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Hanging up a heavybag

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    I've also seen people hang bags from one side of a laundry line bar. One of the heavy steel pipe ones. I think it would be a little low though.

    I dug the two out of my backyard last summer. Heavy things with about 3ft in the ground in cement.


      Originally posted by TCDD
      they are expensive?

      i picked up one from a knackers yard for about 40 quid (70 odd dollars)

      and i dont know what colour the sky is in a world where they make you get a permit to bury a piece of wood in your garden.

      i have not doubt that you have better knowledge of martial arts than me, but i used to be an engineer, i know what im talking about, and i did this with a few shovels and one other person

      A new utility pole where I live is closer to $900 dollars

      Here in the land of the free you can't put a wax ring under a toilet without being expected to give the city it's cut. Not that that stops people from doing it i the sly...

      Not everyone on this board is a construction engineer so you must keep that in mind when giving advise as many people would try to use backfill to keep the thing erect and it would be lying on the ground in a few months, especially with the damp soil around here...

      Why not just use a post hole digger and sink a 6x6 about 4' into the ground, throw in a bag of concrete, lag bolt a hotizontal 6x6 on top with a 45 degree angle brace and call it good? Oh well, I know you engineers....Everything built for OVERKILL!!! Heh.


        well believe it or not , this was actually my post simple solution after a few months of consideration, probably why im not an engineer anymore...



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