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the nuttiest of the nutty

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    the nuttiest of the nutty

    These guys have to be the nuttiest nuts I know. They have perhaps every prejudice known to man. You could write a book on the number of racial, religious, and other slurs that these people use.

    Note: Half the people on the site are nuts, and the other half are people who like to patronize the nuts.

    Note: Don't go here if you are easily offended.

    Ok, your link totally annihilated my link-of-stupidity

    I feel sorry for those women, and any children of those retards.

    Ah, nothing like going through puberty being told nature is evil, masturbation is evil, the girls getting their own brand of stupidity towards their period and being subservient to men, and then growing up fearing your parents!

    Ok, done with the rant, they're all retards. Who wants to spam Slayer lyrics?
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      This site is GREAT! I linked to God's favorite hairdoo!

      and the story of the Christian boy who graduated from high school at age 25 because he had things "in hand" that were taking his attention! HOO HOO!
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          Come on I think about half of those people are fucking around, BrotherDThomas and the two British Colonels most of all.

          This thread illustrates this best of all:

          Check out the properties for the picture:, an overtly gay soon, amazing.

          If there are any actual believers on that site then the board has some of the BEST covert trolling I've ever seen. Fucking Brilliant!


            Wow, I think the whole site may be a troll. Four of the people who HAVE to be trolls are Mods.

            The question is if anyone there takes it seriously or if it is just a trap for fools.

            This is the personal website for one of the mods:


              A quick look at the profiles of the mods indicates that at least half of them are bogus. The whole site is a troll.

              A fucking brilliant one.

              Everyone needs to read that site, the best part is when members go along with even the more assinine thing the mods (many of whom happen to be "ministers") say based on the respect they are owed. Oh yeah check out Ima Palled's (a mod) profile:

              This should be stickied as the best troll ever.

              The only thing that would surpass it would be if (as I've suspected on and off) Kungfools is a covert troll.


                I wonder how many people actual act as the mods, it would have to be more than one. Bet it is hard to keep straight.



                  My brain hurts!
                  Monkey Ninjas! Attack!


                    No it is funny. Those people are awesome.


                      I.........can't believe

                      *Brain cramp*
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                        You guys are missing the amazing artistry of that site.


                          I think they're affiliated with Landover Baptist.
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                            From the website of Sister Inez, one of the moderators:



                              Well, they may be fake, but they sure are obsessed with keeping up that image. They've maintained it for quite some time, and they sure piss off a lot of people who come there. :)



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