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Kill Bill: One of the best movies ever made...

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      Don't forget Uma's Sammich fund... that girl is starving!



        GET A LIFE!

        The movie ROCKED! 70's kung fu movies rocked!

        You suck. The violence was to you, my sorry friend, for "no apparent reason". But it WAS for a reason and it was a sight to behold. A glorious montage of my childhood. There were even 'clumsey' edits and moments of simulated cheapness. This was an homage to so much more than just 70's kung fu flicks. There were huge ammounts of references to Japanese mobster movies, blacksploitaion and every other piece of trash that ever made me happy.

        I am SO relieved to have a real action movie finnaly come out of hollywood. Did you recognize the Japanese chick in the school girl uniform who dukes it out with Uma using a spikes ball on a chain? Can you spell...."Battle Royal"? She didn't even change her costume from the last movie. She just traded in her double Kama's.

        Ikken Hitsatsu,
        Your an idiot. That girl, Zhang Ziyi, can no more fight than Uma. And she has a rep in her homeland for being bitchy.

        There were homages to many of the great early 90's gong fu flicks too.

        I saw it tonight and I am happy.


          opening credits

          >> Perhaps it was because I had an inherent skill for the science and never deviated from natural principles. - Miyamoto Musashi 1643


            Ikken Hitsatsu

            Please , for both the sake of my Sanity , and your own Reputation , polease dont ever say , or otherwisew Intimate that Zhang Ziyi can in any way Fight , or is even good at Chinese Opera-style movement .

            Shes a Ballerina , and she LOOKS like one when she moves .


              oh , and just because No one Else Said it First :

              Pussy Wagon .


                ok cool 9chambers.

                Why do people keep going on about kung fu movies? Please shhhhhh if anything it's a homage to samurai movies plus QT's own style of movie (i.e. reservoir dogs and Pulp fiction) and Anime only slightly to Kung Fu movies, though a definite homage to them, only slight.

                SO now Tigerfly, MavericZ and Omar liked it, loved it even as well.

                lol Djimbe.


                  If you think action choreography in that film is inspired by Japanese samurai pics you are sorely mistaken. That's straight Hong Kong right there.


                    you all can argue the details of which genre of bloodletting movies it paid homage to more, i'm gonna enjoy the entire spectacle and not overanalyze. ;)

                    "luckily, he was a pedophile" - one of the more "interesting" lines in the movie, no?


                      by the way, did anyone else like the soundtrack as much as me? i thought it was great.


                        70s kung fu film sucked because it paled in comparison to the other films at the time, such as Serpico, Taxi Driver, Mean Streets, etc. People were watching these films, they were not watching "Snake Fist Fighter."
                        while this alone does not invalidate these films, i conclude that they can only be seen as progenitors for future kung fu flicks. Many of them being really shoddy (most of Jet Li's stuff, like Once Upon a Time in China, Cradle to the Grave, Romeo Must Die..). On the other hand, Fist of Legend kicked ass, and Jackie Chan's comedy/improvastional kung fu style is very entertaining. Other than that, I'd rather be watching French Connection or something, not Chinese Connection.
                        I don't think Raymond Chow and his ilk knew what "cinematography" meant. Then again, I think they knew they were making movies with a completely different, and IMO inferior agenda than other films at the time. And Kill Bill may or not be following this tradition. Later..


                          Gotta give credit. He stole plenty from Samurai movies too. Probably a bit more from Japanese Mobster movies than anything else though. Although, yes, the CHOREOGRAPHY was brought to you my the inimical Yuen Wu Ping of "Once Upon a Time in China" and "The Taiji Master" fame.

                          I kept looking at the set of the club where the epic 35 minute fight scene tok place. It looks suspiciously like the hotel in "Dragon Inn". I almost want to go see it again just to try and place the references. (I feel like such a nerd.) I can see the weaknesses in the flick that some people complain abut but then, they weren't raised on the same trashy exploitation flicks I was. Even the "Now, our feature presentation..." reel before it started was in the old early 70's style.


                            Wastrel: - but with Samurai swords ;) The Choreography I don't know, but the type of film and the style was 90% Samurai style. It also made me realise I haven't seen nearly enough Samurai films, only one other true samurai film which I can't even remember the name of. The way the blood spurts out is Japanese, so Hong Kong used to make a lot of Samurai films?

                            A Chinese guy did the choreography yes.

                            Wastrel you haven't said wether or not you've seen the movie yet (have you)?

                            "Now, our feature presentation..." reel before it started was in the old early 70's style.
                            Yes, I realize about 80-90% of the film was tribute-like, even the Japanese/Chinese style starting.

                            MavericZ I have the Kill Bill soundtrack. However remember the part were Uma is spinnng around and that "Nobody..." song comes on? It isn't on the soundtrack quite dissapointingly, but overall it's a very good soudtrack.


                    're right, i didn't notice that, i just got the soundtrack myself. i wonder what it was, maybe some other place has it.


                                Japan vs China! Ninja vs Shaolin!!! Winner takes all!

                                It wasn't an accident that Lucy's character was half Japanese/Chinese and half American. This film was a bit of all three. Gordon Liu (Chinese), Sonny Chiba (Japanese) and Uma (American) .. and yea, the pussy wagon guy.. :P



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