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  • elipson
    There is no logical inconsistency in your answers. But by denying that the absence of evidence, even where it has been sought, is enough to justify belief in the non-existence of things, you are required to countenance possibilities that most people would find bizarre. For example, do you really want to claim that it is not rationally justified to believe that intelligent aliens do not live on Mars?
    I totally fucking disagree with this statement. I don't deserve that bullet, cause it's bullshit.

    In saying that God has the freedom and power to do that which is logically impossible (like creating square circles), you are saying that any discussion of God and ultimate reality cannot be constrained by basic principles of rationality. This would seem to make rational discourse about God impossible. If rational discourse about God is impossible, there is nothing rational we can say about God and nothing rational we can say to support our belief or disbelief in God. To reject rational constraints on religious discourse in this fashion requires accepting that religious convictions, including your religious convictions, are beyond any debate or rational discussion. This is to bite a bullet.
    I totally fucking disagree with this too, for the simple fact that I have always maintained that faith can NOT be discussed rationally. I have always been consistant in this idea.

    One direct hit and two bullets bitten.
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  • namaste
    i gots teh medal.

    How did you do compared to other people?

    * 424543 people have completed this activity to date.
    * You suffered zero direct hits and bit 2 bullets.
    * This compares with the average player of this activity to date who takes 1.39 hits and bites 1.10 bullets.
    * 45.78% of the people who have completed this activity, like you, took very little damage and were awarded the TPM Medal of Distinction.
    * 7.73% of the people who have completed this activity emerged unscathed with the TPM Medal of Honour.

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  • frikifu
    awarded the TPM service medal!!!


    will I go to heaven??

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  • socratic
    Sure, it points out your contradictions, but only to preordained questions and answers, which may themselves generate the contradictions.

    E.g: They asked if God must want to reduce suffering. I (thinking benevolent God) said "Yes"'. Then, it is asked if God was capable of making what is sinful right, or something like that, in which case the two are brought into question and contradiction.

    The answer is that God as a concept is supposedly omnipotent by definition, therefore contradictions inherently arise. This isn't a weakness in my belief but in the ideas we're arguing with.

    Same with whether we declare belief in God to be foolish when there is no irrevocable evidence, yet I admitted that evolutionary theory was largely true, but not 100% accurate to the letter. Suddenly I'm using double standards, and have to admit that I'm doing so. And I am. I hold God to a matter of entirely different standard of evidence than the theory of evolution. Am I wrong? The theory of evolution is a scientific observation of a natural process, whereas God is an omnipotent contradictory entity that flies in the face of scientific thought. Do the two require the same standard of evidence?

    I got the 2nd award. Two bullets bitten, one direct hit. Still, clever little page!

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  • wikidbounce
    started a topic Battleground God

    Battleground God

    found this game on a philosophy website. Anyone else played it?

    According to my results I have firm beliefs that were only challenged by my inner convictions vs external evidence.


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