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    Two New Articles

    Michael submitted us this justification for rigorous belt testing, specifically for the rank of "A Real Black Belt":

    Recently a colleague asked why our Blackbelt Challenges are six hours long. I pondered about how could I articulate the deeply personal experience of testing for a blackbelt with our school. How could I explain to an outsider the significance of our testing process...

    The Truth also contributed his views on several martial artists in the New Jersy area, in his article The Jersey Jerk Offs

    I have been following this website for a while now and see one major trend. A lot of these clowns live in my home state. New Jersey!! So I am here to set the record straight about a unique group of guys. Guys I term The Jersey Jerk offs!!! I have them listed alphabetically so I do not show any favoritism towards my biggest nomination for the head jerk off award. And Heeeerrrrreeeeeee we go:

    I agree with you. I met Mr. Patire and researched his style and found nothing to confirm that it existed. As far as Phil Dunlap goes, I trained with him and he once told me that he had attended a grappling event with Rickson Gracie and that he had made him tap out.

    I will say that both guys were exceptionally nice guys. I rolled with Phil when I was a beginner, and he whipped my ass.

    As far as Patire goes, the guy was always a gentleman.


      I trained with Phil Dunlap for about 4 years and I heard him speaking about having met Rickson Gracie prior to the first UFC on numerous occasions. I think you may have not remembered the story because I always heard him speak of it as how he knew Royce would win the first UFC. The story was something along the line of he had worked out with Rickson once in California at the school Rickson trained at. He said Rickson was fantastic but I never heard him say anything about who tapped who or how many times. As a matter of fact in the 4 years I knew him I know he had worked with several people with big reputations and never heard him talking about anybody tapping anybody in training.

      I just want to state the facts to my knowledge, as this is how internet pissing contests start.

      Mike S




          Wow, Me is very protective of Phil Dunlap, Can Me be Phil? Hmmmmmmmm. He even has Phil's email handy and knows quite a bit about his background. Including training in Cali, and this ficticious story about tapping Rickson. It is funny that it is mentioned here, because I heard that same story. Is it just a coincidence or can it really be the story that (me,Dunlap) really told people.

          Let everyone else be the judge.

          This coincidence sounds eerily similar to me.

          The Truth Speaks Again!


            You caught me I defended Phil so I must be him I am so ashamed.

            I consider Phil a good friend and apologize for defending a friend, of course you are correct and I am way off base as you are the truth and we must deal with it.

            Mike S but you can call me Phil, Mike, Me, it makes no difference, as I do not plan on arguing with you


              One last thing Me,

              I have read on the Patire post someone calling you a coward accusing you of claiming to be Mike S from the Fast Defense website. If you are not the same person, why the moniker ME, as signed by Mike S?

              The Truth




                  Mike Singer,

                  Are you the same Mike Singer that is from Dallas Texas?

                  I simply stated my knowledge of the Jersey guys, I personally never said I wanted to fight them I just gave my opinion in a satrical way the same as you did. What makes it different? Did you go to Patire and want to fight him, or did you just state your opinion?

                  Also why use the moniker me if you just provided your name?

                  The Truth



                    About 8 years ago I had to be in Texas all the time on business. I used to train under the Machados when I was out there. If we met I was a Judo player from Long Island I am pretty tall 6'4" better top game no bottom game.



                      Me, Mike Singer...
                      Just for the record. I like Phil too, but I know what he told me. I never forgot that, because that is what turned me off about him. I knew he was full of shit when he said that. I have no reason to lie about that. Phil is a good grappler and like I said, he whipped my ass.

                      Also, Phil used to say that prior to opening the school. he taught out of his house and he had several challenge matches with people that were all video-taped. Have you ever seen any of these tapes?

                      I also trained with a Machado Affiliate school in New York and had the opportunity to roll with JJ Machado. If you have trained with the Machados you know that the best grapplers feel like you are grappling with an empty "Gi".

                      To close, I don't spread rumors about anybody, I just tell it like it is.





                          No problem "ME", I know where you are coming from, because alot of people start rumors that aren't true. I liked Phil, when he said that about Rickson, I figured he was a little whacked out.

                          He was teaching some great stand-up stuff too with biting and eye pokes in his arsenal. I don't know if his background is legit or not, but he does know how to fight. As far as the Machados go, to me that's a different league. I rolled with JJ and Carlos and personally I found JJ to be a better grappler.(only my opinion).

                          Are you still training? I took a layoff for 2 months because of family obligations.




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