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depleted uranium used in military ammo

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    It has a half-life of about 4.5 billion years. It's probably the least active radioactive substance known to man. You'd be worse off if you swallowed some or it got into the ground water though because it's chemically toxic.

    That's probably what happened in patfromlogan's pictures. Nuclear plant workers are exposed to more unshielded radiation in a day that the Iraqi people need to worry about from a bullet or bombshell fragment in a month. Again, it's just very unhealthy to actually ingest the uranium (or even worse, plutonium) if it gets into the local water.
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      I don't know qbout the veracity of this info. All I know is what the internet tells me...

      If I can after church I'll look further.
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        "Punisher`s links - judging from a quick glance - are vague as hell."

        Look deeper. This the definitive document for me:

        DOD Environmental Exposure Report for Depleted Uranium in the Gulf
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          Well, Punisher, if it's from the government, it must be a lie.


            Read the The Day We Bombed Utah: America's Most Lethal Secret
            by John Grant Fuller
            if you really want to learn to trust the Gov't.
            "Preparing mentally, the most important thing is, if you aren't doing it for the love of it, then don't do it." - Benny Urquidez


              I don't necessarily trust the government, I trust science. In this case the science supports the government's position.


                Thanks Punisher. I am not going to study this report in detail and I am not judging the content of this report, but do I believe in it?
                There are tons of studies that are nothing but rubbish. Often the abstract does not properly match the content. Often findings are not correct - undeliberately. On top of that there is minor and major fraud.
                This report may be 100% true, but before I made a judgment for myself I would want an independent opinion.

                By the way, no talk about the risks for civilians there, unless I overlooked it.
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                  Here is a report from an independant nonprofit research organization:


                  It basically states that DU is not a radiation risk and because the human body is very effective at eliminating ingested or inhaled uranium, the amount a person would have to swallow or inhale for significant internal exposure is almost impossible.

                  Although RAND's conclusions indicate no evidence of harmful effects directly linked to depleted uranium exposures, their report closes by urging continued research because they believe depleted uranium use is likely to expand in the future.

                  The biggest unknown with DU now is possible health effects of soilders and civlians alike walking around with embedded DU fragments within their bodies.


                    Word up to the logically minded. Instead of the bleeding heart pissants.


                      Because you mentioned RAND in another thread again. Had a brief look at history, funding and personnel. Don`t think I accept it as independent.


                        The main danger with any radioactive substance in this case "depleted uranium" is when it produces minute powdery particles that can be inhaled. i.e. lung cancer
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                          If you get shot with it its rather harmful.

                          Any heavy element is going to cause some problems to your body. Sorry to sound heartless but ITS A WAR PEOPLE.

                          Now, given that, we could start using less harmful metals for shot or for rounds. Steel, Tungsten, and Bismuth come to mind.

                          Indium would probably be fucking overkill, but workable. Osmium is too toxic but just as dense.
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                            Wether its war or not killing non-combatants in the process has become less acceptible.
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                              I'm curious as to how the link between those children's conditions and DU was established.
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                                The Iraqi gov had made the claims in the nineties. I don't know how or how well it was established. Obviously there are claims being made on both sides - I read some of the info links Punisher posted and they look good.

                                However, having read The Day We Bombed Utah it is also true that the gov witholds information. In Utah it was only under a Judge's direct order that any evidence that could link cancer with testing was released, after years of lies and subterfuge.

                                DU - Hysteria or Real Health Threat? by Judy Blyth
                       is interesting because she quotes previous warnings from the gov or UN. Now it's safe, then it wasn't? She implies coverup.
                                "Preparing mentally, the most important thing is, if you aren't doing it for the love of it, then don't do it." - Benny Urquidez



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