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    "Sokeshi" Luis Alba

    I sent this email to him via his website:

    I am one of the posters on, a website I'm sure you've become familiar with since a thread started about you. Well, I'm starting another one in the official forum of the site, so that you have a chance to explain who you are and what you do in an atmosphere without all the cursing, name calling etc of the YMAS forum. This is an attempt to make a better record of who you are, so if someone wants to reaserch you on Bullshido it won't be to a page full of dick jokes and veiled threats. Please stop by to address any questions people bring up if you'd like a fair chance by Bullshido. I do not have ill will towards you and haven't posted anything negative in the YMAS forum. Thanks for your time, have a nice day.


      The certificate for his 2-dan in Aikido says Tenshinkai Aikido all the way on the right, then "2nd (kanji for dan) (some kanji I can't read)

      Then it says Aikido again, then two signatures.


        Codos de Piedra, thanks for this thread, I love being around an atmosphere of respect and value towards our arts. Never have I seen myself as a Master of the Arts or to be so great when it comes to what I do. Every time I look back at my life and think of all I’ve accomplished it seems like a dream, but none the less it is all too real.

        Since my youth I've always traveled alot, and all the public dojo’s I've encountered have only had me there for a year or so. I can barley remember the names of all the people I've trained here for the past 3years in Avalon Park, so I doubt the masters of my previous schools would even remember my name, then again some people do leave a lasting memory.

        The head instructor’s of the Shokyujin Aikikai, and Tenshinkai, I still maintain contact with, so if there’s anyone whom could speak dearly of me it would be Andrade Sensei. Keep in mind though the name of the Dojo is Tenshinkai, awards come from the International Martial Arts Federation I.M.A.F.

        As for the title of Sokeshi, it literally translates to a Master of Path or Tradition, I’ve opened my own school here in Avalon Park, so I’ve adopted such a name, though I still continue to maintain close bonds with the Aikikai, and Tenshinkai. I decided to go my own way, away from all the politics that exist amongst our Art today. When I speak of Budo, I speak of AikiBudo, not the general Japanese Martial Arts. The issue I’ve found to common amongst those of Aikido is the politics. My dream is to unite all these different federations once again in a common goal. My school offers a place where we can all be equal, and learn from each other, away from the greed and egos of today. Budo has many chapters whether you come from Aikikai, Yoshinkan, Ki Society, or Iwama, we are all a part of a greater picture, an art that promotes World Peace. I am not the Soke of the Art itself, no that title would belong to O’Sensei himself, but I am the Soke of my School.

        Luis F. Alba
        AikiBujutsu AikiBudo


          With reference to Hakama.

          When Aikido was being developed by Ueshiba Morihei, it was common practice for anyone to wear hakama for the study of budo, indeed Ueshiba required it of his students.

          Following the onset and aftermath of WWII Japan was a country of limited resources, the Aikikai based out of Tokyo apparently made a ruling that only dan ranked aikidoka were required to wear hakama, this was essentially due to the shortage of appropriate cloth and the prohibitive costs at the time for either purchase or manufacture. The original concept of this idea wasn't about status but more of elevating the burden on new students to own/wear hakama.

          Today the Aikikai stipulate (for it's own members) the wearing of hakama is generally permitted from shodan unless specific authority has been given beforehand, however, if you visit the Aikikai in Tokyo as a guest, and ask to wear hakama you will be allowed to do so.

          I trained at the New York Aikikai in in 2000 (then ikkyu training for shodan) and although being given permission to wear hakama in my own association in the UK, I was required to remove it whilst training under Yamada Yoshimitsu.

          The wearing of hakama has nothing to do with mastery of tradition or any other such nonsense, in other arts such as Kendo or Iaido (of which I both study) hakama is worn from day one and has absolutely no other relevance or significance to the art other than it was (is) a traditional garment of clothing worn by those engaged in budo/bujutsu.

          It is also interesting to note from the YMAS thread that Alba claimed that all aikido techniques come from the Japanese sword; this is entirely inaccurate as I explained in that thread at the time. Without making contact with whomever awarded Alba with his dan grade(s) I won't speculate on his actual possession of such documentation however, anyone studying aikido under Japanese instructors will confirm, whilst aikido is heavily influenced by classical weaponry of Japan it is neither a weapon art nor are all of it's techniques born from sword use. Anyone stating this as an authoritative fact is lacking in the basic knowledge of the development of the system.

          With regard to Alba's statement of being "asked to leave the combat world". I have absolutely no idea what Alba is referring too, Alba strikes me as a desolutioned, ill-informed egotistic.


            I'll give a try.


              Originally posted by Sokeshi View Post
              I am not the Soke of the Art itself, no that title would belong to O’Sensei himself, but I am the Soke of my School.
              That's laughable..

              Dojo-cho would be a far better description of what you are within your own system, you could be even more humble and just refer to yourself as the "founder" you're neither Japanese or particularly well-versed enough to really comprehend what the term "soke" actually means, if you did, you'd have chosen not to use such a term.

              Ask yourself why Ueshiba Morihei himself didn't adopt the term "soke"

              I suggest you read this article, and read it closely:

              Soke: Historical Incarnations of a Title and its Entitlements

              Particularly this part:
              ...//... it is difficult to condone the use of obscure Japanese terminology to describe American social practices for which perfectly acceptable English words already exist. One must struggle to imagine how any non-Japanese could call himself a "soke" in English except as a joke. At the same time it is also difficult to regard this term with any special reverence or to become overly troubled by its misuse among self-proclaimed "grandmasters" and "founders."
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                Sokeshi, if you could provide the full names and contact information of any individual who has given you martial arts rank, it would help move the research further in the right direction.


                  In 1999 Alba was mudansha (kyu grade) in 2005 he was apparently awarded nidan

                  Who issued your shodan and when please or, did you jump from being a kyu grade straight to second dan ?

                  So far, Alba has only provided evidence of his nidan achieved over a period of 6 years worth of training from being a kyu graded student.


                    Thanks for being a part of this thread. Can you address some questions?
                    1.On your bio, you wrote:

                    4. Isn't there some kind of a lower age limit to receiving a shodan in aikido? If so, how did you get your shodan at such a young age?

                    5. Please read the article Hugo posted (or at least the 2nd paragraph). Do you agree with what is written? Now, I'm no aikidoka, but if you do, wouldn't it seem odd for someone like you who has jumped from school to school to use a term that indicates loyalty to one group?


                      That Aikido 2nd Dan cert was issued by this guy, he might be able to shed some light on Sokeshi.


                        Originally posted by joecos View Post
                        That Aikido 2nd Dan cert was issued by this guy, he might be able to shed some light on Sokeshi.
                        I sent him an email pretty much the same as the others.


                          I just received an email from the daito ryu org in Australia, and they say that they've never heard of Luis.

                          Luis, what was the daito ryu org in Melbourne?


                            I believe he means Melbourne, Florida.


                              Originally posted by joecos View Post
                              That Aikido 2nd Dan cert was issued by this guy, he might be able to shed some light on Sokeshi.
                              Thank you

                              I was quite interested until I saw the biggest red flag of them all...
                              In the year 2000, Andrade Sensei was inducted into the American Federation of Martial Arts Hall of Fame as National Instructor, the United International Kung Fu Federation's Hall of Fame as Sensei of the year, as well as the World Head of Family Sokeship Council Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Millennium Master Instructor of the year.



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