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9/11 was an inside job

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    Originally posted by Jim_Jude

    'nuff said. :israel7va
    LOL that supporters' list gets trolled every other day. They don't check the credentials of those who sign up. All you have to do is claim you are when they ask, just like Barney Rubble, Robin Hood and Ron Jeremy did.


      Originally posted by MSphinx
      LOL that supporters' list gets trolled every other day. They don't check the credentials of those who sign up. All you have to do is claim you are when they ask, just like Barney Rubble, Robin Hood and Ron Jeremy did.

      & who do you think is adding those names? A-holes like... well, you know, don't you? :eusa_booh


        yeah, its the fact that you can and the people don't care to check that's at issue, not that there's people that might make a joke at your expense. but yeah witty comeback.....


          ^^ Indeed. Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth are more interested in padding up numbers than having, well, real people in their membership. Way to ignore the issue, Jimmeh.


            Ron Jeremy, Structural Engineer
            New York, New York

            Yeah.. The only thing Ron Jeremy erected was his own dick.


              I wonder why the USA never really investigated Saudi Arabia about this considering almost all of the 9/11 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia. Is it because the Saudi's are the largest middle eastern lobby group in Washington or the many millions given to support Bush and of course the US oil industry? It just really bothers me that the Saudi's have been able to deny that extremism is a problem officially from the highest channels despite such strong evidence that culturally they are the base of Wahabism and the worst case of Islamic fundamental militarism which the War Against Terror was supposed to be against. The USA have turned a totally blind eye. How does that make you feel?


                Are you kidding ?

                Let's see.

                OIL, MONEY, OIL, OIL, OIL, OIL, OIL, OIL,


                  That alone gives motive for conspiracy, dont you think there is at least a motive to protect the Saudi and US oil lobby from political fall out?


                    I don't give a shit if the absolute truth be known.

                    I go where my commanders tell me and shoot those who shoot at me, it really is that simple. Politics don't mean a thing once the first round fires past your head.


                      Without you, and the people who you are fighting, politics just a bunch of words. You really don't care?

                      On some level you must belive in what you are doing, no?


                        I didn't say I didn't believe in what I do but, I'm an infantry soldier not a politician or policy maker and, ultimately, my personal opinion is worthless within a 'higher' military environment thus, if I didn't actually want to do what I do, I'd leave; but that's not the case.

                        For some, this simplistic point of view will be difficult to understand.


                          Originally posted by Simio del las Rocas
                          I don't give a shit if the absolute truth be known.

                          I go where my commanders tell me and shoot those who shoot at me, it really is that simple. Politics don't mean a thing once the first round fires past your head.
                          Man, you don't know how hard it is to get that simple idea into pples head. I get questioned why I serve alot and then I get lectured by those who think they have all the answers.
                          Xiao Ao Jiang Hu Zhi Dong Fang Bu Bai (Laughing Proud Warrior Invincible Asia) Dark Emperor of Baji!!!

                          RIP SOLDIER

                          Didn't anyone ever tell him a fat man could never be a ninja
                          -Gene, GODHAND

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                          The key to fighting two men at once is to be much tougher than both of them.
                          -Daniel Tosh


                            Originally posted by It is Fake
                            I agree it was perpetrated by the Britts as revenge, for losing the War of Independence.
                            In a way. It wasn't actually the war for Independance, but the War of 1812. Here's the true story,
                            (long history fact post forthcoming)

                            As the White House burned, the remants of a Document titled "Illuminati MO", written by George Washington himself and his desire to return America to its British ways and form the Britania empire was discovered by Andrew Jackson, who had already masterminded his plan of pretending to battle the British, but secretly loving them, as he was half British himself.

                            Jackson decided to rewrite the MO, realizing that he would not see it fulfilled in his lifetime. This revised plan was later discovered by FDR. FDR decided the quickest way to restore his British honor and be allowed to form Britiania was to give Churchill cake. But since he couldn't make cake (See FDR's physical issues) he decided to do the next best thing, and help them fight a war. But FDR questioned,
                            "How do I do that?"

                            Soon, he devised a plan. A plan that would change America itself. He realized that the American people were too ignorant, and manipulated them like sheep, knowing that he could develop an intense plan to have "Imperial Japan" land a pre-emptive attack on America's fresh cut jaw. FDR knew that his new deal would annoy the Japanese even more, since he had spent every morning mooning the Japanese embassy through the white house window.

                            Sure enough, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, which FDR had intended all along. He never liked Hawaii, he couldn't swim. One person who played a key role in the diversion of intelligence necessary for Pearl Harbor was a young soldier named Oliver Stone, who had his military history erased off the map when the next big plan came up. After assassinating JFK (who was trying too hard to be Russia's friend) he came up with his next big scheme.

                            How to defeat Russia, the biggest enemy of the Britania Empire (it was too big to assimiliate and gas prices would be too high to cross it). He devised a plan to win the space race, and met with Nasa to film a fake moon landing. After it was finished (and millions of Americans duked into believing it happened) he stepped outside to enjoy his cup of coffee, yet tripped and spilled it over a young George W. Bush. Oliver had worked up quite a tan at this point and grew a long beard, which made young George mistake him for a Middle Eastern person.
                            Despite Oliver's sincere apologies, little George was gravely offended. Oliver tried harder to soothe the young boy's soul and took him to the rooftops of the World Trade Center. This only succeeded in traumautizing young George even more, and decided that he would become president and rid himself of those giant buildings and coffee drinking Middle Easterns at the same time. Yes, Little George would devise a plan to remove those towers from the earth and at the same time pin it on the race he blamed for dropping hot coffee on him.

                            Tony Blair saw this as a golden opportunity to reunite with America and formed the new Britania empire, the whole entire world naive to that true goal...


                              Been making arrangements to go out of town for a few weeks, glad my fellow "government shills" could take up some of the slack. :bully:
                              I'll get in just a few more shots here before I take off.
                              In response to SuperCollider:
                              Originally posted by DannyMac
                              Have you heard a structural element fail suddenly due to pressure and torque? Snap a stick and then multiply that noise by a 1000.
                              DannyMac is correct. In fact, if you watch a video of a REAL controlled demolition, you will clearly hear charges going off in succession before the collapse begins. These charges are deafening (they basically wrap load bearing structures with explosives) and can not be mistaken for anything else. Had this been the case with WTC, those explosions would have been caught by every camera focused on the buildings. This did not occur. I have already posted this link, but it is worth reading if you missed it:

                              This was prepared by a private company that demolishes buildings for a living, giving them more credibility than any truther source I have seen. In fact, I have yet to find anything by similar experts that would dispute their findings.

                              As for the molten metal. Molten steel would look no different to a layperson than any other molten metal, and in fact temperatures in the rubble remained high enough to keep aluminum, common in the construction of both the planes and the towers, molten for some time. The assertion that high explosives are the only way to explain this is just wrong. The detonation of an explosive charge is characterized by an IMMEDIATE release of heat and force which dissipates rapidly. I saw many a metal beam, doorknob, vehicle door, etc, affected by high explosives during my time in the military and never did it leave pools of molten slag on the ground. The molten metal found in the wreckage was the result of sustained fires from jet fuel and other combustibles, nothing more.


                                As for you, Jim: The examples you are presenting are quotes from emergency responders and reporters on the DAY OF the attacks which have been deliberately used out of context by those who share your agenda. There was a lot of confusion that day, and it is understandable that first responders who heard beams breaking and other auditory phenomena would first think they were hearing "secondary explosions," just as a reporter who saw the aftermath of a plane crash may not at first even know what he is looking at (crash experts will tell you that the Flight 93 crash scene was actually quite typical, under those circumstances). You fail to note that none of the first responders or reporters in these clips have come out in favor of your version of events. It defies logic and common sense to think that the Illuminati/Zionist/Papists/NWO controlling world events could successfully silence all of these people. I also feel like banging my head into a wall every time some truther shows me that video of the guy saying it was a bomb. As if the fact that he might not have been looking in the right direction proves a damn thing!

                                Pointing us to AE911Truth also does not provide credibility to your argument, as they have none. Richard Gage essentially uses this "organization" to parrot the "findings" of David Ray Griffin, Jim Hoffman, and Steven Jones, none of whom are experts in the fields in which they are trying to dable. Gage himself, while technically an architect, has never worked on a high rise, nor does he have any verifiable knowledge in the demolition field. And as for the other three sacred cows of the truth movement, here is their list of credentials:
                                David Ray Griffen: PHD in Philosophical Theology
                                Jim Hoffman: Software Engineer
                                Steven Jones: PHD in Partical Physics, specifically having experimented with muon catalyzed fusion

                                Their qualifications might be just dandy for their academic fields, but asking them to analyze how a building came down is like trusting an optometrist to do your root canal.

                                Also, does it bother anyone else here that they are looking for a handout? Come to think of it, so are the film school rejects (no lie!) who made Loose Change...

                                Now, I prefer to attack the argument and not the debater, but...
                                Originally posted by Jim_Jude
                                I still don't trust the Gub'ment story. That, and WTC 7 didn't collapse from fire, no way. & if they lied about that, & lied about the Iraqi WMD's, and then lied about lying about it, on video no less for everyone to see, then as far as I'm concerned they can't be trusted about a gawd damn thing...

                                Yes, & we should be able to trust the Executive Branch, huh? and we should be able to trust the Media, who were originally founded in this country as Gov't watchdogs...

                                ...because their world view won't allow for the possibility that someone in their government might not have their best interests at heart...
                                Every time I debate a truther, this is where their true colors shine through. There is a difference between being suspicious of one's government and fervently believing that they are responsible for the most devastating attack, and most devious and well orchestrated coverup, in the nation's history. I don't trust my elected officials any farther than I can throw them, but I do not allow myself to be so consumed by paranoia that I will believe anything that would justify my suspicions. You, my friend, seem to have fallen in to the same trap that all conspiracy theorists fall victim to. You approach the issue having already made your conclusion and wanting to find evidence to support what you believe, rather than using objective analysis. I invite you to step back, look at all of the sources available to you, and keep two things in mind:
                                1) their credibility (are they academically qualified to make these conclusions)
                                2) their agenda (are they trying to reach a conclusion or justify a belief)

                                Mull that over for a couple of weeks. I'm off to Cali. :XXsunsmil

                                Oh, and Madgrenade, your comments about stromtroopers and nazi sympathizers show that you have no concept of how to structure a reasoned debate. Your paranoid ranting accomplishes nothing other than making you look foolish. :violent1:



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