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    Snake style

    Snake style has several distinctive features..

    1) sliding step. the foot is kept close to the ground. the foot can be heard skimming the surface. this allows one to quickly re-establish contact with the ground to root. Raising the foot to will jeopardize stability, throw off timing, and leave one overly vulnerable to leg counters, such as sweeps or stop kicks.

    2) in grappling transfer, contact with the target is never broken. it may be substitued, but not released. friction and pressure are constant. the palm 'slithers' across the target surfaces.

    3) the snake style also attacks the eyes.

    4) with the low step, sliding hand, and eye attacks, the snake can climb through the trees.

    vertical stability coeficient
    continuous and variable pressure
    involuntary response manipulation
    leverage dynamics

    One of the ancestors of Wing Chun???
    Kung fu is translated as "stand around and talk."


      Spitting cobra rules !!!!


        I found all the animal generalizations *which seem more like idealized polar extremes of a scale to how you fight than a real style* are present in all MAs, and your individual style is which animal you'd most relate to.

        That being said, Snake seems like the cautious pokey type, right?
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          My eagle claw is gonna tear the shit out of your snake style.

          If you gonna base yourself on an animal, why not pick the baddest mofo on the planet....HUMAN STYLE! think of all the weapon forms you can learn! pistol form, rifle form, F-16 form!
          Punches in bunches and kicks kicks kicks!


            Kuntao Kid, what about the kicks in that style? I suppose there are only low kicks, right?
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            Its great battle lost,
            Quiet the dog, tether the pony
            To a distant post;
            Our master Caesar is in the tent
            Where the maps are spread,
            His eyes fixed upon nothing,
            A hand under his head.

            - W.B. Yeats


              i prefer using the trouser snake style.


                You would Jenfucius....wait...SHIT!

                I like the snake style strike to eyes, and the opening of peoples bodies with it...mmm stabbage.
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                Miyagi: Feeling correct.

                Daniel: You sure know how to make a guy feel confident.

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                  in my class we've been doing some bagua lately. we're doing some snake bagua which does involve eye strikes, but also grabbing the head and headbutting. but we just started so i don't know too much about it.


                    I know a snake form with a headbutt, cool


                      yes, but mostly i don't "get" bagua. it's only during the applications that i start getting a sense of WTF is going on.

                      i suck ass at bagua forms, but it seems like i can do the application decently, once i see how it works.


                        actually it is a grappling method.

                        all the points are concerned with maintaining good leverage.

                        the feet are kept on the ground. between steps you are off balance. slip-sliding the feet as you move allows you to quickly establish a base to create leverage so that you can lock and throw, or change direction.

                        the sliding hand is also sometimes called 'sticky hand' and the main point is to never break contact with the target. this maintains a continuous and variable pressure.

                        the eye strike is one the most misunderstood CMA techniques. It's 'real' use is intergral to the 'snake style'. It is not intended to damage the eye(although it can). the purpose is to cause the opponent to break the structural integrity of his back/spine/neck line.

                        Snake Style:

                        - crouched stance results in low center of gravity
                        - closes range very swiftly
                        - sliding step improves balance and adjustment speed
                        - 'sticky hands' exert pressure on opponent's body continually. the hand literally never leaves the opponent's body, even when changing leverage positions. many tend to 'hop' their hands from one point to another, like a quick grab. these 'releases' provide the opponent with the chance to rebalance and counter. once center is broken, it is best if it is never released.
                        - the sliding hand is important because this style closes into very close range, 'hips touching', to lock and throw. as your torso moves in, your hands move in, towards the base joints, sliding up the limbs.
                        -striking at the eyes to weaken the spine is often used in the penetrative movements to add an advantage.
                        - the low footwork is used in close range to hook and block the opponents legs. ankle hooks and thigh pins are most common.

                        this snake style emulates the constrictor.

                        it is important to note that this a 'soft' style, it doesn't oppose directly. palm changes, folding and waist pivots are used to yield to his resistances as you enter. good technique causes him to overextend his limbs as you take center control by fitting in very tightly against his torso with yours in an upright posture. various throwing manipulations are executed from there.

                        being as snakes do not have legs, there is not much kicking. quite a few low sweeps however.

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                          It's all in the change.


                            'Whats disconcerting is that you can say that they do xy and z. I find that styles with signiture techniques and preferred techniques often concentrate on being the epitome of that style as opposed to the improvement of ones skills. Does this style have another name?'


                            these are not so much types of 'techniques', as they are rules to make a 'way' of moving. they are 'snakelike'.

                            -the low center of gravity increases your leverage potential
                            -keeping the feet on the ground also helps to make you more stable, at all times.
                            -the 'snake palm/sticky hand' is a method of keeping continual pressure, irrespective of the actual 'technique' being used.
                            -attacking the eyes can throw off balance, this helps to add more leverage advantage.

                            these are the anatomical principles that the 'techniques' are based on. conforming to these rules will automatically tailor any given 'technique' to the snake system.

                            and this is only one of several 'animal' paradigms/styles used. the others have different tactics, strategies, and techniques.

                            lastly, it doesnt have any other name that i know of. It can be explained in terms of physics, which i have attempted in a very meager fashion in this thread.

                            there are quite a few other points relevant to the snake, but is it difficult to express in a systematic and easily understandable way. the animal lessons are fairly intuitive.



                              I have heard it being taught as part of the "five fists" and the "ten animals".
                              Has it ever been taught as a style unto itself ?



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