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    OTOMIX shoes

    Has anyone ever bought these shoes? I know they look like
    Asic wrestling shoes but they aren't. These shoes are made
    with martial arts training in mind. I think these things
    should be allowed in the UFC and Pride for kickers. Maybe
    they are already for pride. Anyway, any reviews on these
    shoes? I want some.


    (a great gift idea .. the snake pants)

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    wrestling shoes are better

    McDojo, is it what you do or is it what you think?


      did you see the different kinds of shoes? The boxing shoes, wrestling shoes, ultimate trainer, etc?

      I like Asics but you really can't wear wrestling shoes around town. I think Otomix look like they'd be cool to have as sort of .. casual training/go to the mall shoes. I hate those "cross-training" shoes with the wide souls that are supposed to be practical. People say those are supposed to be good for your ankles because you don't tip over as easy but - just the opposite of that is what happens - people tip over anyway and the wide soul makes them tip faster and sprain their ankle every time.

      Anyway, um .. but yea, in the arena maybe wrestling shoes are better.


        Pretty spendy... I wouldnt mind having the snake pants chick be a gift for me =)

        Migos heteroasexually challaged (everyone all the time)




            I'm wearing my Asics wrestling shoes right now actually. God I love these things.

            Have you ever tried stacking someone's guard barefoot, vs in wrestling shoes? Big difference. It's almost worth sacrificing kicks (still the rule in the UFC?) to wear them.


              Asics rock


                Otomix are like a vacuum cleaner. They suck and blow at the same time. I hate paying that much money for a name. I love asics though

                Go away I'm talking to myself



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