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    Just wondering if anyone knew of any feuds between particular styles. I was talking to Das Moose on MSN and he said that there has been one between WC and CLF.

    I also believe that Judo had one with just about every Jujutsu Ryu in Honshu.

    Does anyone else know of any?

    GJJ vs Wing chung , there camps traded in sualts for a good time and there was almost fight. Also BJJ vs Judo that was sort of one.
    There was plenty of dojo wars along time ago as well. I can think of some examples.
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      Of course, Ashida Kim is his own worst enemy!


        Os what's SS kickboxing?


          I believe that he was referring to San Shou.


            San Shou was created out of rivalry with MT, in my modest opinion.

            Why not allow knees and elbows like thais, why make rules against constant head shots... but make them learn to grapple (throw, takedown, shoot, etc)? Its like its made to be a apple vs orange kind of thing.. reminds me of how the different kinds of gladiators were equipped.

            SS is good stuff, though. Definitely.

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              "GJJ vs Wing chung , there camps traded in sualts for a good time and there was almost fight."

              DESPITE your grammar...
              I understand it was Emin Boztepe that was the talker
              that would be EBMAS not WC camps

              Edit: I cannot spel.

              "Where did you get that picture of my MOM!" Posted by Judo-Kid August 07 2003
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                "DESPITE your grammer..."

                Piz! It's GRAMMAR goddammit! GRAMMAR!


                  Pizdoff that isn't fair. Though Emin claims to be teaching his "own style" (not to mention that a large number of people simply don't like him), he's still doing wing chun.

                  I'm so glad that my wing chun teacher doesn't have an ego, and so far the majority of practitioners from different lineages that have dropped by have been very open minded and fun to train with. We've had numerous students from Moy Yat and Tsui Sheung Ting and Yip Cheung lineages participate in our class without any tension whatsoever.

                  I would say that most lineage wars are between the ego boosted Leung Ting and William Cheung factions.

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                      I should just stop commenting on WC politics and non-physical

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                        Every other style VS Tae Kwon Do. I always hear about people dogging Tae Kwon Do.

                        Not that I care though.


                          everyone on bullshido vs kfss

                          DeThours vs DeThours (the brothers are fighting each other)

                          DeThours vs William Sanders. Standing challenges have been givenby various bodies in both lineages. My money is on those not believing in spiting bats from one's mouth in battle.


                            Hapkido vs the world
                            TKD vs every one exsept hapkido
                            Muay Thai vs american kick boxing
                            Bjj vs sambo
                            Bjj vs Kickboxing(all)


                              tote was a troll on sherdog that constantly proclaimed hapkido's supremacy, if my memory serves me...

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