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    Also, the New England Journal of Medicine has a website dedicated to up to date literature and recommendations on the subject

    finally, the CDC also has recommendations and attached literature regarding the virus


      It was my understanding that H1N1 is missing some important amino acids that would make it a killer. But I am not an expert on this subject.


        it got me and my whole family. My kids beat it in under a week. It took me two weeks to shake it, with antibiotics and Tamiflu and it developed into asthmatic bronchitis in my wife.

        That being said, it was pretty much like any other flu, aches, pains, fevers and sore throats. Rest and medicine did the trick.


          i think the media is overhyping it a lot. the only real concern that i have with it is that it adapts / mutates so quickly whereas the normal flu mutates fairly slowly by comparison.

          Originally posted by arnols View Post
          harhar so stupid. wheres the detailed testing on the vaccines themselves? d
          when i was at my internship at the VA in baltimore i got a flier to be a participant in the test study. $200 or something for a shot. i forget if they were doing the tests in the VA or in the university of maryland side (they work pretty much in unison with eachother. theres a bridge that connects them together and most VA / maryland employees get badges for both the VA and maryland side)

          i was thinking about participating because money is always nice, but im glad i didnt: the first test batch gave people mono =]


            I'm not a conspiracy nut, but read this then combine it with this
            "a martial art that has no rules is nothing but violence" - Kenji Tomiki


              Originally posted by FictionPimp View Post
              I'm not a conspiracy nut, but read this then combine it with this
              haha thats hilarious. silly media


                I was in Beijing when the swine flu story broke. Of course as a foreigner, I stood out even though I arrived well before the outbreak. I noticed one old lady who edged along the side of the sidewalk to put as much distance as possible between us.

                I even got checked for it a couple of times because I had to go to the hospital for another problem.
                Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices.
                - Voltaire


                  Originally posted by Vince Tortelli View Post
                  This entire H1N1 influenza outbreak has moved me up to Orange on my "Red Dawn Totalarian Takeover Scale".
                  No kidding! The egyptians took the opportunity to slaughter pigs in egypt - everything that's bad for the kopts is good for Egypt, you know.

                  This global hysterical attention to body politics reminds me of the aids scare of the 80's and early 90's. The most ignoble moment of the swedish aids scare was when the "liberal" newspaper Dagens Nyheter had a photo of a man dead from [an] aids[-related disease] in a body bag on the front page. And this is where democracy fails. I'm not questioining the procedure. It was a fairly new blood disease and there's plenty of other lethal blood diseases. But the general public doesn't have to see a body bag with that horrible black-and-yellow warning tape wrapped around it as if it was some kind of biological warhead.

                  Anyway, the articles in Dagens Nyheter contributed to the infamous bastuklubbslagen (the gay sauna law) of 1987 that was abolished in 2004. So if gay saunas are outlawed, only outlaws will run gay saunas. Yeah, everyone has a personal responsibility and all that jazz, but when they were driven [even more] underground, that meant that it was harder to impede the spread of hiv by handing out condoms etc.

                  Way to go, police inspector Hans Strindlund! Unintended consequences much?

                  However, I know that the state has a great deal to say about the health of the citizens. The quarantine was invented in Venice. But the way of protecting the general health is never fixed, but has to be continually reviewed and questioned.
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