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Great American animation; or FOX is stupid as hell

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    Great American animation; or FOX is stupid as hell

    Family Guy, cancelled. Futurama, cancelled. King of the Hill, alive and well. What the hell, man? Mike Judge is great, but Hank Hill isn't half as funny on Peter Griffin on his worst day. Did Hank Hill ever say, "Dick Armey? What's your wife's name, 'Vagina Coast Guard?'" And Futurama, while it's no Simpsons, is still damn good in its own right and provided Matt Groening with a dynamic new vehicle for social commentary beyond teaching Bart Simpson why it's wrong to pick on old people and retarded kids.

    [/excuse for using the words 'Vagina Coast Guard']
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    family guy should still be on the air.


      I actually like like King of the Hill, but lately it just doesn't seem very funny.

      I agree that the other two shows should have kept running.


        Originally posted by brandeissansoo
        family guy should still be on the air.

        Correct me if I'm wrong.
        Apparently only as reruns...
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          Family Guy and Futurama both run on cartoon network, so quit whining


            I LOVE Family Guy just watched the One where Brian(thedog) meets his stuffed Mom!

            Stewie is my favorite cartoon character of all time.


              I obviously mean new episodes...


                King of the hill was funny, for about 5 weeks.
                Fox never gave furturama or the family guy a chance to build an audience.
                Futurama was prememted 90% of the time by football, and then drop for some test series in the spring.

                Family guy's time slot was change every week, making it impossible to know when the hell it was on.

                While I know some people did not like futurama, I never yet to met someone who did not like family. If Fox execs would have just given the shows a chance to build an audience, I think the shows would still be on the air


                  "Fox never gave furturama or the family guy a chance to build an audience"

                  what was it, like 2 millions DVD's sold almost immediately? According to newsweek, its was THE most watched shows on latenight for a bit.

                  Nyway, king of the hill is funny as hell, I used to not liek it, but the humor is a lor more subtle and almst completely charactor based, you have to give it a chance. I mean, how many of you even get the big joke about Hank being a propain salesmen?


                    apearently the creator of family guy might be getting a new animated series soon

                    "The cult animated sit-com "Family Guy", a particular favourite of ours here at, was cancelled last year despite the protests, campaigns and petitioning of it's loyal followers. Many are in extensive counselling and a world-wide sales increase of Prozac has been seen to coincide exactly with when the announcement was made.

                    However, some new forms of therapy could be upon us in the not too distant future, in the form of a feature-length Family Guy movie and a new animated series, from Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, called "American Dad".

                    The Family Guy movie will be a "straight-to-DVD" release that, according to MacFarlane, will take a year to 18 months to make. It will still be produced by Fox, but by a different division and not the company's television arm.

                    The new series, "American Dad", could be launched next year, and follows a right-wing CIA agent, his wife, two kids, a housebound alien and a French-speaking goldfish."



                      I like king of the hill more than Family Guy. But Futurama owned both of them together. I miss it.
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                        It's all about Family guy. Where else are you going to find a show with a Napoleonic guess is nowhere.



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