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:: splaps forehead :: You've got to be kidding. KFools comes out with video

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    Bullshido N00b error codes:

    00001 Thread Necromancy
    00100 "It's easy to poke fun from the keyboard!"
    00101 "You don't back up your words!" {to Omega, of all people!}
    03052 Material is less laughable in person
    00023 My LEO buddy says it's it must be.
    00002 Tang Soo Do

    You dredged up a 3 year old thread to tell us, "nuh uh!"??

    Why don't you give us a detailed analysis of the course and videos, including your martial arts experience and how his teachings stack up against your own personal combat experiences?

    If you do this, we may concede your point, but right now you are basically asking us to take your (noob with no verifiable experience) word for it; in lieu of Omega's (Respected member and participant, proven fighter and instructor with many years experience).

    I'm not being pedantic resurrected this monster, we now eagerly await your articulate and relevant rebuttal of Omega's impressions.


      Don't hold yer breath.


        00023 My LEO buddy says it's it must be.
        Hey Scrap, you can tell him you've got an LEO buddy who said it sucks.


          Originally posted by CrimsonTiger
          Wait...if each move takes at most 1 second...and it's 88 minutes long...

          Does that mean it's like...88x60...528 moves? Shit, that's a lot...I thought he said it wasn't complicated?!
          It's all headbutts!


            Originally posted by Rivington
            It's all headbutts!

            I think you'll find it's all in the ass.....


              Clearly since there are no punches, no kicks, no locks, and no throws were are left with only the Headbutt and the Butt-Strike.

              Now, where else have I seen a video that involves a bunch of head bobbing and ass thrusting...


                Originally posted by Kintanon
                Clearly since there are no punches, no kicks, no locks, and no throws were are left with only the Headbutt and the Butt-Strike.

                Now, where else have I seen a video that involves a bunch of head bobbing and ass thrusting...
                Was it those noted martial arts instuctionals, 'Thrill Bill 1 & 2' or perhaps 'The assbursta'??
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                  Originally posted by Omega the Merciless
                  I bet you're trying to give me a hard time but I keep telling you I'm not gay.
                  Sirc's heart is breaking


                    Originally posted by bassaiWTSDA
                    I have been working with gas blowback airsoft pistols to train for the firarm section, and as a total newbie I can get past the shot and dispose of the shooter about a third of the time.
                    Just imagine-- with practice, a person might be able to survive this situation 66% of the time!




                      I guess there are some rules I didnt understand though I did read them. According to you Tang Soo Do is a noob rule or something, uh thats good spirit.
                      As far as thread necro WTF is wrong with that I had found your site cause of the thread I responded to. Sorry.
                      you say I should inform you of my experience , thats what I did. And I dont ask you to take my word for it I asked you to go see for yourself ,duh,
                      I gave you my imoression of the class by saying He can do what he says, If you have watched the videos and thats it you wont get it totally, dont tell me you can learn advanced aikido through a video and then totally get the finess and everything it takes to understand and execute the techniques, same with wicks method, you have to learn the basics of the body logic and practice, practice , practice..
                      please dont take me wrong, I am not a sh@t stirrer, I just see alot of blind bias,
                      and how exactly do you get around those noob rules when people do poke fun from the keyboard or,don't back up your words, and why dont you take the advice of a well trained LEO, I understand those things can be thrown around by people tring to talk themselves up but in some cases they are valid.

                      again sorry for preturbing the omega and the rules.


                        How many years of TSD? What belt/rank/level?

                        How does your martial experience compare to what Wick teaches?

                        What does Wick teach (what techniques, considering that it isn't strikes, locks, or throws)?

                        P.S. Omega, the original poster, is a Kung Fu instructor and a former professional MMA fighter. He also holds rank in Judo and SAMBO. HE KNOWS WHAT HE'S TALKING ABOUT.


                          I would never claim omega doesnt know what hes talking about , cause I dont know him and havnt had the chance to read the plethora of posts he has made .
                          I have posted in the intro part of the forums all of the info accept for the differences in wicks style and TSD. I am a cho dan bo (black belt candidate) almost three years, no expert and I dont claim to use my time in TSD as a credential for knowing WTF im talking about.
                          I dont put these words out as fact you should believe, just what I saw and experienced.

                          Larry's teaching revolves around mental redirection, he shows a victim or attacked person how to not "wake" a person up when performing the techniques, if you've seen the videos you see him put his hands in the air first, very important because you want the attacker to feel in control. Larry also teaches to move without flinching, cause this again "wakes up the attacker. His method doesnt have any strikes or puches for the same reason, useing force against the attacker (especialy if they are bigger than you ) will enrage them and force them to hurt you. By not hitting them or waking them up in any way you have more of a head start on finishing the attacker off before they even figure out you've moved.
                          For some of the knife removal techniques there is a sort of grab he teaches that immobilizes the knife from cutting you, you dont take it away and fight over the knife , instead you stop them from making the cut while you either turn and run or finnish them off with a dissarmerment. the reason for not fighting over the knife is you want to get away as quick as possible for survival reasons, there might be someone else coming to help rob you or whatever.
                          In my style TSD we learn alot of unrealistic knife removal techniques that when practiced you get the sh@t cut out of you. When we added the method wick taught us you get away and you get the knife :)
                          If I have broken any more noob rules please tell me, I dont want all of you hating me, or tearing me up for
                          any more questions I will answer as long as your serious and not just trying to bait me for an exciting thread. lol


                            It's pretty much impossible to defend any guy that claims he can justify seventy dollars for 2 88 minute DVDs by claiming to be able to groups of larger attackers in one second and slaughter every other martial art UNLESS that guy actually can defeat groups of attackers in one second and slaughter every other martial art.

                            Now granted, I haven't done the requisite Internet detective work, so I hope you'll forgive my "bias" Bassai. It's just, well, I figure if someone invented a revolutionary new method of completely and instantly obliterating every other form of hand-to-hand combat in ONE SECOND I'm inclined to believe one of two things:

                            1) The person making these claims is lying, or

                            2) Through some catastrophic series of mistakes, this world-changing event has gone fully unreported, not only by various martial publications, but by the media and, concordantly, mankind as a whole. If he's truly uncovered some incredible fighting ability so great it renders all unarmed combat prior to this useless this guy ought to be Time's Man of the Year.

                            Now tell me Bassai, which scenario do you think is more likely?

                            (CONFIDENTIAL TO OMEGA: Fuck you and fuck S.A.M.B.O. so many, many times over for the atrocious formatting job in the first post. Reading that shit is reading a South Park fanfic written by a third grader who just railed his third line of Ritalin.)



                              I do have a few honest questions. The original blurb doesnt seem to jibe with what you are saying. Your immobilization technique sounds like a lock. What's the difference?

                              Also why not automatically proceed with a disarm once you have your opponent's weapon immobilized? If you intend to flee, you would have to release thier weapon, and it kinda seems risky to do so with an armed (and now angry) opponent chasing you down. Sounds like a recipe for a knife in the back or something.

                              How does this technique work against multiple unarmed or armed opponents? And can it realistically be done in one second? Have you neutralized an armed, resisting opponent in one second using this technique?
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                                Do I really have to be here for this discussion? I'm really not in the mood for hypocritical posturing today. Check out new story in Omegenisms to understand what I'm talking about, I'll probably put it up sometime this week.



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