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Curious initiatives by Mr. James E. Curtis

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    Curious initiatives by Mr. James E. Curtis

    In Washington state, citizens can put initiatives on the ballot to directly create or modify laws by collecting 240,000 signatures. The following website lists registered initiatives. (I think this includes initiatives that do not have enough signatures to get on the ballot yet.)

    Initiative 1108: "This measure would direct that, effective January 1, 2011, school districts must provide mandatory abduction prevention safety training on a bimonthly basis in all the required physical education and/or health classes each public school district is required to conduct."

    Initiative 1109: "This measure would prohibit the possession or use of martial arts weapons of any type, for any purpose, on the premises of any public or private elementary or secondary school, in school-provided transportation, and in all areas of a facility being used exclusively by a public or private school; and in all community college, college, and university facilities. The prohibition would include weapons intended to be used in classes, demonstrations, tournaments, competitions, or for self-defense."

    Both initiatives are sponsored by:

    Mr. James E. Curtis
    P.O. Box 1505
    Maple Valley, WA 98038
    Phone: 206-422-8143
    [email protected]

    This looks like a cynical attempt to scare people into giving him a monopoly on martial arts instruction at schools and college campuses.

    This seems to be his school website:

    He also has an organisation he calls the North American Self Defense Association:

    Maybe I'm wrong and this guy is just seriously concerned about people getting kidnapped by guys with numchucks at the University of Washington.

    Not sure if this belongs here yet, but it seems like it could end up here anyway. More information about Curtis would probably be a start. He claims a 10th Dan with 2 Multilevel MA Associations, but I can't find lineage information. If you watch the video of the News Broadcast, he is overweight and pasty...

    He's quoted as saying that he has been trying for years to get the initiatives passed, and that so far, "No one has stepped up to the plate."

    I think it's pretty obvious as to why. -

    I don't see how it's practical to teach small kids to fight large adults in an attempt to thwart a kidnapping. Initiatives are already in place that are designed to protect children from getting into situations in which they could be abducted. Even with those initiatives in place, kids are kidnapped all the time.

    I think this idiot is trying to make a buck, and he's figured out that he can draw a larger audience by drafting initiatives and appealing to the fears of parents. It's pretty standard fare, though... It happens here in my neck of the woods quite a bit. Not just Martial Arts Instructors, but all kinds of panderers. It's because Dallas has a pretty high percentage of convicted sex offenders. It's a shame, but it's just reality.


      I like this being in MABS, it has a nice multi-level appeal.

      Now, if the OP would tell us a bit about his own dog in this fight, it might help. How did you become aware of this measure and Mr. Curtis' obvious self-interest in the ballot Inititive?

      Do you own a competing school or are you a parent with a child in this school system?

      What measures are you taking to ensure this does or does not pass?

      There isn't much in a google search for Umibushi Goshin Jutsu that doesn't link back to OP. I came across this which made me LOL:

      The event will be sanctioned as well as by the International Black Belt Society
      for promotional points. We will also grant IBBS ranks in Self-Defense to
      those who participate and would like to get a rank in Goshin Jutsu. Fees for
      the Black Belt ranks are simply $50 for IBBS members, and the IBBS membership is
      FREE also.

      Please consider this event and coming out to beautiful Hawaii.

      Thanks for you time

      Steven A. Berkowitz, D.D., M.S.
      Hachidan [8th degree Black Belt](Umi Bushi Goshin Jutsu)
      Rokudan [6th degree Black Belt] (Kokubashin Shito Ryu Karate-Do KunibaHa
      (Ryukyu Kempo
      Kobudo)(Seidokan Motobu-Ryu Rengokai)
      Godan[5th degree Black Belt] (US Goju Karate, Urban System)
      Yondan [4th degree Black Belt] (Bushido-Kai Karate-Do/ShorinRyu)
      Life Member North American Self-Defense Association (NASA)
      Life Member ICMAUA; Kempo International;UMAA
      Master Promotional Examiner ICMAUA; ZYS/IBBS

      You can also get ranking certification
      Effective November 5th. 2008 the North American Self-Defense Association will be providing rank certification in various martial art systems including Karate, Jujitsu, Goshin Jutsu, Tae Kwon Do and Gung Fu.
      Our certification fee for Colored Belts will be $50 USA, for Brown Belts $125 USA, and for Black Belts $250 USA.
      To apply for rank certification please send your martial arts resume to NASA, P O Box 1505, Maple Valley, Wa. 98038 along with 3 personal references and the appropriate certification fee listed above.
      You must be an active NASA Life Time Member in order to receive NASA rank certification for Brown Belt or Black Belt ranking.

      It also linked back to a Judoka: Robby Robinson
      and an Armed Services Judo and Jujitsu Academy, where this Robinson is listed as an 9th Dan in this Umi Bishi Goshin

      I also found this classified listing for someone else claiming 8th Dan in this Unibishi and a 5th dan through USJA

      grrrr these things always get so convoluted. still cracking through stuff, back when I found more.


        I don't quite understand how this is an attempt to garner a "monopoly" on teaching kids to scream at and slap their PE teachers or parent volunteers in class.



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