to me and refused to go there, saying anonymous people write stuff there.

    I asked him for permission to get his answers over there, which he granted me.

    He wrote he doesn't have a BJJ black belt (no news here), but I asked him simple, detailed question that I am currently awaiting the answer to (like who if not him wrote the remarks/notes, what technical degree in BJJ is the holding, under whom, etc.)

    I'll see if he replies, I'll post more (including translation of our e-mail exchanges).

    Good news - Slovak fighters seem to know Bullshido, they use the term to describe fakers, the refer to the site, etc... So it's not only in my signature over there... :-)))
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    I got BULLSHIDO ON TV!!!

    "Bruce Lee sucks because I slammed my nuts with nunchucks trying to do that stupid shit back in the day. I still managed to have two kids. I forgive you Bruce.
    " - by Vorpal


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