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    Originally posted by battlefields View Post
    I love the idea of giant lizards, it makes me think that mythological dragons might have been the exaggerated stories of endangered lizard species.
    Ever hear about the olm?


      That Bigfoot "investigator" needs a freakin' smack in the head.
      Oh,I'm sorry,I forgot to tell you that I was calling it out.
      Oh yeah,& I forgot to tell you it might get pissed & follow you home & call YOU out.
      Damn Uncool.

      Whatever this thing is it seems to be the one making the rules.


        Originally posted by BlacksmithSEAL View Post
        Posts about unidentified animal
        I didn't find this thread until today, so I apologize for the necro, but a couple observations:

        1.) That thing looks like a monkey or baboon of some type. Any possibility someone relatively near where you live may have lost a pet that he/she wasn't supposed to have? That racket he's making sounds like monkey talk. I guess whatever it is isn't raiding your trash. That's pretty weird. Maybe it's afraid of your dogs? From a purely experimental standpoint, it'd be nice to remove the dogs from the equation, though I realize this isn't practical. Now I'm all curious. It'd be fun to camp out with some thermals and NVDs. I don't think my armorer would approve of signing them out for a few nights for the purpose of "Critter stalking," though.

        2.) Based upon the image you have, perhaps it's smaller than you might suspect? Just on a quick glance, whatever it is looks like it could be sort of climbing or bracing against the tree, so maybe its hind legs are off the ground? It'd still be a substantial sized animal, but perhaps significantly smaller than 4'6".
        "No. Listen to me because I know what I'm talking about here." -- Hannibal



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