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    I think Orang-pendek don't kidnappe women or children, The story that I hear, said that they are too scare to human, and avoid contact, but sometimes, people meet them accidentally. I think they just an ape that walking with two leg. Other story said that orang-pendek actually a human that got cursed.


      when you say largest old world cat are you talking about tigers lions and that sort of thing? In Australia stories keep popping up of a lage black cat bigger than a puma? running around NSW and victoria. The theory was it was an introduced species kept as a pet and left to run wild.

      Also in Australia our big foot is called a Yowie


        Yes... by "old world cats" I was referring to tigers and lions which were widely spread across Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Indian subcontinent, but whose natural habitation ranges have shrunk to tiny areas in isolated locations due to the spread of "civilization". The largest - a LIGER cross-breed between a lion and tiger - is the only cat who would likely reach 4.5 ft tall at the top of its head when standing flat-footed. None of the new world cats (panther/jaguar/puma etc) are even close to that tall.

        I've heard about large black cats of the sort you describe, and had seen some TV reports/investigations about them... but thought the reports were limited to the UK.


          Dear Sir,
          I would really like to hear more about your endeavours in this area - post more if you can on what occurs.
          I would imagine that you are a pretty good stalker of game etc, have you seen any sign that you could attribute to an unknown animal?.
          Do you have an infra red game cam?, I would be willing to donate in a small way towards the purchase of something like this if others are willing also, if it goes some way to solving this mystery. I am sceptical of Bigfoot, et al but to see that a person with your background is perplexed by something like this, then I think that something unusual must be occurring.
          If I can be of service in any way I will be glad to.
          Yours Faithfully,


            Rev... thanks, mate, but I'll respectfully decline your offer of a contribution. I appreciate your offer, and your enthusiasm, but I've got one game camera and keeping the batteries for that recharged and rotated are already a chore. It takes 6 D-cell batteries per load, and I've got 18 of them. I have been rotating 12 of them through a recharger for more than 18 months, recently added 6 more new ones to my inventory. I know they get "tired" after awhile and don't recharge as well, or as completely. I run each set until they are totally exhausted. The camera is made by MOULTRIE and is the $99.95 model purchased at Wal-Mart. It has passive infrared motion sensing, and I currently have it set to take two pictures (high quality) for each trigger event, and then "sleep" for the minimal time of one (1) minute before "awakening" and once more looking for trigger events (i.e. motion). I've got a TON of pictures of birds, and cats, and stray dogs... but only one (1) photograph of the unknown creature.

            I'm only fair at tracking... it's been decades since my military training in that area and I am not an avid hunter. I've found one very large footprint - 16 1/2 inches long and 4 1/2 inches wide at the narrowest point. It was sharp enough to recognize and measure, but it was pressed into thick, wet leaf mold and casting was not possible. Two investigators - from separate Bigfoot investigation groups - have visited my property and both have found footprints separately... and on one occasion when both showed up on the same day, they went together and found several prints... but due to thick, soft leaf mold on the forst floor, all prints have thus far been non-castable.

            We set up a stake out using a parabolic mike, but the howling animal - whatever it is - doesn't come around every night. I've been tracking it against the calendar recently, and it doesn't seem to be tied to anything like moon phase, or time of day, or anything else I can figure out. There have been numerous occasions when we've heard more than one howler, on several occasions there have been more than two calling back and forth. They seem to move in a parallel direction, although they are separated from each other by significant distance. I'd guess they are hunting, or driving game toward an "ambush" site further up the valley... but I've never heard any animal scream or cry out as if "ambushed" or jumped by predators.

            We don't know what the howlers are, but they only began making calls about 2 years ago after we got that first/only picture with the game camera. We cannot be certain that the animal in the picture is even the one making the howling noises. It's just that the two showed up at the same time. We're still looking for explanations and for anyone who can identify the animal or the calls.

            On the last night of February (2 days ago) the howler came back for another visit and I figured I'd grown tired of running to the door with the recorder, only to get weak or distant calls most of the time. So... I ignored it and didn't record it. My sister-in-law lives on our property in a trailer... and the howler came up fairly close behind her trailer sometime after 9pm and scared crap out of her with its yells. She shoved her recorder out the front door in hopes of getting some good sounds recorded, but the batteries died after only a couple of mins.

            It's damned frustrating... the only night it's come really close this year, and that's the night I decided to NOT try taping it! CRAP! We're hoping to set up some bait and try some call blasting... playing back some of its own calls on a CD player and seeing if we can pull it within visual range. Meanwhile, I go heavily armed whenever I'm outside near the edge of the forest, and everywhere outside after dusk.

            I'll keep you posted.


              Thanks for your reply, I guess I didn't mean to be so formal, you are a pretty cool person considering what is going on on your property.

              I don't mean to be disrespectful to people, but I have read a bit about some of the largest 'Bigfoot' groups since I read your story and they seem a bit 'Bigfoot happy'.
              I wasn't meaning to be disrespectful when I suggested contributing, sorry if it seemed that way.
              Yours sincerely,
              James Lee.
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                Rev... no offense taken at all. I've checked out a few of those sites, too, and think that the majority of them are all a bit... erm... overzealous in their actions and overly convinced that they have the absolute answer(s) while others do not. Again, no error, no foul, mate. I don't want anyone to misunderstand my motivations or intentions. I'm not interested in publicity or profit or notariety or any sort of celebrity status. I just want to find out WTF is roaming in the forest behind my house, howling near my home at night, and agitating my dogs. I've got nothing invested in the idea that it's any particular kind of animal... singular or plural. I'm not out to bag a trophy or throw a dead whatever-it-is in front of the TV cameras. I'm concerned about the security of my family and my home. If I ultimately learn that this thing is (or these things are) benign, peaceful, and non-threatening, then (1) they've got nothing to fear from me, and (2) they won't find me leading film crews out to disturb their day-to-day.

                I'm curious... but I'm cautious... and I'm armed. :glasses1:


                  Dear, B.SmithSeal,

                  Have you suffered any further incursions on to your property?.
                  BTW what kind of 'dog alarm' do you have, they don't seem scared do they?.
                  I have an African Rhodesian Ridgeback, He's a big and fearless critter, much bigger than the kennel standard, I reckon he'd make a good bigfoot hound.
                  I'll crate him up and send him over for a small fee?.
                  But, seriously I'd like to know what is going on with you if you would be so kind.
                  Yours faithfully,
                  James Lee.


                    Rev... "howler" has visited the area for the last two nights (Thurs, Fri)... both times the calls were within a half mile or so, occurring just after 9pm. I've gotten to the point where I'm not busting my ass to record them all... but I am tracking the time/day on my calendar in an effort to figure out if the "howler" is acting on some sort of schedule, following the phases of the moon, only moving around in certain weather conditions, etc.

                    We have two large dogs... one is a lab/retriever mix which lives outdoors in a large pen near our house. The other is a bloodhound that sleeps inside at night but spends the daytime in another large outdoor pen. I use the term "dog alarm" to mean that the dog outdoors in the pen has become alerted and is barking to gain our attention. That's when I investigate with a spotlight in hand (and possibly an audio recorder). When the "inside dog alarm" also goes off, then we know that there is something close enough for both dogs to sense. That's when I investigate with a weapon in hand.

                    When the "howler" is rather distant we can hear other dogs in the area getting upset and barking, but our own dogs don't react. There have been occassions where we heard two or three different "howler" voices - calling back and forth across the valley as they all moved west-to-east. THAT got all the dogs in the area highly upset and sounding off. We suspect that the "howlers" may be working cooperatively to hunt as the group calls seem to occur under good nighttime visibilty conditions... good moonlight, few clouds, clear weather, etc.


                      Have you experienced any 'activity' , since we last communicated?.


                        Originally posted by Evil Solvalou View Post
                        UMm, don't believe every thing you hear.
                        Now darkness comes; you don't know if the whales are coming. - Royce Gracie

                        KosherKickboxer has t3h r34l chi sao

                        In De Janerio, in blackest night,
                        Luta Livre flees the fight,
                        Behold Maeda's sacred tights;
                        Beware my power... Blue Lantern's light!


                          Rev... been visited several times since I made my last post. The "howler" was rather distant in two instances, but much closer in the third. Sound travels farther at night, so we can never be sure about distances when we're dealing with howls coming from further up the valley or across the valley on the far side. When the "howler" is close enough to also hear movement in the forest - crunching of small branches, etc, then we have a much better feel for distance.

                          The "howler" paid us a visit about a week ago and actually came out of the forest between two small out-building at the edge of the property. The ground has been 'dressed' with limestone chat gravel and packed over the years, so there's no real chance for footprints, but the sound of gravel crunching is still possible to hear on a still night. It was totally dark, and since we have trees and a small fenced enclosure between our house and the area where it came out of the forest, we just could not get any light on it. The dog was very alarmed and barking rather more frantically than "normal", but we still didn't see anything.

                          I've got one of those rechargeable handheld spotlights that you can use to send signals to the International Space Station, but it still doesn't shine through trees, so light penetration into the forest more than a few yards is paltry. The thing runs down pretty quickly, too, and you can find yourself trying to see with a steadily-weakening light beam if you don't have a full charge.

                          Spend a few seconds looking at things with that spotlight, and when you turn it off, you are totally blinded for several minutes. I'm just not unintelligent enough to go chugging down into those woods in the dead of night, with a light that might suddenly go dim or go out completely, with an unknown creature of unknown intent/aggression. I'm waiting until I win the lottery so I can afford to buy some night vision gear or a thermal imaging camera (or both). I'm not really interested in any NV technology that requires an illuminator (IR spotlight). I really want NV gear that handles amplification of ambient light... like the "Starlight" scopes I used as a SEAL in the early 1970s. I've had a chance to see some of the most modern thermal imaging scopes used by SOF troops, and they're fabulous... but I just don't have a spare $35,000 lying around to buy one.


                            BlacksmithSEAL, Have you considered taking a long weekend and going and tracking this creature with a zoom lens. Surely if its out there you can find it?


                              Mad... I am 100% disabled. I use a cane most of the time except when vanity causes me to tuck it out of sight for pictures. We live at the upper end of a long 10 acre rectangle of forest (450ft wide by about 1000 ft long) and the forest slopes downhill at a pretty good angle. I can get "down" the hill, but getting back up again is a really rough hike for me.

                              We've waited for days without hearing the "howler"... and then when we have decided the thing has finally relocated to another part of the state, we hear it howling and our dogs get upset. We're noting the times/dates on a calendar and hoping to discover a pattern, but so far nothing like a "schedule" has become apparent. Last visit... the one I described where it came up between two storage buildings... was on the night of the new moon. Pitch dark. Other times we hear several of them on moonlit nights. We just don't see an environmental influence in its patterns.

                              Hiking with a cane or walking stick in the daytime is rough enough, I won't be trying that in the dark of night unless the dang thing is throwing rocks and sticks at the house... and then I'll only go far enough to get a good, clear shot at it.


                                If bigfoot is so great, how come they haven't invented pants?



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