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    Negative... no pranking going on here... no one knew of our concern over something visiting in the night on a regular basis (the reason we bought a game camera to start with). We'd been experiencing visits from "something" which set off our "dog alarm" between 12-midnight and 2am on a fairly regular basis. We hadn't told anyone, and there are enough folks around here who own/use guns that it certainly wouldn't be a wise idea to attempt such activity.

    The camera captured the picture in early Feb 2008, but we didn't even discover it until we were reviewing the camera's memory stick in early April... using the "slideshow" feature to watch them in rapid succession. That's when we noticed "something" showing up in the far lower left corner of the picture.

    We'd heard howling off and on, but always thought it was someone's dog running loose. Then, shortly after the photo was discovered, "something" came up into the tree line (20-30 yds distant) at dusk and started "howling" at the house. We live in a very rural area of SW Missouri, and own 10 acres of Ozark forest surrounded by similar under-developed 10-acre lots. Our dogs were agitated and alert (scared), and I determined to use my .45 1911. Concerned about the very slim chance that this might be someone trying to pull a prank, I fired a single shot at a pile of logs laying along the tree line. The howling did not cease. I fired a second single shot, and the howling became "agitated". I fired three shots in rapid sequence and the howling became even more "agitated", but then moved off to the N.E. (I could hear brush crunching in the darkness).

    My neighbors to the east live in an old trailer home, and have keep some chickens, and a couple of milk cows in pens (as well as several dogs). Their animals became upset at the howling sounds and began squawking, mooing, and barking... then two rifle shots from even further up the valley as the owners of yet another lot decided that the howls were threatening and decided to put a couple of rounds into the trees. The howls moved away slowly... and were answered by howls from across the valley.

    Again, I cannot say that the howls are being made by the "creature" in the pic, but if that had been a person trying to 'prank' me, they'd have beat feet quickly after my first or second shot. If it had been a stray dog, then it, too, would have run away... and not stayed there in the tree line, howling and getting more agitated. I can attest to this because I've dealt with occasional "stray" dogs in similar fashion over the years, and they always react the same - i.e. immediately leave the area at warp speed. None of those previous "stray" dogs ever barked or howled. Same goes for coyotes. The animals have always slipped up quietly to look for possible food scraps at our burn pile, or compost heap.

    I can say with confidence that this wasn't someone "pranking".


      Here is a LINK to a "movie" I created using the pictures and an earlier audio recording of the howls.

      PicturesandHowls_0001.flv video by Kraxus_2007 - Photobucket

      Recorder was placed on our back steps around 9pm and left in place for about 20-30 mins... although the howls faded after the first few minutes. This isn't the BEST one we've gotten, but it's a good example.


        Click image for larger version

Name:	creature and baboon comparison 01.jpg
Size:	42.6 KB
ID:	4325141Click image for larger version

Name:	creature and baboon comparison 02.jpg
Size:	64.4 KB
ID:	4325142


          Do you have mountain lions near you?

          That thing is creepy.


            Looks like Jesus to me!


              You would say that being the Pope and all.




                  Originally posted by AMF View Post
                  The reason why is b/c Native Americans have had stories of the ‘giant hairy man’ for decades and decades. Those stories are as varied in location as they are in time-frame, are we to truly believe this has been a hoax for hundreds of years?
                  So? People have believed in ghosts and vampires in various cultures for thousands of years as well as mega birds and dragons.

                  Originally posted by AMF View Post
                  Is it any big leap to make the logical connection of where they could possibly live?
                  No, but there is no proof, not to mention someone else already talked about the unlikelihood of an ape species living in the pacific northwest.

                  Originally posted by AMF View Post
                  And being sentient would they not also have the wherewithal to take any remains and either bury them, hide them in caves or even if not that, then the scavengers would deal with/scatter the remains in short order making anything remotely unidentifiable after several weeks and months.
                  Well, that's just altering the creature(s) to the circumstances. I could say that a little boy who lives in my mouth tells me things, but you can't see him in there because he hides in my stomach. And if you try to get into my stomach to find him he snaps his fingers and turns invisible. Maybe it's true, maybe it's not, but ultimately it doesn't prove anything either way unless your biased to believe me, which is the case here with sasquatch.

                  Anyway, much of the legit science I have read regarding these creatures makes it extremely difficult for them to exist and not be conclusively detected.

                  Originally posted by AMF View Post
                  To say the possibility doesn’t even exist is the height of arrogance.
                  Nobody said it's impossible. Rather, it's highly unlikely.

                  Originally posted by AMF View Post
                  I mean look at the two specimens of prehistoric fish they found down in South America that was ‘extinct for millions of years’, yet fishermen caught two of them. So much for that ‘theory’ huh?
                  An aquatic ecosystem in South America is completely and utterly different. Discovering a new fish species is not in the same league as a sentient ape man.


                    Originally posted by BlacksmithSEAL View Post
                    Take a look at these two side-by-side comparison of my game camera picture and baboon faces. Note the similar structure of the raised nose tip, the long snout, the low forehead, the deep close-set eyes, and the small shoulder break (i.e. not much in the way of a “shelf” on the shoulder). On the double picture the ears on the baboon do sit low and are laid back.


                    On the triple picture, the middle photo is a baby – different species of baboon than the other photo – and the ears are larger and wider. I think the one in the middle is an OLIVE baboon and the one on the right is a CHACMA baboon.


                    Note also that all three images display a distinctive “V” shaped color “notch” on the sides of the face… wider at the eyes and mouth, and narrower in the area between.

                    African baboons are omnivores – eating meat as well as fruits/veg – and they hunt in packs in a cooperative manner. I’d have to say that if we don’t have a hunting troop of escaped baboons here, then there seems to be a case for saying that the picture is a baboon-LIKE primate. The multiple howls and the movement of the calling animals which we have experienced suggests cooperative hunting and possibly a pack of “drivers” or “beaters” working to run prey animals toward an ambush site or choke point where other animals are waiting silently.

                    There are plenty of examples of baboons and other apes living in colder climates, and the many limestone caves in SW Missouri would seem to offer ample shelter from really bad weather. I’ve watched captive baboons, and I’ve watched ‘safari film’ of wild baboons, and there’s plenty of evidence that they don’t really fear man, and that they can present a significant danger to man.

                    I cannot believe that an entire troop of captive baboons escaped from a zoo or "circus", but I have no evidence or proof that the animal I photographed is a "native".
                    You also can't be sure that the features you are seeing are what you think they are, particularly due to the quality of the photo. Though I get the "face" you see, the arm doesn't look physically possible. For all you know, you could be looking at the ass end of something. There are pictures of rocks on Mars that look like faces but in different light look just like any rock.

                    What you've got is pretty interesting, but I wouldn't assume that it's a new species of monkey. To early to say.

                    I can't comment on the noises, I don't know anything about it. Have you given it to an expert to listen to?



                      I only ask/state one observation. With all the technology we now posses, why can we never get a clear picture of Bigfoot, Lochness Monster or any other mythical creature?

                      If a clear picture can be made of the above known animal on the right, why are Bigfoot pictures (above left) always so fuzzy and indistinguishable?

                      This is actually an honest question...


                        The original photograph was made by a digital game camera (Moultrie) at a resolution of 72dpi. Look back a page to see that picture... and you'll find the photograph relatively clear and distinct. However... the camera focal area takes in an chunk of territory which is roughly 40-50 feet wide, and which has a documented maximum depth of field of 45 ft (farthest range at which the passive IR will detect movement and trigger a 'camera event').

                        The blur problem arises when you try to enlarge that detailed tiddly bit in the lower left corner so that you can see more of what was lurking around the tree.

                        If you take ANY photograph made at 72dpi and then enlarge it several times, you'll get similar fuzzy blurring. If the creature had made an appointment and then been standing quietly while I used my regular digital camera, focused directly on his/her face, and then snapped off two or three shots, I think I'd have some really nicely detailed pictures to show you. But the critter didn't make any such appointment, and my cheezy cheapo $99 Moultrie-bought-at-Wal-Mart game camera was working with a huge area and a general focus setting on the whole field of vision.

                        Like I said... go back and look at the original picture on the previous page. The creature is as nicely detailed as the tree it's holding onto. Then look at the enlargement and you'll see that both are blurred. Does the blurring mean that the tree isn't real? Not at all. It means that this is an enlargement, and the resampling/resizing process cannot add photo detail information where there wasn't enough to begin with.

                        Many pictures of "bigfoot" or other unknown creatures aren't planned, and are often discovered off-center in the corner of a photo that was originally meant for some other subject matter. Game cameras working under low light conditions, with generic field-of-view and focal settings cannot help but make for blurring and fuzziness.

                        Wish it were different, but that's the problem as I see it. Meanwhile I cannot make my camera focus on a specific, particular spot, and then convince that varmint to come back, wander into the specific spot, turn, and smile for my camera. I'm trying... and will keep trying... but no luck so far.


                          Got it...I knew there was most likely a difference in cameras used and pixels/enlarging issues. Believe me seeing your military specialty I do not doubt your intelligence gathering ability.


                            It was a legitimate question, and one that needed to be addressed. Thanks for asking.


                              YouTube- The Kinks - Apeman promo film - full length


                                Originally posted by Gorgo View Post
                                Do you have mountain lions near you?

                                That thing is creepy.
                                Sorry for the delay in responding... I missed your original post until today when reviewing the last two pages.

                                There are extremely rare "mountain lions" in SW Missouri, although getting the State Game and Fish folks to admit it was like pulling teeth. They finally admitted that there were some here when a TV station ran a home video of a mountain lion eating a deer in their back yard... in DOWNTOWN SPRINGFIELD MISSOURI!

                                There is a history of "panthers" being in the area, and I've seen one myself (1999 ... shot it in the ass with a pellet gun 'cause it looked like a large black dog rooting in our compost pit). While I think the photograph bears some resemblance to a mountain lion face, you need to keep in mind that about 30 inches of "creature" is hidden by the dirt pile. What that means is that roughly half of the critter is out of site. If it's a mountain lion with its front paws on the ground, then it's the tallest mountain lion in existence at 4ft 6 inches (top of head). If it's a mountain lion somehow standing upright, with one paw holding onto the tree, leaning around to peek at the camera, then it's behavior that has not been seen before, including standing erect, using a paw/leg like a hand, and leaning sideways.

                                We've run the idea of "panther" or "mountain lion" past the Animal Control folks and they've all said "NO!" based upon evaluation of height and apparent behavior. I'm not the expert... they are... so I'm going with what they said at this point until I have better information.



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