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Rant: Political Correctness;

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    Rant: Political Correctness;

    So I'm talking to my friends the other day. They were going on about protecting people's feelings blah blah blah.

    So I tell them I'm tired of all this politically correct attitude. Protecting people's feelings is for the birds, if you never meant to hurt there feelings in the first place say what you want, if they get hurt say you're sorry, if they insist in whining about it tell them to get over it.

    Then they go on to try to tell me that my interpetation of political correctness isn't correct. As a matter of fact most of my interpetations are incorrect. I told them to go shove it. I'll use my interpetations if I want.

    Political correctness: originally stemmed for the need to be aware of peoples sensitivity to race, gender, religious, and idealogical discriminations by society. Next thing you know everybody's going overboard about; don't spank the kid in stifles their creative ability, kids are people too, everybody has a point of view and its just as valid as yours, let's get rid of grades and test because they discriminate against ceartain cultural groups, France is an okay country even though they don't agree with us.

    So when I hear all this babble about, protect somebody's feelings I'm like, yay political correct bullshit. In a day where words are being re wrote to include a more modern spelling and most of America pronouncing karaoke as Carryokeee I think I can have my own interpetation of what political correctness is. Now anything that says beware of peoples feeling I say: ew you're being politically correct. Anybody disagree with me on this one and if so why?

    (oh as a pre-emptive strike I would like to tell those who disagree with my that you are an idiot)

    Official WTDude Badass Evil Genius

    PCness is for homos and commies....
    People always tell me i need to watch what i say. But i do so deliberately. I am very well educated and very well read, but i can't stand whining bitches and lib fuckers who want everyone to get along. So i act brazen at times. Sometimes people need a shock to the sensitivity box.

    Nothing wrong with being sensitive to one person's particular situation. But you should do so on your own will, not because of fear of some thought police. I used to run ball with a bunch of black kids (being lower middle class in an upper middle class town), they'd say racist shit and joke around. It was no big deal, because i knew when it came down to it they'd get my back...and they did. People today just talk the talk, they are polite, don't upset the cart, BUT inside they are evil and have mailicious thoughts.

    I'm with you omega....just say what you are thinking...once you know where someone stands, only then can you begin to deal with that person.

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      Amen brother

      Official WTDude Badass Evil Genius


        Amen brother indeed!

        "everybody has a point of view and its just as valid as yours,"
        nope, that's just fucking wrong all you politically correct inbred fucks!


        "Where did you get that picture of my MOM!" Posted by Judo-Kid August 07 2003 =11&Topic_Title=Cutest+animals%3F&Forum_Ti tle=Off%2DTopic+Discussion&whichpage=1
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          Omega, I think the whole thing behind being PC are just ignorant people. And I'm not talking about racist, I'm talking about truely ignorant people that go off of stereotypes without knowing and being demeaning to people without realizing what they might be saying is upsetting.

          Like Ross Perot during his running for president, he refered to get a certain black party he was trying to get to as "You People", Bush just called homosexual's "sinners", or that dumb white housewife down the street calling up her black neighbor to find out how to make cornbread then calling her chinese neighbor to find out how he gets his laundry so white..(it's calgon, but don't tell anybody).

          That's why I respect openly racist people to a certain degree, they know what they are saying.

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            I think using racist terms about the members of the racial group that are assholes is A-OK.
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                I don't know about you, but one thing that I learned about saying "sorry" to someone is that I do it for me, not them. In other words, if I wrong someone, I want to correct it for my own piece of mind. In so doing, I hope that it sets the other party at ease too, but if not . . . oh well.
                I try to treat all people equally, until they prove otherwise. I start out from a positive position of extending trust. As far as other viewpionts, I have my limits as well, but sure hell won't claim a monopoly on the truth.
                The problems you described about people protecting people's feelings despite the truth is dead on, although I do think it is better to lie in some occassions. For example, if your girl dresses up for an hour and still looks like shit, you probably wouldn't be 100% honest. You can still give her some suggestions of course . . . :)


                  Political Correctness my ass...I can say whatever I want whenever I want. Don't get me wrong though, I don't like discriminating people but do I really have to watch every word I speak?

                  And to Omega, you don't have to say sorry coz you never intended to hurt anyone. Why say sorry in the first place if all you wanted to do was simply voice out? It's that simple.

                  I will flame Fatality Gay until he dies of Cancer, AIDS, SARS and terrorism.


                    sometimes, it's my opinion and too bad
                    but i won't start a crusade or anything

                    of course the middle ground is appropiate

                    "For example, if your girl dresses up for an hour and still looks like shit, you probably wouldn't be 100% honest. You can still give her some suggestions of course . . . :)"
                    er......i'm not a sexist pig
                    but if she still looks like shit...

                    "Where did you get that picture of my MOM!" Posted by Judo-Kid August 07 2003
           =11&Topic_Title=Cutest+animals%3F&Forum_Ti tle=Off%2DTopic+Discussion&whichpage=1
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                      Speaking of my friends^^^^^^.

                      Anywho, there's an insinuation that I'm talking about speaking bluntly cruel to somebody. My version of "tact" is don't say anything at all.

                      "You want the truth?"
                      "You can't handle the truth"

                      No truer words were ever spoken.

                      Official WTDude Badass Evil Genius


                        yeap, better to say nothing than to say something bad

                        though if your girl asks you "Do I look good in this?" your ass better answer "YES!" very very quickly!

                        Slacking, No Work, and ADD

                        "Having no strength? I don't think it matters in a fight unless you have the wrong attitude about it."
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                          Ahhhh, but you see we do THINK in language, don't we? Control a cultures language and you are literally controlling thought.

                          This is disturbing to me.

                          I really dont think it should be against the LAW or anything to use words like n!gger, spic, honkey, jew-boy, rag head, towell head, chin, nip, coon, spade, cracker, Pole, Yid, dune coon, himey, watermelon, kike, jap, greaseball, cockroach stomper, wop, guinnea, mic, limey, gook or faggot.


                          The use of these words really does portray an image of rampant stupidity on the person who uses them seriously. Calling someone a nigger does nothing but create anger and hostility and, as any decend Iraqi will tell you, Americans have MORe than enough hostility to go around. We only go to war when our citizens get sick of killing each other and need new target practice.

                          We have to agree that if you see a fat guy and you say to him
                          Hey you BIG FAT PIG! How ya doin?
                          it will really serve only one purpose: to make him feel bad.

                          Theres a line where mixing your words gets tangled with just running your mouth and saying whatever you feel like because you're too stupid to understand that making people feel like shit on a daily basis is counterproductive to any sensible society. It ceates nothinb but TENSION and sensible people know that TENSION in a community setting should be avoided for the general good of the group.

                          Those same words can also be used as WEAPONS and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. They can be used to train you to think about a certain group of people in a certain way. A dangerous and BAD way. An entire RACE of people can stop becoming Africans and become NIGGERS. Its much easier to treat NIGGERS like cattle than AFRICANS. Calling them African would betray the fact that they were taken from somewhere and had a living culture and were NOT cattle to be beaten and used to tend fields.

                          I have a couple of friends that fought in the Vietnam war. A very similar thing took place in the military where the Vietnamese stopped becoming people and started becoming "Gooks". Our soldiers were taught some extremely racist shit while in the military. Shit they didnt just FORGET when they got home. All of this is because our soldiers cant just kill normal people(Although they CAN and DO, they just need to be far away when they do it) because our soldiers are MORAL. Never forget that it is only RECENTLY that America, a virtuous Republic, has been taken over by unchained Capitalism and runaway corporate greed. Our sodiers need to be CONVINCED that these arent Vietnamese men with children at home...these are GOOKS.

                          Labeling things can have extreme effects.

                          This my friends, is why PC should be enforced in the Media and print, except on matters of opinion or comedy.

                          Strange how, for YEARS, our government has dicouraged the public from honestly discussing the two most profitable and powerful influences in our lives: Religion and Politics.

                          You might be tempted to say I'm on a different subject, but I'm really not.

                          You see, the very same psychological technique that turns a black person into a NIGGER can be REVERSED. I can make the color of a person skin VERY IMPORANT to my child if I refer to blacks as niggers from day 1. My child will think likewsie. He will begin to judge people by how they look. All blacks will be NIGGERS to him. It makes a very small thing seem very important.

                          Language can also be used to make a very BIG thing seem UNimportant.

                          Like when your government says its "neutralized" someone instea of "murdered" someone.

                          Or when Arsenic in drinking water is called a "trace amounts of a chemical".

                          Or when we call taking a plunger handle and forcibly raping a man "excessive force".

                          Its gets you used to accepting what would be unacceptable if it was described honestly.

                          The real reason to be slightly PC is that using words like that really do no good in any way shape or form when used seriously. They only spread disinformation and make people afraid of things they have no reason to be afraid of.

                          In this country we've lived in a CONSTANT state of fear for my entire lifetime. For years we had to worry about the commies spreading and then those dmn blacks wanted to VOTE and MESS EVERYTHING UP and then the RUSSIANS WERE COMING!!!

                          Hopefully by now Americans have learned that the only thing to be afriad of is criminal politicians stealing all of our money and putting our soldiers in harms way to get their hands on MORE MONEY.

                          Stay away from using stupid, ignorant language and you'll be taking a step down the same road the rest of the world seems to be travelling.
                          "All warfare is based on deception." -Sun Tzu, ca. 400BC

                          Reverse punch Kiaii!!!


                            See, I'd probably vote for you in an election but you would probably make TMAs illegal.

                            Looks like you are past Psychology 101 though.

                            Slacking, No Work, and ADD

                            "Having no strength? I don't think it matters in a fight unless you have the wrong attitude about it."
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                              I hate the "politaclly correct" bullshite. It usually comes from hard-core feminists that want history to be herstory and woman to be spelled womyn.... I can NOT stand those types. Say what you will/want, that is why we are in America.

                              "Dark Days, Bright Nights" -Aeon Flux

                              "Give me the strength to live, to smile and to love"



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