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The nation of islam, the Enemy living among us

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    The nation of islam, the Enemy living among us

    Book: The Fall of America

    CHAPTER 41


    1 Allah manifests the fall of America. He desires to make America fall as a warning to her brothers in Europe. White Americans and Germans -- Allah has taught me -- are the most wicked of the white race.

    4 Since white Americans, and the white race in general, have deceived the entire world of Black people and their brethren (brown, red and yellow), Allah now is causing these people to wake up and see the white race as it really is -- the created enemy of the darker people.

    6 God has taught me that the white race was grafted unalike, and being unalike, it is able to attract the Black man and Black woman, getting them to do all the evil and indecency known to the white race.


    CHAPTER 43

    Plagued by God, America is Doomed


    12 As the Book says to the white race: "As Thou hast done, so shall it be done unto thee."

    13 The white man must return to Europe and concentrate on that continent for his future -- or else concentrate on his death instead of his life -- for they can no longer rule the Black man. The Black man now knows where his home is and he now is rising up to take possession of that which is his.


    CHAPTER 44


    1 Allah in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom praises are due forever, for finding and offering to set us in heaven at once, on our submission to Him entirely!

    2 We fear the doom of America that is now cutting her to pieces. The prophecy teaches us that her doom will come in one day -- death and mourning came in one day. One day means one year.


    What the Muslims Want


    10. We believe that intermarriage or race mixing should be prohibited. We want the religion of Islam taught without hindrance or suppression.

    These are some of the things that we, the Muslims, want for our people in North America.

    -The Honorable Elijah Muhammad
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    Dude that is like totally fucked up.
    "ARGH SURF NINJAS *implodes* " the cruel fate of Stold3


      Originally posted by Meteora
      Dude that is like totally fucked up.
      Yes, and the next time you see the liberal media interviewing one of these nuts on TV, you'll know where their true agenda lies.
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        Originally posted by Osiris
        Hmm, as far as black "muslims" go, these guys arent so bad. Look up the 5 percenters.
        A lovely bunch Osiris ->

        A splinter group of the Nation of Islam, "Five Percent" is also known as "Nation of Gods and Earths." That phrase refers to one of the basic tenets of the Five Percent movement: blacks are gods and women are earths. Members are known as "Five Percenters." "Five Percent" refers to the belief that only five percent of all people knows and teaches the truth. Ten percent conspires to hide the truth.

        The movement calls itself "a culture" and "a way of life" and rejects being called a religion. It's teachings are referred to as "Supreme Mathematics."

        (...) For the Five Percent, education and family are of prime importance. The word "peace" is central to the teachings. The 34-year-old movement rejects drinking, drugs and fornication.

        It also rejects most accepted history, authority and organized religion. The black man, the Five Percent teaches, is god.

        They draw in part from the Nation of Islam, such as the teaching that a scientist created the white man from the black man, who in turn tricked the black man into slavery.

        Teachings speak of Allah as supreme being. Each man is god only of his own universe, his family, and not of other people.

        While only black men are gods, others who accept the knowledge of the Five Percent can become "civilized people."
        Source: Prison-based movement stirs debate, Bakerfield Californian, Dec. 5, 1998


        That black people are the original people of the planet earth.

        That black people are the fathers and mothers of civilization.

        That the science of Supreme Mathematics is the key to understanding man's relationship to the universe.

        Islam is a natural way of life, not a religion.

        That education should be fashioned to enable us to be self sufficient as a people.

        That each one should teach one according to their knowledge.

        That the blackman is god and his proper name is ALLAH. Arm, Leg, Leg, Arm, Head.

        That our children are our link to the future and they must be nurtured, respected, loved, protected and educated.

        That the unified black family is the vital building block of the nation.
        Source: The 5% Network (PRO) What We Teach


        The Five Percenters are a splinter group that broke away from the Nation of Islam (NOI) in 1964, under the leadership of Clarence "Pudding" 13X. The name is derived from their belief that they are the chosen five percent of humanity who live a righteous "Islamic" life and thereby have manifested the "true divine nature of the black man who is God or Allah." This group rather than the NOI was primarily responsible for disseminating, popularizing and reinterpreting the "Lessons" or teachings of Elijah Muhammad among the adolescent generation of the sixties in the New York metropolitan area. In the twenty-five years since, the influence of The Five Percent Nation or The Nation of Gods and Earths (as they are now known) has grown enormously-many of the lyrics in contemporary rap music make direct reference or strong allusion to Five Percenter ideology.
        Source: The Five Percenters: A Teenage Nation of Gods and Earths, by Yusuf Nuruddin. Chapter 5 from "Muslim communities in North America" Albany, N.Y. : State University of New York Press, c1994.
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          Originally posted by Osiris
          While youre at it, look up "supreme mathematics" and "supreme alphabet", fucking hilarious.
          That's okay, I believe I've learned enough about these guys. Maybe the 5 percenters when they order their robes from the klan, they could get their's dyed black ->


          Ku Klux Klan Robes

          The ultimate novelty item for the politically incorrect looking for a bizarre conversation piece, unusual Halloween costume, or collector's item.

          These robes are authentic reproductions. They are a quality made, machine washable, 50/50 cotton/polyester costume. The robes come complete with cape, belt, patch, hood, mask, and hood liner.

          The hood liners are adjustable so, unless you have an unusual size head, one size fits all. The mask can be folded up inside the hood for open face wearing. The belt takes in the waist and the sleeves come with adjustable cuffs.

          The robes are availavle in sizes: Medium, Large, Extra Large, and Double Extra Large. At present quality polyester/cotton robes are available in the color White: regular Klansman, Red: Titan, Green: Grand Dragon, Yellow: Kleagle, Blue: Klailiff. Black robes and purple robes in polyester/cotton are discontinued until further notice. See below for robes in satin.

          Make all checks or money orders payable to and mail to: Richard Bondira P.O. Box 162 Kingman, In. 47952 USA.

          Allow three to six weeks for delivery. However, we make every effort to get you your robe within three weeks. Sooner whenever possible. If you need your robe by a certain date (like Halloween or Christmas) be sure to order your robe well enough in advance. We do get backlogged with orders from time to time.

          Note to foreign customers: You may be required to pay import duty by your country's customs office. All robes are shipped in plain packages and are labeled "Halloween costumes" on the overseas shipping forms.

          Knights in White Satin

          Satin robes are back! Satin robes look much nicer but must be washed in cold water woolite or dry cleaned. Satin is a more expensive material and harder to work with so these robes cost $125.00 each in the USA and Canada. Indiana residents add 6% state sales tax. Overseas the satin robes are $135.00 US currency. The robes come in the same sizes as mentioned above. When ordering follow the instructions given above and on the front page. Satin robes come in colors: Purple - Grand Wizard, Black - Nighthawk, White - regular Klansman, Red - Titan, Gold - King Kleagle, Green - Grand Dragon, Blue - Klailiff.

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            how much would you pay to see a mass scuicide war between muslim extremist terrorists and the klan lol
            CLICK THE ADDS ROMO!

            This chapter will also show clips from a high-speed video in which Master Bristol conceals a Swiss Army Knife inside his buttocks. -from "The Magicians Code" by Hans Bristol


              They should have a lock-in at the rec-center.... that'll solve all their problems!


                These guys are crazy they say:

                "That the blackman is god and his proper name is ALLAH. Arm, Leg, Leg, Arm, Head."

                this is an insult to Islamic beleifs and as far as i know many of the things they are saying are big contradictions to Islam.


                  "They draw in part from the Nation of Islam, such as the teaching that a scientist created the white man from the black man, who in turn tricked the black man into slavery". <- lmfao

                  I can't BELIEVE the stupidity from NOI I see all the time. I really want to know who made this up... a joker or someone stoned off his ass? Its obviously an attempt to create racial strife and generally feed off of some fantasy for superiority. Its a crock of shit. Some mad scientist made "white" man who "Tricked" them into slavery... first of all IIRC it was MUSLIM traders who sold slaves to the european merchants, and two supposedly Allah appeared as a human in Boston (or Chicago, I forgot) around... the 1930s. WTF?

                  The blatant stupidity and race-war fantasy crap going on really makes me wonder just who would willingly join NOI. And if anyone remembers Math class, they can quite easily figure out the majority would win some stupid ass race war, which won't happen ANYWAY. Even worse only a small minority of each racial minority has been polluted by this BS, so at most it would amount to another Waco Texas. I really do wish people could stop being members of some group they were born into and be individuals or be themselves and group up by interest, but that won't happen anytime soon.

                  And yeah, lets take the KKK and NOI and put them in an arena, UT2K3 style and watch them kill eachother off. While we're at it lets drop some other KKK guys with some ACTUAL Muslim Extremeists in another one. I'd love to see that.

                  I still stand by my statement that people should move beyond a race-group (or any group) identity. Its stupid and just creates more strife. Its no accomplishment of your own to be born into any group, be it by race or if you were born rich or poor, or male or female. Its just luck of the draw. Come on, Everyone on bullshido is from a wide range of experiences, races, economic backgrounds, and we have members of BOTH genders here, and we don't just adhere to some born identity.

                  BE INDIVIDUALS. Unless of course you'd like to be spoonfed revisionist BS from NOI or the KKK or Neo Nazis or Wahabists.... or whatever the next cult of the week is. They should teach skepticism and generally agnosticism (not the religious term, just about things in general) in school so people can handle BS like this.
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                    It should be noted that the NOI is sort of like the Jehovah's Witnesses of islam. They're not regarded highly by their more traditional brethren.

                    That being said, those mothers are crazier than a gaggle of shithouse rats!!!11

                    One night a couple of years ago, I was driving around in New Orleans at about 1am. Anyway, this guy wearing a suit and bowtie standing next to the road at a gas station waved me over while I was getting gas. He was NOI and he gave me this magazine-thing about them and their beliefs. I had no idea they believed in UFOs from ancient khemetic civilizations and what not.

                    According to that thing he gave me, they believe that black people had a highly advanced civilization like 6 million years ago or something. And these guys launched spacecraft that are still in orbit today (ufos). The mother ship is waiting for the right time to smite the evil white man. hehehe.

                    Their entire religion is an attempt to uplift the perception of their african heritage (remember comba-tai?) with fanciful BS stories. I think instead of teaching made-up faerie tales to their members, they should encourage them to draw pride from their own accomplishments and not try to nutride on their dubious ancestors.


                      Here's a good way to piss off a shitload of Muslims. Climb to the highest tower of the Mosque and shout at the top of your lungs: "ALLAH! ALLAH! OXENFREE!"

                      By the way, KILL THEM ALL!


                        Fanatics are asshole morons, no matter what their religion.
                        Monkey Ninjas! Attack!


                          Wow, KF, you managed to plug a Klan funding site and try to frighten us with pictures of dangerous "mud people" all in one thread.

                          What next padre? a site that hawks Nazi collectables?


                            You must train SCARS or the terrorists win!!!!!!!!

                            We must all abandon our current archaic arts to persue this new SCARS-system because, apparently, our president endorses it!
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                              Strangler I have no idea if President Bush knows anything about the SCARS system howecver it appears that the some of the Marine Guard at the White House may. During my level 1 training one of our fellow trainees was a prominent black businessman who the year prior had been invited to the White House to meet with then Presidentl Clinton. While there he was chatting with the officer in charge of the Marine Guard at the White House. When he inquired of the officer where he as a civilian could get the best self defense training the officer told him that their training had been thru the institute and recommended it highly to him. I have no way of verifying if this story is true but the individual did appear to a credible person.



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