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    New Years Day not New Years eve. It was a nice recovery thing.


      I am the great thread ressurector!

      Having read the buzz on the forthcoming movie for several months now, I finally broke down and borrowed the DVDs from a friend of mine.


      This show kicks ass, and Fox is perhaps the dumbest network of them all. I find it hilarious that amidst the signing of a 3 picture deal for the Firefly films there have been some murmurs from Fox along the lines of "maybe we made a mistake, maybe we'll ya know.... give it another shot". Personally I'd like to see Firefly get on sci-fi or one of the big three..... they should abandon Fox and never look back; that network does not deserve a show that good.

      Jayne Cob is my hero ^_^

      Mal: "Nice shot."
      Jayne: "I was aiming for his head."

      "I been work'n on this little idea of mine; why don't we shoot her first?"

      "Dear Diary, today I was pompus and my sister was crazy. Today me and my sister were kidnapped by hill folk never to be heard from again. It was the best day ever."

      "10% of noth'n is, now let me do the math- noth'n and noth'n."

      "Why'd y'all order a dead guy?"

      Malcom ain't so bad either; honestly the closest thing to Han Solo in 20 years. True badass.

      The dialogue, as with anything Whedon touches, is awesome. The FX are way better than one would expect for a freaking TV show. The fights are perhaps the best coreographed bits of dirty fighting ever put on TV.

      I love this series and will happily dump my earnings into having every bit of it in every form.



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