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Kill Bill: One of the best movies ever made...

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    Kill Bill: One of the best movies ever made...

    I just got back from seeing a special-preview (full film) version of Kill Bill, and as the title implies I believe it's definitely "one of the best movies ever made" i.e. within the top ten best (if not easily top fifty) as Jonathan Ross [film critic] claimed in his reveiw of the film. This is definitely a rewatchable film i.e. I'd go and see it again in the cinema which is rare for me.

    I want to write a review later, but it would be too painstaking for me to do so at the moment.

    Tarantino has done it again - another classic, or should I say another two classics - I absolutely can't wait for the next one; "volume 2".

    Thanks to Taratino for this excellent, wonderful, beautiful etc etc film :)

    Also if you think Reservoir Dogs and/or Pulp Fiction were particularly violent "you ain't seen nuthin' yet" ;)

    This smacks of deception.


      I'm going to see this film on Tuesday. I hope it's as good as you claim it is. Cuase if it isn't



        Uma Thurman CAN'T hold , much less USE a Katana to save her ass !!!!!
        I mean, at least learn how to hold the damn thing !!!
        As for the movie, I think calling it the best is a very huge stretch.
        The best of what type of movie? Drama? action? martial arts?


          I thought it was comedy. I mean there are SOOOO many funny parts in the trailer. The yellow "gmae of death" jumpsuit, Kato's mask on a dude, the girl who drops the ball and chain thingy, and you hear Uma go "Hmmm". I laughed. Or maybe I just found them funny....

          Also Ronin, what do you expect from a skinny model?

          Edited by - shadowofravenwolf on October 09 2003 15:25:10


            True, but from the choreographer ...
            I mean is it to much to ask if they just HOLD thee sword right ?????
            There is a picture of her in TIME magazine, and I swear, if she was holding a 30" dick, she would look more comfortable !!!
            I mean, her hands aren't even in the right place !!!!
            ARGH !!!!!!!!!
            Kill Bill ??? KILL ME !!!!!



              Well, maybe a dick is all she USE to holding.

              Chore: Uma hold the sword like this.

              Uma: Like this?

              CHore: Umm, I think your thinking of the casting couch.....


                HAH !!!!!!
                nice one.
                I feel better now.


                  Umm , Im wth you Ronin ...

                  When is Hollywood going to figure out that Bony , Altar-boy looking 'Model/Actress-Types' cant DO athletics believably ?!?!? She cant even RUN and make me believe it ! OMFG , from Charlies Angels , to THIS Triple . THEY MOVE LIKE SHIT , they have NO ATHLETIC BACKGROUND , and 7-12 weeks in "Actory Wushu Camp" , while it may be the hardest thing THEY have ever done , when you cant lift 30 lbs without your Spine cracking under the weight , thats not saying a shitload .


                    Well, it is a movie, so it does not bother me how ineficient her technique seems. I am going to go see it because from what I have seen of the commercials, it is going to be bugged out.

                    Edited by - mikeyb on October 09 2003 16:31:11


                      Can someone please upload this to the videos section along with the latest Asia videos ASAP?

                      Thanks a bunch! :D


                        *Grabs crotch and gives mikey the finger as he walks to the theatre


                          Holy shit, is Blade Windu learning "grammer."

                          "Thanks to Taratino for this excellent, wonderful, beautiful etc etc film :)"
                          And you want to what? Blow him?

                          Hard Work, Patience, Dedication

                          "I wish jamoke would release a book of poetry. I'd think he'd called it "My Book of Fukking Poetry, FAG"" -matzahbal (Master of Flying Pak Sao)
                          "What is a jamoke?" -Sharlintier (Queen PITA)




                              I heard somewhere the girl with the ball and chain was in Battle Royale. Gonna have to see that someday.



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